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Hoyas Take Belgium


According to Sportando Jason Clark has signed with Belgian powerhouse Okapi Aalstar while beloved Jonathan Wallace will be joining Dexia Mons-Hainaut, after leaving Bayern Munich. http://www.sportando.net/eng/europe/belgium/41722/dexia-mons-hainaut-inks-jonathan-wallace.html

Updated renderings of the IAC


H/T Hoya Saxa and the Hoya. These are revised from what was submitted in November as part of the zoning approval. Going to the Old Georgetown Board in March. I like this better - creates two entrance plazas with a shared glass atrium between the gym and the IAC. Value engineered but I think its solid.

IAC rejected by the old georgetown board


Typical zoning stuff. But there were a couple of renderings of the proposed building. Somewhat uninspired but I did like the glass wall. Will be in the parking lot right in front of McDounghah - different than the tennis court location. Here is the photo link http://georgetown.patch.com/articles/georgetown-athletic-facility-needs-more-work-waterfront-project-ekes-by#photo-8032850

Nova or Temple?


Decent article from Philly advocating for both Nova and Temple to join BE as football schools. I am torn on Nova joining as a football school. Once they go D-1 they can't/won't go back. So if they are admitted for football then they could not join a future bball only league. Which candidly is where I think we are headed once the Big-12 -finishes pillaging- asking BE members to join. That said Nova football might save the league for the near term by providing stability on the football side. Also what is best for Gtown for football this year? If WVU somehow beats LSU, does that help solidfy the BE as a football conference or does it just encourage WVU to leave? Or do we want LSU to cause a great couch fire that can be seen from space with the result forcing WVU back to the BE. I gues it does not matter in the end. At least Archer is back on. Archer: So excuse me for needing some time to grieve. Rip: By tending bar and banging newly weds? Archer: Apparently that's my grieving process.

Theo Stamos for Commonwealth's Attorney


In case you are wondering, Theo is the hoya loyalist/program destoryer Craig Esherik's wife. She is running for the Commonwealth's Attorney for Arlington/Falls Church with the support of her husband who is now an assistant professor with GMU. Maybe when she wins, she will prosecute Jason Clark for knocking out the Bayi Rocket when he returns to Arlington.

Duke now on Kyle Anderson


Pers zags, and given anderson's coach is mr Hurley I think our chances took a big hit. Also comments seemed closed on the recruit thread

Should Hoyas push for a new court?


Given what Oregon is doing on the court for their new stadium, I do think hoyas should look at an innovative floor design to better brand themselves at the Verizon center.

The end of the Big East?


Going to ten football teams is not good for the basketball schools, unless its bringing back BC or Miami.

Bowman joins Bobcats Summer League


5th summer league try-out. He is just not quite good enough for the league. Go to europe. Play for $100K a year for 5 to 10 years, then get a real job.

Sweetney to the D League


At least he his back in the pros. Hoyas beat Cuse all is right in the world.

Jordan Goodman commits


it looks like this guy verballed, solid #7 PF - listed both as class of 2011 and 2012. I thought he would go to maryland. May hurt our ability to land Christmas, but a very nice pick-up. Here is his profile http://scouthoops.scout.com/a.z?s=75&p=8&c=1&nid=3847292

Moses to announce on March 14


I would think we have really good shot, but who knows. Maybe IU who have been giving him the full-court press recently.

Moses Abraham esq.?


He is considering Seton Hall b/c they have a good law school ?- wtf, cmon, Georgetown's law school and sfs are by far the best known of the professional schools in the big east. Plus he might not even qualify academcially for undergrad, much actually going to grad school. Also his "adviser" Joe Boncore sounds just like a bad used car salesman. Man recruiting is skeezy.

Sister Act 2?


Per twitter, Henry seems to be a big fan of Whoopi's last (only?) star vehicle. Really? I could see maybe being a fan of the first one, but the sequal? Sims better hit the weight room and not leave the painted area otherwise his career will be one big Whoopi.

Czyz transferring


Should JTIII pursue? Or is the no vowels a turn-off?

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