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Moorad AJ Smithed It

Reading the U-T account in Nic Canepa's column made me rethink the PR campaign in Jed Hoyer's 1090 interview and Paul DePodesta's blog.  While the franchise is obviously do a lot right with Buddy...


How Can the Kings Do Better at Developing Young Players?

I'm not sure what Ziller is watching but Omri and Donte have been huge disappointments for me this summer.  Second year (let alone third year) guys are suppose to be dominating.  Watching Sonny...

ESPN's Adam Schectner reporting Chargers Not Shopping V. Jax

I knew this once I read Kevin Acee got the original V-Jax to be traded "scoop." If Acee is reporting it, then believe the opposite. AJ likes to f@# with him.


Why Isn't Mike Garrett Fired?

As glad as I am that the NCAA actually completed its investigation before Reggie Bush retired from the NFL and married Kim, what does it take for the University of Spoiled Children to fire its most...

Big League Stew

This one's for you, Jeff Moorad! Thanks for the $11 million so I can play softball in a beer league with my buddies Love, Eric Byrnes (formerly of your Dbacks and the Mariners and famous for my fake dives) P.S. Josh Byrnes miss you too peaches.

How long of leash does Tony Gwynn Jr. get?

We obviously know who his daddy is, but does that make it more difficult to send him down to Triple-A?  His daddy hasn't exactly sent SDSU to new plateaus even with all his recruits and an unreal...


What Makes the Chargers Soft?

via Whenever the U-T does it's feature on whoever the Chargers pick this weekend, A.J. Smith will invariably say that he chose whoever he chose because wanted "good football...

Mr. Ms, California Kyle Boller Sign with da Raiders. I think he's not been that bad of late...


Mr. Ms, California Kyle Boller Sign with da Raiders. I think he's not been that bad of late although his post-Tedford throwing motion looks like his wife throwing out T-Shirts when she was a Padre girl. If he thinks he was a bust, he can just look at Jamarcus Russell and realize what a big tub of bust looks like.


Is a first and third really that high of price?

Especially for a perennial contender, I think GMs, not hard to believe when you consider A.J.'s ego, overvalue their own prowess in making value out of the draft.  Two high draft picks sound like...


The Godfather Tedford is responsible for Lane Violation?

Maybe everybody else knows this, but I was reading an L.A. Times article about Lane Kiffin's hiring at USC and was struck by this nugget: Kiffin then moved on to Fresno State, were circumstances...


Are "fans" really suggesting a fifth coach in four seasons?

That makes a lot of sense.  Because there is word that there is some dissention about player minutes on a team that is fourth worst in the team?  Shocking, bench players wanting more minutes,...


Jonathan Dwyer over Ryan Matthews, Jahvid Best, Blount

Well, once the Chargers have again failed to win the Superbowl comes my second favorite time of the year.  Especially now that the NFL Network televises the Combine, nothing like a little 3 cone...


Ron Rivera for Head Coach

via As we watched USC reach back into its history for head coaching ideas, alumni names like Jeff Fisher and Jack Del Rio were brought up.  Why not reach back into ours?  As a...


With Certain Things Moving at Glacial Pace

I remember when Yahoo broke a story about Reggie Bush's parents' living in a half a million dollar house in San Diego that they seemed unlikely to be able to afford and seems highly linked to an...


Is Tedford in danger of becoming Ben Braun?

Is Jeff Tedford in danger of becoming Cal's next Ben Braun?


Let Me be the First to Say: No to McGrady

According to Adrian Wojakowski of Yahoo, Rick Adelman wants no part of Tracy McGrady now that he is back from his seemingly three year injury.  The two time scoring champ and perennial All-Star...


Cal as Rush First Offense?

What was exciting to me about the Big Game, other than winning of course,  was the dominant performance of the rush offense.  Reading the recent posts of YPC for the Tedford era, I was not math...


Andres Nocioni needs to Go

It seems as if the only two places that Nocioni lines up are the bar stool and the three point line.  He is this year's Donte Greene.  When nobody played defense, the Kings relied on Artest and...


Best Overall Basketball and Football Team

This is for sure the kiss of death but a national colleges sports writer from Rivals/Yahoo picks Cal as having the best chance of winning its conference in both football and basketball.  In a...


Kevin Acee: Merriman Hater

Since when did Kevin Acee become the judge and juror on Chargers personnel?    It's bad enough that he and Tim Sullivan are writing Merriman obituaries for the Monday edition (the news came in at...


What Phillip Rivers Needs to Work On

Okay, first I heard that Jake Peavy told his Alabama brother, Rivers, first that he was agreeing the trade this time and that Rivers would need to man the leadership of San Diego sports franchises...


What Comes First: a Coach or the Pick?

Since draft balls and regime change is all that Kings fans have to hang their hat on these days, it occurred to me that we are getting ahead of ourselves but then I wasn't so sure.  With the...


Nice Guys Finish Last

Okay the paradox of AJ Smith's recent picks has finally struck me.  A.J.'s instincts tell him to look for a "nasty" football player which can be defined as one who finishes blocks to the whistle,...


Driveline Mechanics Padres Piece

For the sabermetrics baseball fan, the SB Nation contributor has just analyzed the Padres with its Lousy Lineup optimizer.  I don't pretend to know what it all means but it concludes that Adrian...



Seeing the James "Sandman" Irvine vs. Drew McFeddries fight on the card for UFC 98 made me secretly pine for a one-shot, hit me with your best shot a thon where each slugger would just take a shot...


Shock and Hawes Give It a Rest!

Understandably Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes give starved Kings fan some silver lining to an otherwise terrible two years.  But at the same time, let's not let our lack of talent and coaching...


UNC vs. Kings

(From the FanPosts. -- TZ) "You've got six NBA players that could be drafted in the first round or early second," Spartans guard Travis Walton said. "You're looking at a team that could probably...


The President is Against Us

In revealing his brackets, Obama has Maryland beating Cal in the first round.  The thanks we get after cheering his brother-in-law coming back from the inauguration.  I guess he figures any team...


Not As Big Names from Combine Who Could Help

Charger Need Areas:   RB I really like Andre Brown RB NC State as a big back with speed and hands.  He is 225 and can deliver a blow as well as run away.  He came from a pass happy attack and...

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