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Best Bronco Memory: John Elway was one of 10 Denver Broncos to travel to my home town to play in a charity basketball game. Before the game I told John Elway that he was going to better than Dan Marino someday...he was later fouled in the game and went to the line. He asked me to shoot his free throw and I went out on the court...sad part is I missed the shot.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA New York Knicks
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • NHL New York Rangers
  • Soccer gross
  • NASCAR Ricky Bobby
  • MMA Kung fu Panda
  • Golf Happy Gilmore
  • Boxing Glass Joe
  • Cycling Stu Thompson
  • Tennis Matt Lyman
  • FIFA USA I guess? Do we play soccer here?
  • EPL Really?
  • MLS Really?
  • General Dodgeball: Average Joe's
  • Figure Skating Jimmy McElroy/Chad Michael Michaels
  • Wrestling British Bulldogs
User Blog

Sean Payton and Gregg Williams should never coach again...

If you have not heard the audio take from Gregg Williams' speech to the Saints before a playoff game against the Niner's, you should do so now. Then he calls for head shots when guys are getting...


Franchise QB's Find a way to Win the Big Games

Tebow magic has been great in Denver and its fantastic seeing the Broncos play better as a team as we conclude the final week of the season still in contention for the division. Now, that we have...

Tebow's Religion and Ours


Excellent TEBOW perspective from an unlikely political source


Consider a TEBOW TRADE proposal

As big time Broncos fans we are all aware of Elway's comments considering Tim Tebow's future with the Broncos. Also, in full disclosure, before I get hammered by all the Tebow maniacs, I would like...


I found myself cheering for Jay Cutler

Its true...As I watched Jay Cutler leave the pocket and fire shots down the field, I got excited. Excited to watch him finally outduel Philip Rivers, finally watching Philip Rivers have another...


McDaniels and his draft picks.....what grades are they earning?

Let the discussion begin as we look at McDaniels and his draft picks. Feel free to add picks and comments to this running post....But here is a few to get the ball rolling. Offense: The O-Line: Z...


TEBOW or not to be...that is the question

  Tebow is not your prototypical QB.  He has the potential to be so much more.  The Broncos selection of a new head coach will be extremely important in determining the future success of Tebow. W...


Old Assistants, Young Head Coach

This has been an offseason of Mile High proportions to be sure.  Most of our attention has been on changes with player personnel and rightfully so considering the McJaygate saga, or I as I prefer...


Coming of Age as a Bronco Fan

I think like all things in life we experience, and hopefully we grow and mature as we experience. I attended my first Bronco game against the hated chiefs and the first chief I laid eyes on was...


We aren't playing last year's teams

With all this schedule hype and predictions there is one simple thing to remember.  You can't predict anything when it comes to next year’s schedule.  Let’s look at a couple of practical...

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