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User Blog

Guerrero-to-English: The Sports Business Journal interview

Dan Guerrero continues to sound incompetent and tonedeaf in an embarrassing interview with the Sports Business Journal.

One word... Manfro'd. HT:


One word... Manfro'd. HT:


#NoMoraDan: Block Turns UCLA Into a Joke

Mora is a joke, Guerrerror is a joke, Block is a joke, the coaching search was a joke, and the biggest joke of all right now in the minds of any rational observer is UCLA's athletic department itself.


The Aftermath of the Petersen Rejection and Why UCLA is Likely Doomed Because of It

Yesterday showed why putting all your eggs in one basket is ridiculously dumb in a high-stakes game like big time college football coaching. As we all hoped wouldn't happen but expected would...

Ethical Pat for (NCAA) President!


He suspended his basketball coach for one game in response to getting intoxicated and punching up with another school's fans! What a paragon of virtue!


[3rd Update] RUMOR thread: Rocky Seto as UCLA's new DC?

UPDATE (BN): The title of this thread has been updated. We think this is most likely a fishy rumor just like the Greg Robinson drama. The only media source that has pushed this story is none other...

Jason Whitlock says what we all think


"After visiting USC campus last night, how do the Trojans out-recruit UCLA Bruins for football players? USC in the hood. UCLA n Beverly Hills"!/WhitlockJason/status/26474911716


Mike Garrett: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Mike Garrett continues to sound like an arrogant, petulant, and out of touch shady administrator from Southern Cal.

OJ Mayo says no one paid him at USC


OJ Payo insists no one paid him "during, before, or after USC".


Hello Kiffin, Meet Aramide Olaniyan: Another "UCLA Type Of Guy"

Great story another UCLA recruit - Aramide Olaniyan - who can be easily distinguished from a Kiffin recruit as a "UCLA type of guy." Within 10 minutes.


Days After Being Featured In A PR Video, Hasiak Is "Sent Home And Is Not Likely To Return"

Days After Being Featured In A PR YouTube Video, UCLA's Stanley Hasiak Is "Sent Home And Is Not Likely To Return"


Harbaugh reportedly accepts Kansas job

According to this report, Jim Harbaugh has accepted a $2.7 million per year offer to replace Mark Mangino at Kansas. If true, it's great news for our program, as it gets rid of a budding potential...

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