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Cheatey Has Always Been A Classless Tool


I apologize if this has already been discussed, but back in 1992 when he was the Jets defensive coordinator, Cheatey gave the "choke" sign to Dolphins' kicker Pete Stoyanovich after he missed an extra point. There was poetic justice later when Stoyanovich kicked the game winning field goal with seven seconds left. Even though Cheatey later apologized, Don Shula's quote was "I'm glad (the classless gesture) came back to haunt him." Let's hope that there is another haunting in Cheatey's future!

Tentative Ruling In Reggie Bush Case (Lake v. Griffin)


By now, perhaps there has been a final ruling. But the tentative ruling by the court was to deny the motion to compel arbitration on the grounds that there was no evidence that the plaintiff (Lake) was at all a party to the arbitration agreement. If the tentative ruling holds, it means that the case will continue to be in court and it will be difficult for the Bush side to keep whatever information that comes out from the NCAA. In a victory for the Bush side (Griffin), however, the court denied the plaintiff's request for further responses to additional interrogatories and sanctioned the plaintiff $2,720. The request for further responses was deemed untimely and there was a failure to properly meet and confer. I assume the sanctions were for abuse of the discovery process by the plaintiff.

Espn investigation of OJ Mayo


On Outside the Lines tomorrow, ESPN plans on releasing the results of its investigation of O.J. Mayo's relationship with L.A. "event promoter" Rodney Guillory. Might be interesting viewing for Bruins fans!


Losing that Lavin Feeling (Confessions of a Spoiled Fan)

Reading Nestor's excellent post comparing defensive statistics over the last several years and reading some of the grousing that has appeared on this site over the last couple of weeks has caused...


Where do successful coaches come from?

All of the discussion about prospective head coaches and whether UCLA should be willing to hire someone with no previous head coaching experience caused me to take a look at the AP top 25 to see...


40 Years of UCLA/U$C

This Saturday will be the 40th anniversary of my first UCLA/U$C game and the 41st consecutive UCLA/U$C game that I have personally attended.  The first game in 1967 was a heartbreaking 21-20 loss...


Bruin Football Over The Years

Perhaps I should put this on Streeter's blog, but I don't want to increase his blog traffic. Others may have also done similar research. I wanted to check Streeter's assertion that Dorrell's record...

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