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Jim Hendry Interview


Jim Hendry talks with Bruce Levine and Fred Huebner about the current state of the team, the farm system, and his job security. The interview goes about 12 minutes.

Tom Ricketts: "Cubs' Finances Are Strong"


Tom Ricketts talks with Bruce Levine and Fred Huebner about the Cubs' finances and the current state of Wrigley Field: "There's a lot of insinuation that there's some kind of financial limitations or something limiting us that's related to the business structure or the debt structure and that's just not true." You can listen to the whole interview just to the right of the article. My apologies if this was already discussed.

OT: Dodgers Can't Afford Payroll for May


Sources say this could lead to MLB seizing the team (As if they haven't already). Good! -- IMO -- Almost nobody in LA wants McCourt to stick around. Take a hint, Frank! **Check out this interview (under "Audio Highlights") where Frank takes questions from fans. He stutters an awful lot! McCourt just seems like a beaten man.

OT: Frank McCourt Gets Loan To Cover April/May Payroll


McCourt receives a $30 million loan to cover payroll through next month. What's interesting is how he received it as a personal loan; NOT a team loan, which bypasses MLB. Makes me wonder how he'll cover payroll in June, July, August, etc. This has GOT to be the beginning of the end of McCourt's reign in LA.

OT: Roger Clemens indicted for lying to Congress


I had a feeling he wasn't telling the truth that day.

Forbes MLB Team Values


Despite the recession, MLB teams brought in record revenues. No surprise the Yankees are still on top at $1.6B. The Cubs are ranked 5th, valued at $726M; just $1M less than the Dodgers. The Florida Marlins, yes Marlins, rank #1 in profit!

Twins Open Target Field


Still can't believe they didn't do a retractable roof. I understand the roof would have added $100M to the price tag; but in the long run, my guess is they regret not doing it. Nevertheless, it looks like a very nice park -- Photos can be seen towards the bottom of THIS PAGE.

Milton Bradley Interview w/ ESPN


Milton Bradley sits down with ESPN's Colleen Dominguez and says "He felt like a prisoner in his own home". For the record: "Home" being a condo he rented, that I believe he still owes money on, after violating terms of the lease. I know we've dicussed MB over and over again, but I felt the video interview was worth posting.

Steve Trachsel on the whole McGwire / Sosa thing


I always wondered how Steve Trachsel felt about his teammate hugging McGwire after he hit a record-breaking HR off of him. Listening to the interview, it kinda sounds like he thinks he was punked by the whole "steroid era". It's totally different, but I remember ALL of Qualcomm Stadium giving Sammy a huge ovation when he hit his 63rd HR, a grand slam! Padres fans were on their feet cheering. I guess it was tough not to get caught up in the moment -- Players and fans alike.

OT: Long time Yankee PA announcer calls it quits


At 99 years old, Bob Sheppard says he has no plans of returning. It's hard to believe he did it for so long.

Sammy Sosa sued for $203,000


Among other things, the man claims he's owed a $43,000 commission on a watch -- I wonder if it keeps good time?

The McCourt divorce costs


Jamie McCourt alone will pay $2 million to her lawyers. I can't see how either one of them can avoid having to sell the team if their combined asset value has to be split in two. I've always disliked Frank McCourt -- shortly after buying the Dodgers, he upped parking 50% and promised it would pay for a re-vamped parking system -- It was an ABSOLUTE disaster that created up to 2 hour lines getting in AND out of the parking lot.. His concession prices are a joke, and ticket service fees seem excessive. Most Dodger fans I talk to wouldn't mind seing him go. Might there be a Fire sale on the horizon?

World Series Rings


Check out all MLB Championship rings going back to 1922. MOST of the rings given to the team that lost are shown when you click on each ring (1945 Cubs not shown) . IMO, the 2004 Red Sox got the coolest ring -- There are a few bad ones too. Also, there are links toward the bottom of the page that show cool pictures of MLB ballparks -- both past and present.

Dodgers owner fires his wife as CEO


Frank McCourt has fired his wife as CEO. San Diego Padres part 2?

OT: Top prospect expected to demand $50 million


Scott Boras is at it again. Sources say Boras is expected to demand $50 million for Stephen Stratsburg.

Gatorade machine is DONE


Well, that thing didn't last too long. The Cubs are returning to the historical way of dispensing drinks.

Cubs sale complicated by TV contracts


Yet another hurdle in the ongoing Cubs' sale. This time it's the value of TV broadcasting rights. Ricketts may ask for concessions or a reduction of $40 to $50 million in the sale price.

Forbes look at the business of baseball


Here Forbes ranks the values of MLB teams (Cubs: $700M) and looks into who's making, and losing, lot's of money.

New Yankee Stadium serving up cheap HR's???


It looks as though someone may have over-looked a wind study at the Yankees new $1.5 billion palace. This is kinda funny, especially after reading here on BCB a week or so ago, that workers had over-looked a net blocking YES cameras. Also, at the end of this game recap, it says there were long stretches of empty chairs in the "Legend Suite" seats which cost between $500 and $2,625 per game -- AND -- The Yankees still have not recorded an attendance north of 50,000 -- I LOVE IT!!!

Drunk driver who killed Adenhart has bail doubled to $2 MIL


Nice to see those pics of him behind bars!!! Also, it's a good thing they raised his bail because he's obviously a flight risk. Apparently he cried in the court room during the hearing -- poor baby!

Zambrano wants a new ballpark


Z was pretty impressed with Yankee Stadium. It will be interesting to see what type of plans Ricketts has regarding Wrigley.

Padres sale "almost" done


Looks like the Padres are about to have a new owner take over. Funny how quickly this happened compared to the Cubs' transaction. Interesting how Sandy Alderson is stepping down as CEO -- Will Crane Kenney follow suit???

D. Lee says MLB "disrespectful" about WBC


Derek Lee says MLB was "disrespectful" by pressuring him to replace Kevin Youklis in the WBC.

WBC Tickets are outrageous


I was thinking about going to one of the WBC Finals games at Dodger Stadium until I saw the prices. Most of the games I've watched so far have been played in stadiums 60-70% empty. I'm sure the Finals will draw more, but these prices are about what the Dodgers charged for the NLCS. Maybe if the US plays Mexico they'll sell out; otherwise, in a bad economy, they'll have a hard time.


Do we re-sign Dempster?

Although the 2008 FLOP hasn't completely set in quite yet, I can't help but look towards next season. I was looking at Cubs' player contracts and I wonder whether or not the Cubs will re-sign...


Where does this FLOP rank w/ the others?

I know, I know,,,"Stay positive Rob"!  That's what everybody keeps texting me.  Barring a comeback of EPIC proportions, the situation we find ourselves begs the question: Where does this one rank...


Blue uniforms

Does anybody else not like those blue uniforms the Cubs have been wearing lately?  They look more like batting practice, warm up jerseys then they do game jerseys.  I prefer the traditional colors...

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