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Trotz and Coaching Offense

There has been more than a lot of discussion on this site regarding Coach Barry Trotz and his ability, or lack there of, to coach offense as a head coach in the NHL. There seem to be two main...


A Statistical Look at Playoff Possibilities.

I know that there are several on this board that do not really get into the statistical analysis of hockey, but I wanted to get this out here for those that do. I think 59 games is more than...

The Predators and "Success": Part I

One Nashville Predators fan considers the question of how much the team has achieved relative to the rest of the NHL over the last 15 years.

Is This the Most Disappointing Preds Team Ever?

So where does this team rank among all of the Predator teams, and is it the most disappointing team in the history of the franchise? That is the question I have been asking myself the last few...


Smoke and Mirrors?

via So... Back in February I published a post commenting on the effects, or lack there of, a lockout on the NHL. One of the things that I looked at was the rise in attendance...

Did the NHL Really Suffer Any Lockout Damage?

So how much damage did the Lockout really do the NHL? Not much, apparently.


Signing Day Celebration

Evan Woodberry just tweeted that Coach Jones is going to have a Signing Day Celebration just like Fulmer used to. Here is the link to the story. Link. Only 500 people, buffet dinner, and a...


Buy One Get One

Apparently the Predators aren't wasting much time trying to win us back over, and get our rear ends in the seats. According to Pro Hockey Talk the Predators are offering a pretty sweet deal for the...

Swiperboy's #bUTchJones

Swiperboy's new song for Coach Butch Jones.


One passionate fan's plea

It is painfully obvious, at this point, that Dooley is not going to be the coach here in the future. The die has been cast. Hart only has two choices. 1) Fire Dooley 2) Try to keep Dooley and...


Longing for Coacho Ocho

There is not one of us that was happy with the way the 2008 season played out, but I am willing to bet that 90% of us would take those 8 win seasons right about now. Don't take this the wrong...


Too much for a checking line player

Earlier this week Dirk posted a link to an article taking Barry Trotz to task for some comments he made concerning Paul Gaustad. Well according to the folks over at Hockey Prospectus, Ryan could...

Stu Grimson on the new OHL rule surrounding fighting

An interesting take from a former enforcer here. I am not sure that I agree with all of his logic, but it is certainly an interesting read. I will be interested to see what the fellow OTF members think.


Tonight I don't care if we lost or not

I thought this was the year that we would get it done, but it wasn't to be . And you know what? I don't really care. I know this sounds like a crazy man talking, but it is the absolute truth. Just...

Jonathon Blum signed to two-way contract

Jon Blum just signed a new 1 year contract. Thanks for catching this while I was tied up, moved to the front page. - Dirk


Hockey Prospectus | Summer Skate: Central Division

Hockey Prospectus is publishing a series of posts on each division this summer. For those that do not know, Hockey Prospectus uses advanced stats to predict the success of each team and player....


What grade would you give the Predators Off-season?

Sports Illustrated's Alan Muir has released his off-season grades for each of the Western Conference teams. h...

Predators 12-13 season schedule

Just saw this posted. Time to pick the next OTF meetup.

NHL Season Ticket Renewals

According to this (vague) report, ticket sells are going well for the Predators.


Best Plays: Exciting or Depressing

First of all I want to thank the guys here for this series. It has brought back some truly exciting memories for me. I grew up watching Tennessee football with my father, and it was a great era to...


Moving on from Game 4

First of all I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks to Dirk, and the others running this crazy show, for giving me a place to rejoice, vent, argue, discuss, laugh, and enjoy all things Preds. This a...


What was gained, or lost, in Game 4

A good discussion here, so I'm moving it to the front page - Dirk I have been going back and forth with several of you regarding Friday night's game. I have read and reread most of the posts...


OTF Meetup for Game 2

Thanks to Dirk's hookup, saved 400 dollars on 5 tickets by the way, I was wondering if anyone was interested in a OTF meetup either before, at, or after the game? Leave any...


Really?!?!? Really?!?!

Sources say that Cuonzo is ready to pull a Lane Kiffin if asked. Has it really come to this with Tennessee athletics??? Is Illinois really that great of a job? I understand he is from outside...

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