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This May Be the Smoking Gun

I have been taking an increasingly critical view of Gene Block's performance for several years now. Mr. Block became chancellor in 2007. The report from the Center for Investigative Reporting...


An Overheard Conversation

The scene: The Lake Arrowhead Conference Center where two men are deep in conversation. Despite the chilly night, they are imbued with purpose. And it is a special purpose - to discourage hope and...

Gene Block: A Disaster for UCLA

Chancellor Gene Block has been a disaster for UCLA.


A Plea to Major Donors: Don't Contribute

The new buildings and facilities shine under the Westwood sun. Some are more impressive than others; some, perhaps, fill a greater need. But for the most part, they have contributed to making the...


You're Right, Mexi,

I feel both thankful to you and a little sheepish. If I live another 30 years (unlikely at my age), I may not see an argument summarized more eloquently or thoughtfully than you did: "We, as a...


Goodbye to All

I have truly loved writing for Bruins Nation, but I don't think I can continue to contribute. Once I say I'm Jewish, I suppose what follows is obvious, but I'll say it anyway. (And, yes, I know...


There's Not Much Time Left, Chancellor

Another in a series of messages to Gene Block as the time nears to end or renew Dan Guerrero's contract. The voices of the past have gathered, the circle is unbroken, and the judgment seems...


Two Things We Can Do

The uniforms folly is just more evidence — as if more were needed — of why Dan Guerrero has to go. I think what we all have to remember is that Gene Block is unlikely to make a change unless...

It's Time to Decide, Chancellor

A Bruin fan lets the UCLA Chancellor know how the history will judge him if he decides to retain the most incompetent athletic director in the country.

Coach's Wisdom

Not sure if this youtube has been widely seen on BN (if it has, my apologies.) This is Coach giving a TED talk, and it's much longer than other videos I've seen. Like so many other reminders, Coach's insistence on character stands out.

Datone Jones

Datone Jones was described on the nationalfootballpost website as one of the 10 players who stood out in practices for the Senior Bowl. Russ Lande said, "... we are further convinced of Jones' high talent level and good competitiveness ..."


Mr. Simers, Please Take Your Pills

Dear Mr. Simers: It's been several weeks since readers have been treated to your wit and wisdom, and I feel obliged to add my comments. (Pay no attention to the voices saying, "His opinion is more...


Kenny Heitz and John Vallely

I hope I didn't miss an earlier link to this story. It turns out there's a memorial service for Kenny Heitz, one of the great heroes of UCLA basketball, who died last summer of leukemia, scheduled...


Coach Jim Mora and T.J. Simers

Writer's note: As usual, gbruin has written an informative and interesting account of the successes and failures at the Rose Bowl. And again, as usual, T.J. Simers has written a different kind of...

A Story About Jackie Robinson's Brother, Mack

Actually, this NY Times story is about more than Mack, who finished second to Jesse Owens in the 200-meter dash in the 1936 Olympics. It's also about Martinus Osendarp, a Dutch runner who finished third and later made a terrible choice in World War II. But the history of Pasadena's relationship to Mack — deplorable at least in the years immediately after the Olympics — may be interesting to UCLA fans. The story says Jackie had a lifelong grudge against his hometown of Pasadena.


Concerns Mounting re. Gene Block's Performance as UCLA's Chancellor

Doubts continue to grow about the leadership abilities of UCLA Chancellor Gene Block who seems out of touch and clueless about the concerns near and dear to Bruin family, including the dire strait of UCLA athletics.


An Open Letter to UC President Yudof About UCLA's Chancellor

Unhappiness with UCLA's incompetent athletic director is now raising questions about the competence of UCLA's Chancellor Gene Block and his commitment to preserve UCLA's status as a world class university.


NIT? Really?

Many years ago, as a kid, I ate Wheaties, the "breakfast of champions." After high school I was lucky enough to attend UCLA, the school of champions. Now as senior citizen I see my alma mater...


Hell No to the NIT Tournament

Just a quick (and personal) reaction to the possibility that UCLA will accept a bid to the NIT Tournament, if one is even offered. If nothing else, the debate between UCLA basketball (and...


A Pygmy Attacks a Giant

While the presumed purpose of making an argument is to rely on logic and insight, T.J. Simers fails both tests with his usual alacrity when he criticizes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's views on UCLA's...


Gene, You Can Still Make Things Right

Although it's difficult to know exactly how you feel about UCLA athletic programs, it seems clear at this point that they're not high on your list of priorities. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe you...


Is This an Insight into Gene Block's Thinking?

Focusing on UCLA Chancellor Gene Block's tone-deaf statements in support of his incompetent athletic director Dan Guerrero.


New Way to Refer to Howland/Guerrero/Block?

I think Tasser summed it up in exactly the right way in referring to "Howland's carelessness, Dan Guerrero's incompetence and Gene Block's indifference." But it takes awhile to write that in...


I Call on Kareem, Bill, Jamaal, Sidney, Gail, Marques

and all the other legends of UCLA basketball to rescue the program John Wooden built. It's not your job alone, of course. Many people who love UCLA have written on this website about Ben Howland...

Another Sign of Howland's Failure?

Although I've watched UCLA basketball on and off since the 1960s (I'm an old guy), I don't understand the intricacies of the game nearly as well as the front pagers, so I'll leave the analyses to them. But it occurred to me that Bill Plaschke's story in the L.A. Times may hint at another way Howland has failed. Joshua Smith says, "I've let my team down" in talking about his lack of conditioning during the off-season. Now this is a tricky point, since the main responsibility for keeping his weight down is Smith's, but I wonder if Howland laid out a conditioning plan — not just goals — for Smith to follow while he was home in Washington last summer. Did Howland and Smith sit down with a trainer and develop a specific program of exercises, running distances and calories per day? And did Howland call Smith every week to check on his progress? Although the main responsibility is Smith's, without a specific program, lofty goals can be meaningless. That's why people seek expertise for a host of problems — because good intentions are often not enough.

Why Should a UCLA site have a Southern Cal ad?

If you turn to what's called the "UCLA Report" on ESPN, you'll see something besides an assessment of UCLA athletics. In the top righthand corner of the page is an ad for the Southern Cal Marshall School of Business. Now I can't challenge the legality of this ad, but I can certainly question its propriety. In fact several questions are suggested by the ad: (1) Is ESPN that desperate for revenue? (2) Is it conceivable that some person or persons working at ESPN have lived most of their lives in isolation and are unaware of the fierce rivalry between UCLA and Southern Cal? (3) Does ESPN need a strong infusion of common sense? My guess is No. 3. Go Bruins.

Wooden's Words An Inspiration Again

Ramona Shelburne, writing on ESPN's blog, has a great story on a group of Ugandan basketball coaches visiting UCLA to study the ideas of John Wooden. (If this has been mentioned before on BN, I missed it, so please excuse me.) Warning: You may swallow hard and blink back a few tears while reading it.


A Realistic Perspective

Like all alumni and fans, I'm excited —thrilled, actually — with the announcement that Ellis McCarthy is coming to UCLA. And I'm just as excited by some of the other recruits, as well as those...


Please, Not Mike Nolan

For what it's worth, my view is that Jim Mora is heading in the right direction, at least so far. However, the suggestion that Mike Nolan may be under consideration as defensive coordinator...

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