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A New Hero Super Junk 12-17-2010

Wasssap Buttercups!!!!!!   I was gonna fanpost this a few weeks ago but now that it has expired, it's here in the junk.   This junk was inspired by A New Hero post by Kampeska.  I figure after...

The World's Greatest Pumpkin created by my 3 year old. Go Blazers!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT...


The World's Greatest Pumpkin created by my 3 year old. Go Blazers!! WOOOOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!


The Portland Trail Blazers' Off-Season Recap

++ Bumped to front page. Incredible work. - Ben ++ -------------------------------------------------- What is up buttercups!?!!??!?! Not my first time but it has been a long time and a long summer...





What Kind of BEdger Are You? Junk Drawer 4-29

What kind of BEdger are you?   I made a quiz to help determine this for you!!!


illegal Junk Drawer 4-26b

according to the US CIS, the average Suns fan can only answer 9% of the questions correctly on the US Citizenship test.  however, they did all answer the same one question correctly.  you need 60%...


Textual Junk Drawer 4-24-2010

the other night i had to breakup with a mistress....she was a crazy ginger...stalkerish.  i feared for my life after i came back from breakfast.  she had photoshopped pictures of us in a fake...


Junk Drawer to a Trail Mix 4 - 6 - 10

Most of us have never met but many of us will have a special place in our hearts for each other.  We will remember this day/night forever and we will remember this crazy Blazer season 4ever.  The...


BlazerFan1 aka Sophia will be on TalkingBall TONIGHT!!!!

After we beat Phoenix, the Princess of BlazersEdge known as BlazerFan1 will make her debut on Talking Ball.  Here's hoping that she takes over the broadcast and become the host of the...

Join the Unofficial Brandon Roy's Posse on FB


If you don't, you will lose your fan card to the Sasha Vujacic Posse. This is a race to cure humanity of all its illness. Join. Be. Humble. - The Unofficial Brandon Roy's Posse Leader


11-4-2009 Official Junk Drawer

Another Confession:  My Jump.


10/29/2009 Junk Drawer Part II Redo Edition

Topic is simple:  If you can re-do one fun thing in life, what would it be? (keep it clean after the jump!)

Fellow Bedgers, please take one...I did and it has helped. Help me help you.


Fellow Bedgers, please take one...I did and it has helped. Help me help you.

Say "hi" to Andre Noanklescioni


Say "hi" to Andre Noanklescioni

Greg Oden's New Spin Move....Hawes be shamed


Greg Oden's New Spin Move....Hawes be shamed


FanFest Thoughts: A Courtside View

We (the honorable TheTinfoil and myself)  were sitting right behind the Blazers bench so it was my first time observing how they "communicate" on the floor. 1. Don’t let Steve Blake’s numbers fool...


Juwunk Drawer 9/18 - Halloween Prep

I love Halloween...I don't know why, but dressing up and being silly is fun.  The past few years, my costumes were:   Transformer (made out of cardboard box) A Japanese Game Show Contestant  The...


5 Key Plays with Andre Miller Part 1 of 2: Offensive Sets

What is up buttercups?!!??!?!?!?!?I'm back from a week of vacation and during the two flights, I decided to write a fanpost on 5 key plays with Andre Miller for the Blazer's upcoming season.  I...

Junk Drawer 09/08/09 "Be Humble" is one of my favorite quote, what are yours?

Junk Drawer 09/08/09 "Be Humble" is one of my favorite quote, what are yours?

Real GM Article

Contest Entry: Single Best move

"...My Dad, a refugee from the Vietnam War, arrived in Oregon at the height of Blazermania.  He didn't speak a lick of English but still quickly became a fan of the Portland Trailblazers...On a...


Junk Drawer July 31st: Office Speak

wasssssap buttercups!??!?!   i work in the tech world and there's always a bunch of tech speak that gets thrown around:   "do you have the bandwidth to attend this meeting?" "my hotspot signal is...

...Where Andre Miller will help the Blazers is with their road record...I expect the Rose Garden...


...Where Andre Miller will help the Blazers is with their road record...I expect the Rose Garden will be just as tough as last year with 36 win total but on the road is where Portland will improve from 20 to 24 wins with Miller, leaving them at 60 wins for 09-10...Miler, a savvy veteran, will help settle the Blazers against playoff caliber opponents on the road. They should no longer see double digit deficits in the first quarter...Miller's presence will be enough to change them from a 20 road win team to 24..."

Junk Source

BEdge Summer Ball III - Tuesday, 7/28 6:30-8pm BEAT THE HEAT


When: Tomorrow...Tuesday the 28th from 6:30 pm to 8 pm Where: Indoors with AC @ PDX Court on the corner of NW 16th and Pettygrove. 1425 NW 16th Ave Bring: White/Black Shirt/Jersey Please confirm below or by email if you will be attending. I got the building owner to give us another "try" at it. I figure this is a bit better than having someone getting heatstroke outside. No cost. Everyone must sign a waiver and we can only have a max of 20. First come first serve. I have a list of 14 who confirmed from last session so basically, only 6 spots. Let us know! Wrecks for effects! - BRP, Prez, Alex D, S4E, Philthy, Appel, EvilK, QB, Roodie, TheTinfoil, Arkitect, OutllawisRejector, Kelsoballa, Broyalty


BEdge Summer Ball Part III...July 28th or 30th????

Watup buttercups!!! I was gonna make a fanshot but needed poll functionality. After last week's open scrimmage (or lame attempt at playing organized basketball), BEdgers are asking for more...16 of...


7/16 Junk Drawer - Lost in Translation

What's your favorite place to visit ???  Country/State/City/etc...   Anyone been outside the states and seen some strange stuff...??? well i have.  please share your stories here...lets make the...

BEdge Summer BBall Tomorrow 7/16 @ 6-8pm Powell Park


watup buttercups!?!?!? KP is making a last grasp for Free Agency and will be watching us scrimmage at Powell Park tomorrow from 6-8pm. He'll see why standing pat isn't a bad choice. Come one, come all. Bring: - Ball - Water so you don't pass out - Black & White shirt/jersey Here's a few things you can do at BEdge Bball that you can't do online: 1. Ad-hom attacks 2. See blazerfan1 in short shorts 3. Get back at Prez for deleting any of your comments Having said that, no a-holes please. So let me know if you can make it...We got about 8 already. We had a good showing last time and if we have a bunch this time, we can run two courts. Wrecks for effects. Stay cool, BRP Powell Park SE 26th Ave & Powell Blvd


6/23 - Junk Drawer (It's always sunny in Portland) Recipes?

i'm not a chef, a sous chef, a cook, or someone that even routinely makes a good dinner BUT i have one killer dish that my family dies for.   Everyone has a killer dish...for dates, for love ones,...


June 17th - B-S4E-B Junk Drawer

Sabonis4Ever (aka the Ad-Hominizer aka Mr. Roybot) is banned to oubliette, indefinitely.  His name is forever linked with Pete Rose and Rene Monteagudo.


Greg Oden's Red Bracelet *UPDATED* & Thank you

I've been thinking about sharing this story for the longest time. You guys know me as just a happy go lucky, irrational optimist for our Blazers with really nothing ever serious coming out of my...

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