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Rooting for 49ers to lose. Is it wrong?

Hi everyone, I hope people read the post before villifying me in the comments. I'm hoping to inspire a serious, thoughtful discussion about the role of sports in our lives, but I fear that this may...

Delanie: "Football saved my life"


From "Why Football Will Survive" Delanie Walker is featured from about 78-83. Talks about how" Football saved his life."



It's only a 4 team playoff, but it's a start.

Harbaugh Throwing to Moss


Because of rules, a 49ers player can't throw to him, so Harbaugh it is!

49ers Locker Room after Detroit


favorite part: "CLUTCH!!! CLUTCH!!!" And then everyone congratulation a shy looking Alex Smith. Also, "best defensive performance I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!"

Bill Simmons Report on 49ers


They start talking about the 49ers around 7 minutes in. (Or actually, how much Tampa sucked) Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal "I hate to give anybody in the NFC West credit, but the 49ers are a good team." Bill Simmons really likes Jim Harbaugh.

Bill Barnwell on 49ers


Grantland special. 49ers featured on the "Improving" Section. Barnwell really rags on Singletary (as he should, I suppose)


Opening Day Drinking Game!

Hello Niners Nation! Another season football awaits us! I know everybody is eagerly awaiting to see what Harbaugh and Co. will unveil for us on September 11th. Will this playbook have more than 4...

Seahawks trying to associate with Bill Walsh


Field Gulls article talking about Walsh's influence on Pete Carroll.... makes me go :/

Sean Payton Blitzed b/c He Was Pissed


Thanks to a commenter on Grant Cohn's Press Democrat Site. "The Saints radio guy, Jim Henderson, was on a local radio show...At the 1:30 mark of the interview Henderson says the reason the Saints blitzed so much and pounded the 9er QB’s was because Sean Payton expected a call from Harbaugh during the week of the game so they could reach a gentlemens agreement on how the game would be played. After Harbaugh didn’t call, Payton told Gregg Williams to "turn the dogs loose."

Russell Okung = Greg Oden


Never glad to hear about an injury, but the Seahawks O-Line got much weaker.

Strange Anthony Davis Tweets


Very strange. Is Crabs talking about Crabtree? AnthonyDavis76 If you put crabs in a barrel to insure your survival you gone end up pulling down niggas that look just like you... Damn baby pussy can't be your only hustle..

Jason Hill and the Humidity


Hill can't handle the humidity in Florida! lol. "GM Gene Smith touched on how disappointing Hill has been to start training camp. Smith made mention that a big part of Jason Hill's slow start was probably due to the Florida heat and humidity taking it's toll and a lack of OTA's"

Fantastic Article on Jim Tomsula


Eric Branch has quickly become my favorite 49ers writer, hands down. He has an awesome article about Jim Tomsula, who has one of the most inspiring stories I've read in the NFL. I know some of us were really upset we won the Cardinals game (thus losing a lot in draft positioning) but it makes me glad that Tomsula was able to win.

Asomugha is a Free Agent


According to this report by ESPN, Asomugha's contract was voided due to a failure to meet incentives (and those incentives seemed "impossible" to meet in the first place.) Raiders cannot use a franchise tag on him either. The 49ers need a CB, and have paid a huge sum for a certain CB in free agency before.... why not one of the best? He's obviously going to be heavily courted, but one can dream, right?

Gruden Not Coaching in 2011


A link from a *gasp* Cowboys website! But apparently Gruden said he won't be seeking a coaching job in 2011. Gotta wonder how much of that is just talk... After Nick Saban bolting from Dolphins to Alabama, I can't trust coaches anymore. (although Saban left the NFL, not enter it. He also seems like a notsonice guy.


Loyalty and the End of Samurai Mike

Yes, I am writing a Eulogy for Mike Singletary's tenure in San Francisco before it's even over. My disillusionment cannot stay in any longer. Given the recent rumblings about Sing's job security,...

New York Times: Helmet Safety


Really interesting piece on Helmet regulation. Basically the agency that tests helmets does no testing at all for concussions. It does test for skull-shattering hits (which have declined considerably since the helmet was standardized), but nothing that can cause concussions.

Arnaz Battle still a 49er


Something's been bothering me for a while, and I wasn't sure where the best place was to say it. The Player Website section of Niners Nation has the pages of Arnaz Battle and Ashley Lelie on it. Obviously they used to play for the 49ers, but now that they are gone I think their names shouldn't be on the site like that.... especially with Lelie. (Battle gave us some good loyal years before going to Pittsburgh.) Interestingly, Battle's own website still has 49ers and San Francisco written all over it.... obviously somebody hasn't been paying his computer nerd friend lately....

Darnell Dockett Showers Online


Dockett apparently took on a $1,000 bet (only?) that he wouldn't take a live shower online. Not as revealing as Greg Oden, but shocking, still. Maybe he was washing the VD off him!


Are the 49ers Built to Run?

Hi everyone, First off, I'm really excited for the game this week. Bye weeks may be good for the team, but it sure sucks for the fans!   Anyway, I guess I'm buying into all Crabtree hype going on...


49ers file Michael Crabtree-related tampering charges against New York Jets

The 49ers have filed tampering charges against the New York Jets over Michael Crabtree. Hmmmmmm?


East Coast Fan

Hi everyone, Can't believe the season starts in a few days!!! It has been a very very long offseason, and I'm sure we all want it to start already. Sadly, I'm on the wrong coast to be a niners'...

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