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It's smart. It's a smart line, and a smart crowd will appreciate it. And, I'm not gonna dumb it down for some bonehead mass audience!

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Derrick Williams Snubbed

Derrick Williams was named to the AP All-America Second Team, getting beaten out by Jared Sullinger and JaJuan Johnson.  I don't have any problem with the Sullinger selection. He is a fantastic...

4ip 10h 7er MadBum is hurt right? He can't just be great one year and suck the next. Can he?!?


4ip 10h 7er  MadBum is hurt right? He can't just be great one year and suck the next. Can he?!?


2010 Recruiting Update.

Well, the Cats found out today that Ray McCallum will stay home and play for his father at the University of Detroit. This is a disappointment to say the least as he is probably the best pure point...


DeAngelo Hall Please

EDITOR'S NOTE 7:30PM: I just noticed this FanPost and am certainly intrigued.  If Hall were released I'm curious where he signs and for what.  Like whether he gets a deal through the end of the...


Why not Culpepper?

Espn is reporting that Daunte is thinking about coming out of retirement. Evidentially the Chiefs have contacted him. He has not been very good for a while but he could be an upgrade for the...


Would Delmon Young be worth a look?

According to the Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune, the Twins may dangle Young after the emergence of Denard Span.   Yes the Giants have tons of outfielders but Young could be a superstar....


Giant Leap?

It wasn’t long ago that calling the Giants’ farm system barren and devoid of Major League talent was as accepted as… well something that is widely accepted. Everybody in the system was seemingly...


MSNBC Reports NL and AL Starters (Lincecum Not Starting)

A supposed leak has revealed the AL and NL starters for the allstar game and our boy is not the starter. Instead Arizona Diamondbacks' starter Brandon Webb will be the starter. I have to admit...


High on Downs

So... umm... Matt Downs. Yeah small sample size in the PCL. Yeah it was the Cal League before that. I know... but he has mashed at every level. He is young (compared to me). What do you guys think?...


Noonan, Culberson, and Villalona

I don't mean to step on Steve's Minor Lines for the day but I noticed that Noonan, Culberson, and Villalona were not in yesterday's lineup.Did the Giants hold them out because they are getting...


Wish List: Alex Rios

I have seen his name tossed around a few times here but after yesterday he has undoubtedly raised his trade value (if in fact the Jays are going to be sellers this summer). What do you guys think...


How about this Lewis kid

I guess this probably doesn't warrent a totally seperate diary but Lewis has been (imho) a good player in his breif stint in the majors.He has been hitting for average, has great speed, decent...


Dave Del Grande is an idiot cont.

The following is a collection of emails that Dave and I have exchanged over his comment that the Giants have not won a pennant with Bonds.It is a little long so forgive me.12/16/2006 Mr. Del Grande ...


Good Trade/ Bad Trade ?

On Jason Stark's hot list he has Brad Wilkerson and Rod Barajas as possible deadline names.Since we seem to not have a chance at resigning Schmidt next year maybe we could package him with Klein...


06 Draft: Or how I stopped getting excited about young players and learned to love Michael Tucker

With the draft nearly upon us, my last few weeks of sleep have been studded with dreams of landing an impact youngster. Sadly though, I have to wake up and face the harsh reality that even if...



Bring on that mop top band of Backstreet Boy dropouts. If I have to hear about how hot Crosby, Zito and Chavez are one more time I am going to quit my job, put all three in a burlap sack, throw...


Post Bonds

I, like many others, have been losing sleep over the possibility of a Bondsless Giants team. Now that the inevitable is upon us. Who are the players the Giants should go after to try to make the...


People, you allready know the answer to this question

Everyday in mailbag questions and chat sessions with baseball's top minds I hear the same fret filled queries about what the Giants are going to do when Bonds retires. Come on. We all know the...


man am i tired of boston

I was thinking yesterday (a bit out of character but never the less) about how much i hate the RedSox Nation. I came to the realization that they will never stop whining. I am sorry but I haven't...

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