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Silver Lining of Chris Williams

I wrote this as a comment on the post about the signing, but wanted to make sure everyone could see it: "So I was pouring over the numbers trying to figure out what the bills saw in Williams...


Question for out of state bills fans

Hello Fellow Rumblers, That game was pretty painful yesterday. I think we are better than we looked yesterday, since it really doesn't help that we have so many injuries. Hopefully once we get...


QB Rankings: Analytics or Scouting?

Like many of my fellow Rumblers, I am very curious about which QB the Bills might draft this year. I recently read an excellent article about QB analytic rankings by The Chill Pill, which inspired...


Spiller vs Jackson Revisited

I was reading J2's article a couple days ago that said the Bills need to start Spiller, and immediately agreed. However, one of the things I love to do (to help procrastinate at work) is to look at...


Moorman vs. Powell

Hello everyone. It seems like everyone is as shocked as I am that Brian Moorman was released. He has been my favorite player on the Bills for at least 6 or 7 years (mainly because no one else was...

Bills have $9.7 million left in Cap Space


Is this enough to resign Bell? How much do we need for rookies?


Analysis of Fitzpatrick's Stats

So as usual I read something interesting on Buffalo Rumblings and it made me want to do some simple statistics in Excel to see if there were some interesting trends. In this case, the story of...


Reflecting on our DLine

Hello everyone, this is basically just a copy and past from an email I sent to my dad and some friends when thinking about the Anderson signing. I thought others might appreciate it. Sorry if it's...


Best Player Available Draft

Hey guys. I don't post all that often, but I figure I'd look at the draft to get a feel for who the Bills might be drafting. It seems like Nix tends to take the best player available and I wanted...


New QB Coach?

So my brother works for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Canadian Football League). He just forwarded me an email saying the new head coach will be George Cortez. The email says he was our QB coach. Anyone...


Power Ranking Thought Experiment

So as always even though Power Rankings don't actually mean anything I rabidly look up where the Bills are ranked every week. The first two weeks we seemed to be underrated, but now I think we...


Game Day Radio Stations?

I was wondering if some of my fellow rumblers could help me out. I am unable to be near a TV this weekend during the Bills game because I am going to be on the road. I was wondering if anyone knows...


Some Potential Free Agents

So I was thinking who the Bills could sign to fill a couple of our holes. I know we only have 2 roster spots left, but I looked into LB, OT and S using the ESPN free agent rankings of the players...


Quarterback Speed Scores

Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the correct format for a post like this, but given the fact that Gailey is often rumored to like athletic QBs I thought I'd take a look at speed scores. The Speed...


Is Fitzpatrick Getting Worse?

Here is my thought process broken down by game:New England - 247 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT. First game starting this year, decent performanceNew York Jets - 128 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT. Good to see he cut out...



I have two quick questions about a potential work stoppage in the NFL next year. I hope it does not happen, but if there is a hold out and we have the worst record in the league (I still think...

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