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Psyche, PSG get away with the equivalent of a parking ticket from UEFA


Their original penalty has been reduced to £20m because... uhh...

Reddit guy compares GF/GA after substitutions for top 9 teams


Mourinho is a smart man. Or we have an amazing bench. Probably both.



Lukaku interest in Manchester clubs CONFIRMED. Chelsea poor treatment leaves young striker disillusioned and pushing for a move. alsopleasedonttakethisseriously

Our 'eggs' "need a mum, in this case a dad, to take care of them"


"To keep them warm during the winter, to bring the blankets and to work and improve them. And one day we'll arrive in a moment when the weather changes, the sun rises, we break the eggs and the eggs are ready to go for life at the top level."

Cahill is now on the Twitters


Just in case anyone's interested.

Abramovich's personal message to US


Likewise, the club could not have achieved it all without you, Uncle Roman. Thanks for your shady money and love for the Blues. Here's to many more years of success.

Champions League play-offs


Meireles vs Arsenal, PSV vs AC Milan and Lyon vs Sociedad could be interesting

Computer simulation tips Chelsea to win the league


Basically - 'we pulled some numbers out of our arses and they were blue.'

Barcelona sign Neymar


Neymar da Silva to join FC Barcelona for the next five seasons:— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) May 26, 2013

Lampard interview


Talks about some cool stuff, then about 5:00 he's asked about Jose. If you take a few of the quotes massively out of context, TSO's return seems all but confirmed. "There's no way he'll come back and rest on any laurels" "It would be a great relationship, him coming back here I just think he'll take the club on again." "But with him at the helm, we're gonna give it a great go" Booyah. (Goddammit formatting turned to s**t when I posted. mybad)

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