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I've been a Longhorn fan all my life, or at least as long as I've known the identiity of an object called a football. My aunt used to sew/alter the uniforms for the UT cheerleaders back in the late 60's during the DKR heyday, and I guess a lot of that passion rubbed off on me. One of my earliest memories is the 1969 showdown in Fayetteville and the incredulity of my dad and other relatives when James Street engineered the winning drive.

I like writing on BON because it is the cleanest, most intelligent sports blog, period and just so happens to be a Longhorn blog. I hope you find my comments interesting and stimulating - that's how I certainly find yours.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Houston Astros
  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Texas Longhorns
  • NCAAB Syracuse Orange
  • NHL Detroit Red Wings
User Blog

In the Trenches - Breakdown of a Breakdown


Ready to play the blame game? I break down the Texas defense in response to Oklahoma State's Joseph Randle's 69 yard TD run in last Saturday's game. I explore question of "What is wrong with the...

Hidden things we learned from Horns and Cowboys


Now that fans have seen the Longhorns against a "real" team, here are a few thoughts outside the media pablum about the game and the Horns' future.

Make or Break: Five Critical Quarters for the Longhorn Season

The potential of the Longhorns' season hangs on their play in these five key quarters.

Beef au Jus: 2011 Texas Football Offensive Line Preview


The 2011 Texas offensive line may not be vintage barbecue, but it's capable of an excellent au jus. A preview suggests that the players are there to run-block even if pass protection leaves you...

Why DeLoss Dodds is Smarter Than the Rest of Us


Giving in to complaints about the Longhorn Network seems to be part of DeLoss Dodds' smart long-term strategy for developing Texas as an independent in football

In the Trenches - Longhorn Football is a Game of Nanometers


With Texas' coaching and player mental errors, football has become a game of nanometers. This point and more in a Texas-OU review

In the Trenches - The Longhorn Saga 2010, Episode V: A New Hope?


Amateur football analysts unite; suggest relatistic ways for Texas' offense to be good enough to beat Oklahoma

In the Trenches - Mack Brown and the Texas Victory Goats


Several players are essentially goats despite Texas' win over Texas Tech. Read an analysis and therapy session that cures these "victory goats"

In the Trenches - The Metacognition, er Ignition, of Garrett Gilbert


Garrett Gilbert quits mulling over the quarterback position and starts playing - ignition! Also, updates on the offensive and defensive lines and a comment about safety.

In the Trenches: A Strange Bowl of Rice for the Longhorns


So how did some of the big issues for the 2010 Longhorns season play out against Rice. Good news and bad news for the offensive line, defensive tackles, and wide receivers.

Offseason Ruminations - Quickness versus Speed in the Texas Wide Receivers


With the new "downhill" running offense rather than the spread Texas reduces its need for quick receivers, and helps exploit the skills of its speedy starters.

Colt McCoy on the Mend


For those wondering, Colt's arm is expected to heal in two weeks, so he will be ready for the combine. In his words "I know the best football of my career hasn't even started yet. My best football is ahead of me. I should be golden."

In the Trenches - The Evolution of a Quarterback


A play by play summary of the evolution of the next great Texas quarterback, Garrett Gilbert, during the national championship game. I explore whether and how Greg Davis overprotected Gilbert and...

In the Trenches - Some Unseen Possibilities


A Texas-Bama prediction based on obscure facts the media is ignoring. 10 predictions for why Texas wins

In the Trenches - Defensive Dominoes


In the Trenches explores the collapse of the Texas defense against Texas A&M as a domino effect of the lack of depth and thus fatigue of the Texas defensive tackles and the relative absence of...

In the Trenches - Answering the Call


In the Trenches - Lamarr and the Space Eaters stuffed the Cowboy running game, and more analysis from last Saturday's game

In the Trenches - Anatomy of a Muschamp Adjustment


In the Trenches, Texas-Missouri. Delve into the mind of Will Muschamp with this analysis of defensive changes during the Texas-Missouri game, along with other musings on screens and the Texas...

In the Trenches - Brutal Lessons


After a brutal game, we learned a lot about the limits to Greg Davis and the Horns' offensive capability. David Snow ran to mommy, Tanner is the Man, and the whole D-line are the Bosses.

In the Trenches - System Failure or Sphinctered Heads?


Panic over the UT running game in Austin - is it justified? A breakdown of Texas' problems running the ball against Colorado suggests a case of wimpy overconfidence

In the Trenches - Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Zone Blocking Horns


A primer on the Texas zone-blocking scheme, delivered through the eyes of a Sherlock Holmes short story.


In the Trenches - Digesting the Cupcake Feast

Another superb bit of analysis on Texas' line play from burnt in ny. --PB-- It's like Thanksgiving afternoon on the UT blogs today, as fans sit satiated with great plays and haul in their bloated...


In the Trenches - Eating Kindled Crow While It's Snowing Newtons!

A review of Texas' offensive and defensive line play against Texas Tech.


In the Trenches - Where Oh Where is Sergio...??

Entree with an Italian troubadour tenor and lute strolling the sidelines of DKR... "Where oh where is Sergio... where oh where can he be?....     We're looking for sacks from our favorite beast,...


It's Time To... To Step Up!

As the daily countdown to the UL-Monroe game begins, I started thinking about how this Longhorn team, with so many apparent pieces in place, will be different and need different things than last...


2008 Horns report card, part 2 - defense

With this earlier post, I began a breakdown of Horns players by position starting with the offense. While offense wins BCS rankings and gets most of the press, I believe this Texas team achieved...


2008 Horns - a regular season report card Part 1

Now that the toxic dust generated by the BS (cough) BCS controversies of OU and then Florida have receded into the recesses of our poisoned brain fissures, I thought it worth writing a brief (well...


That silver lining thing...

It is painful to write at this moment, after watching 6 dropped passes and two dropped interceptions, Deon Beasley playing like my five year-old, the entire Texas offensive line crying for mommy,...


In whom do we trust?

Trust is what makes Texas special; trust is what makes them vulnerable. Trust in Colt McCoy allows Greg Davis to treat the passing game like the running game -  whn Colt completes 80% of his throws...


The Men of Texas

No, this isn't a link to an as yet undiscovered 2009 calendar for our female readers. It is a call to our defensive backs that, if the Horns are to hang on to the precious #1 ranking, they are ALL...


Dare we compare 2008 with 2005?

Now that the Horns have held onto the #1 ranking for one full week, I thought I might open the distasteful but titillating comparison of the 2005 MNC team and this 2008 Longhorn team. Many view the...

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