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Digital finance news producer. Writing has appeared on Salon, The Classical, New York Observer, Neptune Today!, The Queens Chronicle, and others. Red Sox, etc. That's my Twitter (@bryanjoiner) bio. Since I have more space here: I also like sandwiches.

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User Blog

Why the Red Sox won't go 162-0

You may think that there's a secret society that believes otherwise, but you'd be WRONG WRONG WRONG.

SoxWord 2: Who's the guy in the picture?

Do you know the name of the guy in the picture? How about the name of the bartender from "Cheers" who played for the Sox? Yes, we know those are easy ones. That's the idea.

Yawkey Way and the Red Sox’ racist history

The Red Sox' racist past must be met head on, and renaming Yawkey Way is part of that.

David Ortiz, and The Old Men and the 'C'

What's the difference between Jason Varitek and David Ortiz? For some, it's all in the "C".

Welcome back, Jerry Remy

The call for Jerry Remy to step aside as a broadcaster because of his son's murder charge is easy to level but near-impossible to defend.

A mostly Red Sox-themed crossword puzzle

In which a great radio call gets its due in black and white.

RZA's Red Sox wisdom, Part 1

Baseball wisdom ain't nuthing to f' wit.

Trading for Mike Trout

All we want for Christmas is Mike Trout under the tree. Please do not forget the air holes.

Where will the 2013 Red Sox be in 5 years?

Scattered to the winds, of course, but where will they all land?

Ben Cherington makes a stand

Jacoby Ellsbury signed the contract he deserved, and Boston's GM did the right thing in letting him sign it elsewhere.

What's wrong with A.J. Pierzynski?

A.J. Pierzynski has one of baseball's worst reputations, but would he really be so bad for a Red Sox team in need of a catcher?

Sox should let Ellsbury walk

Jacoby Ellsbury is awesome, but he will also be expensive -- the Sox should just move on.

Should the Red Sox re-sign Drew?

He's a very good shortstop, but should the Red Sox move on from 2013?

This is what happens when it all goes right

No one will ever believe you, but the Red Sox are 2013 World Series champions.

October's brutal, relentless pursuit

The month-long chase for a World Series championship is difficult and tiring for all involved.

Red Sox MVP debate: John Lackey

Bet you didn't think you'd be reading this back in April, huh?

The bobblehead bubble

Bobbleheads and tulips have more in common than you might realize.

10 reasons the Sox are better than the Patriots

It's September, and you're watching the wrong team.

The myth of the 'must-win' game

We're all a little on edge, but we should probably relax. At least a little bit.

Getting over Carl Crawford

It's been over a year -- it's time to just let go.

Revisiting the Peavy trade after Iglesias' miracle

Perspective on the July trade following Iglesias' absolutely unbelievable play at shortstop.

On Daniel Nava and baseball players as people

It's true, they are people with emotions and feelings and babies and lives, just like us.

Totally serious Q&A with M's blogger Ashley Varela

Even though she teased Dustin Pedroia recently.

Why do we obsess over the trade deadline?

It's disappointing more often than not, so why do we bother getting excited over it?

Red Sox trade targets: Matt Garza

Maybe the Red Sox don't need Garza in the rotation, but there's a chance they could use him.

This is why we can't have nice things

A reminder that everyone's a critic, whether they should be or not.

Red Sox second-half fantasy advice

We know you love fantasy baseball, and Bryan does, too.

Match the Red Sox with their spirit animals

If nothing else, it's an excuse to look at this picture of a kangaroo.

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