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this is a reminder - mmb's fantasy basketball league draft is sunday

i hope you all have your preparations in order because it's going down on sunday. the fantasy basketball draft of the CENTURY. explosions, rhinos etc. sunday at two central. if you pick dirk, you...


fantasy basketball league

last season 6 guys from this site braved an 82 game season in a fantasy basketball league. eighty two games. it was harrowing, but i think a majority of participants survived. anyway, now that...


Never Forget 2011

The year was 2006, a good year to be a 20-something male who liked the NBA in Dallas. “College” up to that point had been a breeze, mostly because it was of the community variety, and the Dallas...


OT Thread

why are you looking in an off topic thread right now? the mavs have won the western conference finals against the thunder, and are about to face the heat in the finals. you should be looking for...



What an infuriating series.   This was the series where the Mavericks were going to prove critics wrong, and show that they could take care of a lower seed and move on to the second round of the...


March 17-24 OT Thread: Fire-y

The roof the roof the roof is on fireThe roof the roof the roof is on fireThe roof the roof the roof is on fireWe don't need no water let the motherfucker burnBurn motherfucker burnHello my name...


OT Thread March 1-8

Hey, how are you? I am fine. After a good idea was posed in the caramel thread, I chose to throw up this thread because I dislike Carmelo. Okay then, I have blabbed enough. This is the place to...


Superball Thread

Is anyone looking at a basketball blog before or during a championship game of another sport? I guess I'll find out with this here thread about the game. Either I talk to other people or to myself,...


Airing of Grievances

There's a thick fog of hostility in this community, and I thought that I would add to it since it's been a while since I've written anything long enough to put in a fanpost. The following is my...


On Night Thread or Mavs/Jazz GDT

The Mavs are facing the Jazz tonight, and there wasn't a thread about it on the front page, so being the ambitious person that I am, I took the initiative and made this nice little thread in which...


Off Night Thread

There is a pair of basketball games on tonight, and I feel like talking about them. If you do, too, then welcome. Phoenix plays Golden State which should be a well played offensive extravaganza,...


Toros/Legends Game Thread or The Off-Night Thread

There's a Mavs-related game going on tonight, and one I'm looking forward to as Dominique Jones will get some playing time tonight on a basketball court, and maybe more than he has received all...


As the Off-season Continues...

As the Off-season Continues... an insightful look at facing reality.



So, I was thinking of starting a fantasy basketball league on Yahoo for the people who post on the site, and I wondered if anyone would anyone be interested in something like this. The main...

Another Reason to Leave Terry on the Bench This Year


As if there needed to be a reason besides he'd take minutes away from Beaubois, Jones, and to a lesser extent, Butler.


Is This It?

     After watching a crushing defeat in the playoffs, I decided to take the optimistic approach to the offseason, and at the time, it was the only option other than admitting this team will, every...


What Has Been Learned?

What Has Been Learned? A look at some of the offseason movement for the Dallas Mavericks.


ohmigawsh what if wegetnoone?

Wow, the Celtics and Lakers are in the finals.


Hey Spurs Trolls

Ah, the end has come to both of our seasons. It is an unfortunate situation that neither one of our fanbases saw coming, and it comes too soon. And so the Suns have set on the spurs; the time has...

Have you ever wondered what makes GGW girls tick?


Neither have I, but at least there's going to be a show about soft-core pornography on HDNet! Go Mavs!


The Mavs Are So Money, and Don't Even Know It

"I'll have the pancakes in the age of enlightenment."


A Few Thoughts on Our Team (Complete with Numbers!)

A thought or two on some of the players who have seen minutes in this series Dirk has been phenomenal, which is nothing new, but the past two games he has averaged 16 points while raising his...


Dallas, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down

Dallas, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down


Game Won

A couple of days ago, I had a weird thought: what if i went to the game instead of watching it on television? It hadn't even crossed my mind until I thought about a bet I had just lost with a...


Saturday's Playoff Games Thread

I hate having to come up with 75 words to fill out this part when all I want to do is put this up, and call it a day, but here I am trying to write a paragraph that will interest you enough to...


kings/mavs game thread where you can say (almost) anything you want

cause it'll be deleted anyway. i'll go first. matt carroll is the most underutilized player in the game of basketball. if he were to receive dirk nowitzki's minutes, then he would score just under...

Hollinger's Mavs Chat


John Hollinger doesn't like babies (probably), nor does he like Dallas' chances against Denver in the playoffs. Also, he doesn't think Haywood is an upgrade, athletically, at center, over Dampier. I bet he has a gold-plated calculator.


Mavs/Hawks Game Thread

Since Wes doesn't have a thread open, I thought that I would take some initiative, and start one myself. Early game tonight, and Caron Butler isn't playing for the second straight game. Probably...



So the post-Dampier injury/trade deadline news out there is the story about how the Mavs are working out shooting guards for some weird reason, and they're looking to replace Damp's tiny hands and...

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