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Kaberle to Habs


I'm not sure how I feel about this exactly. I liked Kaberle as a Leaf, felt dissapointed in him as a Bruin, indifferent as a 'Cane. As a Hab . . . well, can I hate him and hope he plays miserably while secretly hoping this is all part of a Burkian master plan to sabotage the Canadiens and ultimately still like him? And then we bring him back and trade him for an Oiler?


Leave Phil Kessel the F@#$ Alone!

For a brief shining moment, Phil Kessel was allowed to believe that Brian Burke thought he was a better hockey player than anyone the Leafs GM could draft in the first round of the next two...

The Bulk is Back with the Blues - Buffet tables across Russia heave sigh of relief as Wellwood leaves KHL


Kyle Wellwood trades borscht for barbeque as bulk begins to bottom out on beet soup. Sorry, but I missed out on all the cheap fat jokes the first time around.

Leafs, Waffles and the Macho Sasquatcho


Does anyone remember Incredibly Strange Wrestling? Where they used to give corn tortillas to the audience to fling at the wrestlers? I'm sure they did a couple of shows in TO with Warped or some other tour like that. I bet someone has been sitting in the cheap seats at Leaf games flinging tortillas at the ice for months but finally figured out that waffles have the aerodynamic chops to get to the ice.

"Kadri demoted to fourth line" is more newsworthy than Kessel at centre?


What's the difference between Hamed Karzai and Nazem Kadri? One has been anointed by a committee of bickering stakeholders working in the shadows to lead a dispirited and broken group from the wreckage of a once proud and influential nation to a new place in the sun and the other is the President of Afghanistan. Geez, let the kid play already!


Is Toronto that tough a town to play in?

Burke manages to move some poor performers with ridiculous contracts like Toskela and Blake and arguably comes out way ahead to boot.  Now Colangelo manages to move Turkoglu who, frankly, had a...

Pat Burns rats out Tiger Woods


You'd think a hockey coach would know enough to keep his mouth shut. Or that it's not right to dis a guy for a few missing teeth . . .

Kaberle Star of the Week but . . .


Check out the sidebar entitled "Good Company" featuring other recent Leaf SOTW's. My second favourite Leaf Swede and three guys we love to hate. Could we be wrong about these guys? Or does this just prove the old adage "Even a blind pig will find an acorn once in a while" . . . 'cause two fo them play like blind pigs . . .

Leafs crack's top 40 fantasy goalies!!!


The Monster clocks in at number 31. Some guy named Rask is 3 better at 28. Toskela gets a mention but a snippet quote from the paragraph is "hopefully you've steered clear". Go Leafs.

Leafs youngster recognized as one of the "Top 25 Under 25" !!


Of course he hasn't played a game for us yet, we had to buy him from another organization and his maximum truculence level is limited to 50% of the rest of the team members . . .


Better than "Frat Pack"?

So I was lounging in the tub enjoying my Toronto Star sports page when I read that Viktor Stalberg is not impressed with the Frat Pack nick name for the collegiate crew (Hanson, Bozak and Stalberg)...


Some concerns about Phil Kessel's body language during TSN interview

I was watching that interview last night and it kinda made me fear for Kessel's long-term success in Toronto.  You know how some people are bright and know it and come across as arrogant assholes? ...


Is anyone else getting sick of hearing the phrase "top 6 forward"?

If we don't have a wealth of legit top six forwards, we can't we run three lines of "top 9" forwards and 3 thugs?  There's no rule that says any one or two lines has to play 20 minutes each per so...


Komisarek's quietly bidding to be the next Leaf captain - with apologies to JRR Tolkien

I was at the game in London against Philly and, just before the Leafs came onto the ice, there was this booming voice, and the crowd became quiet . . . Hold your ground - hold your ground! Sons of...


Burke is a freakin' genius, I am in awe . . .

The elegance of his long range plan, his foresight, his genius is becoming clear to me.  Phil Kessel was his primary target from the instant he joined the Leafs.  The moves to add...


Grabovski vs. Kostitsyn Brothers - 60 Seconds Goes Behind the Feud

In late August, 60 Seconds caught up with Mikhail "The Big" Grabovski at home.  Banging on the door at noon, we hoped to catch the speedy centre having lunch.  The door opened and there he stood,...


As soon as Burke signs Phil Kessel . . .

. . . the Leafs really have to assign Colton Orr jersey number 4.  I mean it would have been funny regardless, in an "assigning Kyle Wellwood jersey number 747" or " mandating that Jason Allison...


With sincerest apologies to David Bowie - sung to the tune of Ziggy Stardust

Kadri played the game, jammin' good with Hags and Strally,The kid from the Knights, he played it left handBut made it too farBecame the special man, then we were Kadri's fansKadri skated hard,...

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