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A very good John Wall stat

Draftexpress has been rolling out some alternative stats, including +/-, for college players.  Here is a table of prospects sorted by team defensive performance with/without the players.  The...

John Wall and Wins

Seeing this from the Agent Steinz sparked me to wonder how much recent rookies, especially point guards, have contributed to their teams in their first seasons.  (Click here to see a table of...


The Lottery Ticket Field With 4 Games To Go

Outside of the two worst teams in the league,* the top competitors for draft lottery tickets are down to four games to play, and things are still incredibly tightly packed.  The Wizards could yet...

Studying The Wizards' Big Three Approach, Part 1: Where lack of depth hurt more than you'd think

Editor's Note, by bwoodsxyz: This is the first installment in what I expect to be an occasional series on NBA team construction.  This column takes a look back at the Big 3 concept that was used...


Projecting the Last 31 Games

The Wizards have 31 games left, following their win over Minny.  I keep hearing and reading that they "may not win another game."  Surely that's hyperbole.  But add to that all of the apparently...

Analyzing the Basketball Portion of the Brendan Haywood-Drew Gooden Trade

As I'm writing this, we're all still checking the rumors, waiting for the other shoe to drop on the trade front.  Or not.  Or is it shoes, plural?  In the meantime, let's take a look at the...

nba official description of the trade

The NBA does not indicate that there were any cash considerations as part of the Mavs trade.


What do you want to read?

I've been working on some very long posts on the Big 3, roster construction in general, and some related stuff, but they may not see the light of day anytime soon.  In the meantime, what are you...

When "Close" Is Really Far Away

There has developed a notion around this Wizards team that their season has perhaps been derailed as much by an inability to "win close games" as by suspension, injury, or just generally not being...

The Strange Case of Javale McGee's Defense

Last week, we featured some of Brendan Haywood's very impressive defensive numbers, and also mentioned some of those posted by Andray Blatche.  But what about the team's very young big-man...

A Look at the Wizards via Plus/Minus, and Some Lineups for Gilbert Arenas-less Times

Having happened to completely neglect +/- during this season, at the same time that TrueHoop and others have been promoting it more than ever, no less, I set out this week to look at what can be...

Who Took Caron Butler's Touches?

Entering this year, we knew that usage and touches could become an issue with Gilbert Arenas's return and the installation of Flip Saunders' offense.  Caron Butler's numbers have suffered some...

The Decade in Review -- 25 Best Statistical Seasons

The 00s kicked off with the 99-00 Wizards sitting at 10-20 and with Gar Heard nearing the end of his tenure.  (The team that eventually finished 29-53 (.354) for the 99-00 season.)  They end...

Clang Go the Js

It was understood going into the season that the 09-10 Wizards team would rely heavily on its jumpshooting.  To a roster of players that already relied heavily on Js, particularly of the two-point...

Hope by the Numbers

Editor's Note: Welcome back, bwoodsxyz! When following a 7-15 team, there is always the risk that what seem like legitimate reasons for hope--that the season can and will be salvaged and that all...

Four Factors versus Cleveland

 Here is the four factors individual player box score for last night's game, including the Cleveland side of things. Four Factors Box Score 11-3 at CLE No column this afternoon, but I'm working...

FF Box Score for 10-31 (and 10-30)

Tracked both teams, but only bothering with posting the (very nice looking) Wizards' side of the box.Four Factors Wiz Box 10-31 versus Nets Continue on for a few observations about last night's box...

Four Factors Box for Opening Night vs Mavs

Four Factors Box Score Opening Night For general explanation, see the prior post.  I'll skip commenting on the contents of this box.  (I will, however, try to answer any questions in the...

Happy Small Sample Size Day!

Of course one of the worst abuses of stats in sports is to draw unwarranted conclusions based on too small sample sizes.  Except when your team wins its opening game.  That, of course, is the...


Poll -- Expanded Box Score Layout

I'm still doing some minor tweaking to the defensive FG component of the expanded box score, really just in how broadly to use "half" credits. The other big open item to me, though, is format of...


Indivdual +/- through 10/21

This was added late to the preseason stats column:                                                                  ...

Preseason by the numbers - Now with +/-

(bwoods note:  after +/- was raised by Manimal in the Sixers game wrap comments, I went back and did the math on individual +/-, which has been added to the end of the post.  While it is very...

Expanded Four Factors Wiz Box for 10/14

While the discussion continues in the comments of the original expanded/four factors stats post, below is the expanded Wizards half of the box score for the 10/14 Wiz-Cavs game and a few...

More Information, Please: A way to improve NBA box-score stats

NBA stats have some definite, huge holes, particularly on the defensive end. It has always been that way. But does it have to be? I say no.

Richmond, Va.: What did we do to deserve this level of failure in one city? The Nats, Wiz,...

Richmond, Va.: What did we do to deserve this level of failure in one city? The Nats, Wiz, Redskins, and throw in the O's for those of us who see the connection. Tom Boswell: Wiz, did you say Wiz? Flip Sauders has me hypnotized already. Give 'em a chance.

EJ in Philly

EJ is probably a very good coach on the whole, but seeing things like this compared to what's been coming from Richmond makes me 100% sure it was time to move on. Yesterday at St. Joseph's University - home of the Sixers' training camp - Jordan began installing his standards for discipline, efficiency, and execution. "He's very strict on things," guard Lou Williams said. "One of the main things, he stopped the drill and we had to tuck our shirts in, and I think that's the first time we've had a coach that's been so set in his ways.

Advanced Stats?

A look at how NBA teams might used advanced stats based on BF's interviews with Ernie Grunfeld and Flip Saunders.

Fantasy Hoops from Scratch

Rethinking fantasy basketball some more.

Flip's PGs By the Numbers Part II, and a look ahead

As discussed some last week, PGs have generally seen a boost to their assist numbers and a slight drop in their turnovers compared to their career figures when playing for Flip.  I'm not sure you...

Flip Saunders' PGs by the numbers

I've been working on breaking down the stats produced by Flip's point guards over the years.  I'm still working on drawing conclusions and applying them to Arenas/Critt/Foye/James.  In the...

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