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Marc Stein update on Omer Asik & Blazers rumors


My Grantland pals Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe recently had a compelling podcast discussion offering all sorts of reasons why the better-than-expected Portland Trail Blazers might be moved to try to upgrade from Robin Lopez to Asik at center by offering Lopez and another quality asset in exchange for Dwight's disgruntled backup. All indications at this point, though, suggest that Portland is thrilled with Lopez's impact and not planning to make a run at Asik. Houston is similarly lukewarm on the idea.

Anthony Davis is ROY (Insider)


Summary: Ethan Sherwood Strauss says that, while Damian Lillard has played significantly more minutes than Anthony Davis, Davis surpasses Lillard in PER (21.8 to 16.6) and Win Shares. AD has also contributed in Estimated Wins Added. While most acknowledge that Davis is the superior defensive player, Strauss argues that Davis is also the superior offensive player (or at least has had a greater impact on the New Orlean's offense). "Lillard certainly does have fine points to his game, and a little more polish than Davis, and the goal of this isn't to suggest otherwise. Lillard has an incredible step-back jumper and one of the cleaner 3-point strokes we've seen from a rookie. He's not a great passer, but with his shooting, he won't need to be. Lillard is good, even better than expected after being a co-favorite for rookie of the year in the preseason. He's just not at Davis' overall level right now. Showing up certainly matters, and a full season should win out over a glorious fragment. But Davis has played more than 60 games this season, and 60 games is no fragment. Furthermore, his total contributions and his per-minute contributions both outpace Lillard's. When you gather all the evidence, Davis wins -- he is the clear rookie of the year."

ESPN Insider on Will Barton


UPDATE: There's lots of buzz today surrounding Portland Trail Blazers rookie Will Barton, and the chances of him putting together another career game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night. His big game on Sunday was an attention-grabber, to be sure, but if he strings together another fine performance it could be a strong indicator that Barton has truly arrived. How impressive was Barton's 22-point, 13-rebound, 6-assist, 3-steal game against Dallas over the weekend? Consider this nugget ESPN's Chris Palmer dropped on Twitter a few days back: "[Barton] is the first player in 20 years to get 22 pts, 13 rebs, 6 asts, 3 stls off the bench." Anything close to that tonight, and Barton will give the Blazers and their fans another reason to be excited about the bright future of this team. ---

"If the Hornets are looking to trade Pick 10 for a young veteran, who are some of the potential...


"If the Hornets are looking to trade Pick 10 for a young veteran, who are some of the potential targets?" "Darren Collison, Eric Bledsoe, Evan Turner I've heard a lot. Ditto for Paul Millsap of the Jazz... By the way, I'm told the Blazers are looking at the same group of players at 11 if they decide to trade the pick." Chad Ford ** If we get a big with 6 (ie: Drummond) and Eric Bledsoe with a trade that's interesting moving forward. **

Earl Clark - possible free agent


ESPN noted that he is a free agent - may be a possible pick up for the blazers? He is 6 10 and still young (after a terrible stint in Phoenix and a slightly improved stay with the magic) and could spell LaMarcus. Link is to draft express profile of him.

Blazers - one of the worst salary cap situations


ESPN INSIDER "Portland Trail Blazers 12 players under contract: LaMarcus Aldridge, Luke Babbitt, Earl Barron, Nicolas Batum, Marcus Camby, Raymond Felton, Armon Johnson, Chris Johnson, Wesley Matthews, Brandon Roy, Gerald Wallace and Elliot Williams Total payroll: $69.95 million 2 free-agent cap holds: Patrick Mills and Greg Oden (using 2010-11 max cap hold) Total: $14,738,854 3 first-round cap holds: Nolan Smith (No. 21), Victor Claver (2009 draft No. 22) and Joel Freeland (2006 draft No. 30) Total: $3,078,600 Estimated over the cap: $29.73 million Notes: Portland's cap can decrease slightly if it waives Barron and Chris Johnson, who have conditional contracts for next season. Regardless, the Blazers will be well above the 2011-12 salary cap when it is announced. They may be content with moves made so far, or simply have no choice." One of the worst alongside: Lakers, Celtics, Magic, Mavs, Spurs...

@chadfordinsider So true. RT @blazersblog: Nate McMillan on Kenneth Faried: "He does everything...


@chadfordinsider So true. RT @blazersblog: Nate McMillan on Kenneth Faried: "He does everything hard ... he ties his shoes hard." 2 minutes ago

LA versus al horford (insider)


Breaks down individual matchup between LA and horford (noting that LA's key strength and intangibles) with LA being the winner. "Aldridge is a GM's dream, a rare athletic talent with a handful of go-to moves and a strong desire to get better... As skilled as Horford is, his best fit will always be as a third option who can give his team consistently strong defensive play and much-needed hustle. And that's exactly what he does. With Aldridge embracing the role of franchise player and making good on his vast potential, he leaves Horford behind on the NBA's second tier while he looks to join the elite class of players in the game."

Hollinger's "Under-the-Radar" players to watch


Luke Babbitt, Trail Blazers Look, I have no idea whether Babbitt can play. Frankly, the early returns aren't encouraging. But his college numbers were really good and, as the Blazers look to retool, it's possible he can be had cheaply. This is very rare for first-round picks in their rookie season, but Babbitt wasn't selected by the current regime, so there's going to be less resistance to moving him if the right deal comes along.

Wesley Matthews article on AOL Fanhouse


Not sure if this got posted already --- apologies if it has.

the knicks want to sign a big


it would be interesting to track all of the players the knicks are rumored to pursuing...

Bucher: Blazers Offered Batum & Przybilla For Iguodala


From Ric Bucher's ESPN chat... goyo. keizer, oregon [via mobile]: Can the Blazers trade for Andre igaduala "Iggy" trade away miller and pryzbilla & a first rounder? Or who can Portland get to improve? Ric Bucher (1:48 PM): Heard they offered Batum and Przybilla for Iguodala and Philly didn't bite. My sense is they'll move Roy before they move Miller. Troy (Portland): Blazers have to move Roy, but how? What could they get in return? Ric Bucher (1:49 PM): Don't know what they could get. But I can tell you 7 or 8 teams already have called to find out.

matthews #4 in sophomore rankings (insider)


Right after Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, and Serge Ibaka. "It doesn't matter that Matthews is already making more money than any other player in his draft class, he still plays as though he's just trying to make someone's summer league roster."

espn's best/worst storylines


PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS What upbeat story deserves more attention? That the Rose Garden has gone green? Seriously, it's that bleak in Portland. After another mysterious, season-ending microfracture surgery for Greg Oden and a career-altering knee injury to Brandon Roy, there's little left above water. The Blazers even lost beloved Portland great Maurice Lucas, who succumbed to cancer at the season's onset. Hope of an Aldridge-Roy-Oden championship-caliber nucleus has vanished. Now they're in a free fall. What downbeat story deserves more attention? The Blazers knew Roy's knees were problematic when they signed him to a max extension in 2009. Roy was rushed back in the 2010 playoffs, eight days after a meniscus tear and subsequent surgery. Now in his other knee Roy has no meniscus left to operate on, basically dooming him to a career of pain and limited mobility. While Roy deserves credit for helping turn the franchise around, his contract likely will strangle Portland if he can't produce. -- Andrew Tonry, Portland Roundball Society

Interview with Miller from Philly


good little piece on Miller's observations about coming into the League (author compares Miller and Holiday)

true hoop adds voice to list of worried roy watchers


brings up the option of bringing roy in as the 6th man.

hollinger on 2010 summer signings - wes matthews


"Wesley Matthews, Portland (9.69). His defense has been an asset, which is the main reason Portland signed him. But after an impressive preseason, his offense has been dreadful in the games that count. Expected to provide floor spacing, Matthews is just 4-of-25 on 3s and has done nothing else well enough to make up for it."

okc v. pdx (ESPN INSIDER) debate


broussard and bucher debate who will challenge the lakers in the west. broussard takes the blazers and bucher takes the point that a) OKC has the talent in KD, westbrook, and ibaka and b) that the blazers are a franchise on the down turn (ie., fernandez, penn/pritchard, nate's unwillingness to sign extension, etc). RB: "This debate is about who has the best chance of pulling off an upset. You keep telling me why OKC can't without making a case for why the Blazers are better suited. Let's face it: The franchise's prospects are dimmer now than two years ago. The way Kevin Pritchard and Tom Penn were sent away is not the way a franchise headed in the right direction operates, regardless of what you think of Pritchard's performance. Nate McMillan even chose not to sign an extension, which speaks volumes. Rudy Fernandez wants out, Brandon Roy and Andre Miller have struggled to mesh, and Roy, at the tender age of 26, is having a hard time staying healthy for a full season. That doesn't sound to me like a team in the least bit ready to knock off the defending champs."

status of d will for tonight's pre-season game


Jazz point guard Deron Williams missed Wednesday morning’s practice because of "gastric distress," team spokesman Jonathan Rinehart said.

wes matthews thoughts


not sure if someone posted this already...

i guess last night was hard on jefferson



the most missed former trail blazer?

with all the trade speculations amongst the blazers fans, there seems to be a huge fear underlying the discussion of trading away THE guy who ends up going to another team and becoming an all-star....

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