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November 22 Game at the Palace: Who wants to join me?

Even though I currently live in Anchorage, I will be coming home for a week long visit to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year. As part of my trip home, I am really hoping to check out a game at...


Preseason Game 6: Pistons at Magic

Attack of the last minute game thread! This game could be interesting, or at least as interesting as preseason games get. Jennings and Stuckey are still hurt, Chauncey is sitting this one out, and...


Which five teams to watch?

So I broke down today and signed up for NBA League Pass today. It is kind of pricey, but I got really frustrated trying to sit on the first row online, and this way I can be totally legal and look...


What About Jonas?

How is it that one of our favorite players is the same one that we forget about most often? All of us claim undying support for Jonas Jerebko during the season while he was languishing on the bench...


Happy Birthday to the World's Coolest DBB'er!!!

Today is a momentous occasion: the birthday of one of the absolute coolest people I know. The birthday of someone who is nearly universally loved and admired for all the work he does. Without his...


Pistons vs. Raptors

The Situation: No one else has created a game thread yet, so I suppose the duty falls to me. The Pistons have struggled recently (and not so recently) so in theory facing a mediocre Raptors team...

Hornets changing their name to the Pelicans


According to ESPN, the New Orleans Hornets are planning on changing their names to the Pelicans, after the state bird of Louisiana, perhaps as soon as next season. (This will supposedly allow the Charlotte to take back it's original name of the Hornets). My reaction: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now your thoughts.


Dec . 21 @ Home vs. the Wizards: Who wants to join me?

I mentioned this on here once before but now I'll make it official. I will be traveling back to Michigan for Christmas towards the end of the month. As part of this trip, I am hoping to check out...


Pistons @ Magic: Last minute game thread awesomness

Only a few minutes until tip-off and no one else has posted a gamethread. So I will once again take it upon myself to create mediocre last minute game thread using only the barest minimum of...


Joe D is GM is not a great GM. Or a terrible GM for that matter.

Hunt B recently wrote up a long post trying to defend Joe D. I admired his effort and optimism, but I think most of us realize that his view is at least a little short sighted. But his post did...

Fascinating Article: Psychology of Player Development


This article has little to do with the Pistons directly (or does it???) but it is a fascinating look into how young players develop-- or don't. A educational psychologist compares psychology research with the way teams (namely the Knicks) look at talent. It goes a long way to explain why some organizations consistently have "all the luck" and why some teams repeatedly fail despite having more talent. Where do you think Joe D would fall on the player development spectrum? (H/T to Truehoop and Knickerblogger)

Carmelo, Durant, and Pandas


Awesome actual story about NBA players and pandas. Plus, Hubie Brown's voice is prominently on display. Good times.


Who do you REALLY want to draft?

I think it is obvious to everyone that player we most want to draft at #8 it Bismack. That point has been talked to death around here. But consider this-- last year the general concensus for #7 was...


Nets gamethread

When in doubt, I'll be happy to make up a half-assed game-thread to satisfy the masses when no one else remember to make one. At least until Packey or someone usurps mine with one of their own. ...


Pistons @ Hawks Gamethread

Somehow the editor types seemed to have forgotten that the game is really early today. And since no one else signed up for it, it seems to be up to me to provide a game thread. So let's see.... A...


Developing the Coach

Should John Kuester be fired at the end of the season? Or should he be given a chance to develop and learn from his mistakes?

Dueling Mega-flops


This video is epic. Manu and Raja Bell barely run into each other and both players fly back violently in opposite directions. Watch for Manu's leg kick at the end. Hilarious.


A reasonable alternative to college sports?

College sports in general have always made me feel kind of icky. Why should schools and college coaches be able to make tens of millions of dollars while the students are banned from any money...


Trade Idea: Mavs loss is our gain?

How about a really simple trade idea to help clear up our logjam at SF without losing cap flexibility? The Mavs just lost Caron Butler to a significant (possibly season ending) injury and will be...


Trade idea from a Pistons Fan

Sorry to here about your loss of Butler. I am not a Mavs fan by any means, but I would much prefer them to win it all than LA or Miami. Losing Butler would appear to hurt your chances, but maybe we...


Pistons VS. Bobcats Gamethread

Pistons vs. Bobcats. One of Larry Brown's former teams vs. another one of Larry Brown's former teams. How many times a year can that be said? I probably should do some real research into writing a...

Basketball appears to defy physics


This video is from a college game, but it is still amazing. During a free throw, the ball bounces of the back of the rim and appears to get stuck on the front of the rim. It just sits there for a good second before finally deciding to fall in. Crazy. (It's probably a good thing the ball decided to finally accept it's fate and fall to the earth. I've heard Isaac Newton gets PISSED when someone starts messing with his laws.)


Pistons-Clippers Gamethread

I can't think of anything I'd rather do on a Friday night than sit at home in front of my computer watching the Pistons play the Clippers. Seriously. I am that pathetic. Who wants to join me?...

Sterling Heckles his own players


Donald Sterling has apparently started to heckle Baron Davis whenever he screws up in a game. Wow. Just... wow. I read it and I have no idea what to say to that. Just a further reminder that no matter how bad things get around here, at least we aren't the Clippers.


What, exactly, is our biggest problem?

(I mentioned this a bit in a recent thread, but I'll repeat myself here because I think it warrants further discussion.) What exactly do we need most in order not to suck? For quite a long time the...


Complaint about ads

Hey editor types: Whats with the sudden influx of talking ads? They are REALLY annoying. It seems that almost half the time when I open a new thread I get greeted by the Mucinex goobers or the...


Look for me on TV!!!!

Hey guys, I'll be going to the game in Minneapolis tonight. I'll be the tall guy waving a poster with "Count that Baby and a Foul!!!" on it. Look for me on TV. If someone could save a screen shot...


Favorite Pistons Team

I've noticed something strange about my own personal preferences. Whenever I look back and try to determine which Pistons team is my favorite, I never think about the championship teams. I'm too...

OT: Andray Blatche has crappy shoes (literally)


It sounds too crazy to be true, but it is. Gilbert Arenas once took a dump in Andray Blatche's shoe's as a kind of prank. I am speechless. [Hat tip to Truehoop ( for pointing me to this link]


Carmelo Trade Idea that doesn't suck

In Bill Simmons latest column, he suggests this trade trade: "Here's the three-teamer I love: Chris Kaman to the Pistons; Tayshaun Prince, Al-Farouq Aminu (the eighth pick in this year's draft),...

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