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The Gaping Hole at SG / backup PG (Slashers)

Eric Bledsoe (RFA), 17.7 PPG / 5.5 APG: Fresh off being spurned by Melo, the Bulls should act like the big market team that they are. They should make Bledsoe a big fat offer sheet, one that...

Bulls Reach out to Wade, per Adrian Woj.


Interesting. If this is the real Adrian Wojnarowski.

GSW Can Acquire Love if Willing to Part with Klay T.


This ESPN story is literally all over the place. Implies that Love to GSW would have been a done deal if GSW was willing to part with Klay Thompson in the deal. A number of other teams are interested in both Love and Thompson. Also, no mention of Bulls.


Pacers Sign Bynum for Rest of Season - View from a Bulls Fan

It was the correct thing for the Bulls to waive Bynum. I'm not saying it was correct for them to trade Luol Deng, but once Bynum was here, it was correct for them to waive him.As reported by the...

Rose Sought Isiah's Advice


Isiah the attention whore. Hey everybody! He asked me for advice! Me!

Thorpe: "Most NBA players would prefer to play next to Dwight Howard rather than Derrick Rose"......


Thorpe: "Most NBA players would prefer to play next to Dwight Howard rather than Derrick Rose"... "by a landslide". Yeah, ok, Thorpe. Ryen Russillo's set-up question is awesome tho: basically, Derrick Rose can close but Dwight can't. What are your thoughts, Thorpe? NBA Today, 4/29 show. Starts around 17:55.


Rondo No Longer Leads in Assists


As Marc Stein mentioned in his Power Rankings, "Nash has quietly wrested the assist lead away from Rondo". I looked it up, and sure enough, the guy who values assists over scoring an uncontested breakaway layup with his own team trailing in a close game has indeed fallen behind Nash.

Pip and Crumbs Drunken '91 Celebration, at ~2:50 mark. The rest of the video wasn't anything new....


Pip and Crumbs Drunken '91 Celebration, at ~2:50 mark. The rest of the video wasn't anything new. But I don't remember seeing footage of Pip and Crumbs dancing in celebration...

Chris Sheridan: Why Rose Better Than LeBron


The tweet links to an ESPN Radio program. Interesting that Rose (and whether / where he is in the MVP race, or in the league elite) has become such a topic of debate. Turns out he's talking only about this year's MVP race, so the tweet is a little misleading.

More MVP Talk for Rose - Greg Anthony and Marc Spears


More MVP Talk for Rose - Greg Anthony and Marc Spears

With that said, he has four flaws right now: He doesn't have a low-post game; he hasn't learned to...


With that said, he has four flaws right now: He doesn't have a low-post game; he hasn't learned to play consistently well when he isn't 100 percent (like, say, Kobe or Nash have); he settles for 20-footers and 3s when he's not playing well (instead of just getting to the rim); and the way he floats in and out of playoff series is positively T-Mac-ian. The first three are fixable. I'm worried about the fourth. The T-Mac gene scares me. I'm not gonna lie.


List of 10 Biggest Draft Busts Missing a Bunch of Bulls Players

How is it that Ball Don't Lie puts up a list of the 10 biggest draft busts of all time and only one Bull gets mentioned by name?


Reinsdorf's Seven Categories of People

T-Boogie recently put up a post breaking down the current roster with various awards. This led me to ask, what awards matter the most? Then, moving beyond the concept of awards, I realized that...

Email Stu Jackson / NBA about Rondo here:


Here's mine: Dear Stu Jackson and the NBA: When players throughout the league start defending layups by taking a fist to the shooter's head, you will be to blame. Your explanation regarding why the Rondo call stands as called is utterly dissatisfactory. Your reasoning was that there was no windup and no follow-through. But the only reason there was no follow-through was that Brad Miller's face absorbed all of the impact of the strike. And on the contrary, there was a windup--sufficient windup to make contact hard enough to draw blood and make Miller woozy. Bottom line, it simply wasn't a play on the ball--it was vicious blow to the player's head. Your erroneous ruling creates a horrible precedent, because it creates a bright-line rule as to how far players can go in terms of fouling a shooter, with no fear of punishment whatsoever, not even a flagrant 1. Congratulations. You've given the green light to every defensive player to defend layups with closed-fist punches to the shooter's head, from behind the shooter.

Noc: 19 and 9 with 3 blocks, 7/11 in 32 min.


Just happy to see this. Still a great trade for the Bulls, of course....

Bulls are in the Playoffs, Say Most Recent Hollinger's Playoff Odds


Today must be the day we thank our lucky stars that all of those problematic personalities from '07-'08 are gone--Wallace, Hughes, and Skiles. And that other guy, Skiles' assistant. I've already posted another fanshot about Wallace and mentioning Hughes. And now this. Hollinger's odds have the Bulls making it and the Bucks not making it, and it doesn't seem close (67.6% to 46.9%). The thought of this team making the playoffs and Skiles and that one assistant guy missing out makes me happy.

Ben Wallace #1 on 'Most Overpaid' List


Yes, this was an easy one. But it still feels good to know he's not bogging down our salary cap or team... WOOHOOOO!!! Still, the list is not complete--no Larry Hughes for example.

Did Obama Awe Lead to Loss at Washington?


Just thought I'd put that out there. Rose said all of the right things about being in awe of Obama, but he may have still been in a daze at game time. That, plus Vinny only played him 30 minutes. Hey, check out the picture with the Prez--did anyone notice that Obama's taller than Ben? What the...


Lack of Skilled Bigs Means No Phoenix-Like Results - Derrick Rose Eight Games In

http://myespn.go.com/blogs/truehoop/0-36-44/Derrick-Rose-Eight-Games-In.html Chicago is struggling offensively under head coach Vinny Del Negro. The Bulls are 3-5 and they rank 17th in offensive...


Pax, are you watching this? Younger Gasol: 27 and 16

I have no doubt that being an NBA general manager is a very tough job. Pax at least cleaned up the mess that Jerry Krause left behind, getting us into the playoffs and into the second round. But...

Reader asks Sam Smith about Blogabull: I really like your new gig and will be reading and...


Reader asks Sam Smith about Blogabull: I really like your new gig and will be reading and interacting regularly. Anyway, my question has to do with, "Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose" at the start of your prediction for the Bulls season. Any chance that was a nod to blogabull.com? I'm asking because that's on their masthead and, if your new role plays out the way it's described in your press release, you will very much be in competition with that website. I think it will be very interesting to follow. Blogabull already has this type of interactive community/following going while you have the experience as well as access to the team and it's resources. I'm not a big fan of Blogabull so I'll clearly be focusing on Bulls.com now. I have long been hoping the Bulls would grant someone access to do this kind of work, much like the Portland Trail Blazers have. Cameron Watkins Sam: As my longtime readers know, I have been slow to adapt to the internet culture. But here I come. I always considered myself more a conversational writer, and it was one big philosophical sticking point I always had with the Tribune. I still see it today and fought with them the last few years about it. I've long felt the game story outdated and the need to have a more direct, conversational writing relationship with readers. But too many newspapers continue to play by the rules of 50 years ago. Having a college-aged son helped. He is well read and a sports fan, but never reads newspapers. He is a big baseball fan and said he'd get the game coverage after the game on MLB.com and then seek out information and discussion. So if your newspaper product the next day is a game recap, what are you doing? Clearly, I lost the argument. My pitch to the Bulls was given my experience and history with the league and the team, let's see if we can make the Bulls site the destination for readers. Given the flexibility of a web site, I can concentrate on columns, conversation, observations and opinion, which is more difficult with a newspaper with deadlines due to circulation, which I understand and sympathize with. Being on the web, that disappears. I love the newspaper product and will always read newspapers. I cannot go out to breakfast or lunch without a newspaper. Perhaps if I had some friends, but… I am apparently in the last generation of people who will read newspaper. The newspapers seem headed in the wrong direction because my era has 40 years left of reading. So newspapers aren't going anywhere. Why they are trying to gear the papers for people under 30 or 40 who are not going to read them doesn't make any sense. Again, I lost all the arguments, so I left. My expertise is knowledge, connections and relationships. There's no competition with other fan sites and other sites because there are a variety of opinions, and as it's said, everyone has one. I expect to be interactive in my "Ask Sam" and other devices like live chats. At least as soon as I learn to work a computer.


Bucks' Loss a Laugh-er--for Bulls Fans


It's not so much the score; check out the highlights. There were multiple on-court embarrassments, such as blown 3-on-1 fast breaks, some sloppy ball handling and some in-your-face dunks by players such as Maxiell. And there were multiple shots of Skiles with steam coming out of his ears. Next to him? Boylan, acting sheepish and embarrassed: hand on forehead, looking down, doing big exhale, smoothing out his hairdo. Basically, doing all of the other things that we can enjoy, now that he's not coaching our guys. I laughed as I caught the highlights while grabbing coffee this morning!

Newsflash: Marbury Appears Not Crazy on Amateur Video; Knicks talk politics


In this video, some kid walks around and asks a bunch of Knicks about politics. But that's not the real story to Bulls fans. Instead, there are a couple of notable points. First, the potential for unintentional comedy is off the scale when Stephon Marbury is being interviewed. Each pause seems pregnant with possibility of an on-camera meltdown. He ends up totally contradicting himself (saying he'll wait til November 4th to decide, but in the next sentence saying he'll vote for Obama), but it's not nearly the apesh*t crazy Marbury who routinely shows up on youtube videos. But more importantly, the Knicks actually come across as likeable. Even Jerome James and Zach Randolph. With the departure of Isiah and the addition of D'Antoni, does this mean that the Knicks are cool again? This would have seemed inconceivable just 6 months ago.

Familiar Look to Bucks' New Uniforms


Do Bulls fans notice anything about the new Bucks uniforms? Here's how I imagine the scene: Senator Kohl: Staff, Milwaukee is a world class city and we will not be overshadowed by Chicago! Bucks office worker: Scott Skiles on line one. He says yes, he's interested. Kohl: Go sign him! Now, as I was saying, we need to differentiate ourselves from Chicago in every way possible. Bucks office worker: The design person is here for the new look uniforms. Kohl: Let's go with a brand new color scheme... I'm thinking red with white trim. Bucks office worker: Anything else, sir? Kohl: Yeah, let's go with varsity style white letters and a clean, classic look...


Shutting Down the Engine That Could

I recently read somewhere (fanhouse.com?) that Bonzi Wells is an unrestricted free agent at the moment. Add to that the fact that there's an impasse with Ben Gordon, along with the fact that the...

Why Isn't There More "Ben Gordon to Cleveland" Talk?


The article makes a good point about the possibility of some expiring contracts coming back to the Bulls in Wally, Snow, Damon Jones and Joe Smith. But it may be that the Bulls genuinely are looking for a way to hold onto Ben Gordon. Or, at least, that they don't want Cleveland being that good. We'll give you our trash for your trash, but our deadly outside shooter to pair with LeBron for cap space? No way...

To Pargo: come off Bulls bench to hit some open 3's


Pargo is definitely no Ben Gordon. But if the Bulls want a 6th man to come off of their bench to hit some 3's, shouldn't it be someone in Pargo's price range, rather than someone in Ben Gordon's price range? Basketball-reference.com says his salary over the past two seasons was $1 million and $1.8 million.

Luol Deng Negotiations Started 7/2--FAQ


This was an interesting read, particularly because of the little parentheticals and asides (though these guys have nothing on KC Johnson!). It's a nice little rundown, though not the intensive review of CBA/FA rules that some of you are more familiar with, I'm sure.


The Purity Test (for PGs): Cause for Concern?

  So I was looking over the stats of Derrick Rose and the players he's most often compared to on this board and all over the net. And maybe it's the perpetual post-Jordan pessimism, but I'm...

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