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ICYMI - Inside the Clubhouse with Buster and Freddy, along with Oropesa and Susac. I know folks...


ICYMI - Inside the Clubhouse with Buster and Freddy, along with Oropesa and Susac. I know folks were looking for this after it aired on CSNBA earlier this week, so here it is for your streaming pleasure.


Baseball Pokemonz

With Spring Training just around the corner, a girl's thoughts turn naturally to fantasy baseball.  Have folks started giving consideration to starting up some leagues again this year? I know last...

Bengie and his blog


So Molina made a new blog entry. The snark in me is glad to see that he's taking credit for Vlad's two run double. And what's this about champagne and beer being sprayed? I thought it was ginger ale? At any rate, welcome back to SF, Bengie. Hope to send you back home to Texas down 2-0.

Seems that owlcroft caught the eye of JoePo (HRs - juiced balls or juiced players?)


When I was reading the Joe Posnanski's article, the link he provided sounded familiar. And sure enough, in the past, owlcroft has used his site for reference here (notably in this thread). At any rate, I thought it intriguing that it caught Posnanski's interest, and his blog on it was an interesting read.

Posey in Fresno b/c pitchers wanted him there?


This made me want to kick a puppy: "[Posey]’s in Fresno because the Giants starters preferred to pitch to Bengie Molina this year." THAT'S why Posey started in Fresno? Because the starters wanted to pitch to Molina for THIS YEAR? Where in the hell is this guy getting his information? Hack. (Unless, of course, this has any kernel of truth to it. Then I'm extraordinarily sad.)

DeRosa to hit DL, have wrist surgery


Well, there's that, I guess. On one hand, I'm glad he's getting the problem fixed instead of sucking his way through it. On the other hand, it would have been nice not to spend $12 million on a broken dude, and instead signed someone who could play a little. But what do I know?

Lighting Farts Backfires on Cubs Players


Men are weird sometimes. And also, LOL @ singed butt hair. /I R 5

Teenage Girl Outpitches Dany Heatley


How'd I miss this (or maybe it was discussed already and I missed THAT). Anyhoo - a 17 year old girl threw a better first pitch than Heatley. Like waaaay better. You go girl!

AJ Back on the Trade Block


Quick, Sabes - go kick some tires! (And also - lulz that interest in AJ is not good.)

Edinson Volquez is the juicer


Well, there's that. Too bad it wasn't somebody I'd like to see off the Giants' roster, like, say...... EUGENIO VELEZ. Anyhoo - if anybody thinks that guys aren't still doing stuff, they're wrong.

Molina still feeling underappreciated


Okay, I get that the feeling he expressed are natural. Who can blame him for feeling unappreciated, even if it wasn't entirely reasonable for him to expect a team to make a 3 year offer to a fat 35-year-old catcher? I just can't stand that he continues to whine about it to the press. Thanks for the great performance over the last couple games, Bengie. But please put on your big boy pants and just play.

Uh-oh - The Giants pull a "Natinals"


Not like I really want Velez in a San Francisco jersey, but if he's gonna be, it should at least be spelled right.

Schulman is NOT one of Lewis' relatives


At the risk of continuing the heated Fred discussion. . .

Jenkins wants to strip Meulens of his Bam-Bam


Oh, please. Now he's an arbiter of nicknames? Lifelong nicknames? What a ridiculous waste of bytes.

Urban wants to hug you all


And also, he reads the site all the time. Hi Mychael!

Jenkin's article illustrates how Ginats Brassz failed in its off-season activity


So, in reading this article, the only thing I could think of was how it was a perfect example of the front office's failure this off-season. Instead of assembling a coherent line-up, Sabean just grabbed a potpourri of players, leaving it to Bochy to figure out how to play them (with few of them actually able to play in their "natural" position). Aside from the obvious LOL OLD! factor, it seems that there wasn't a real good plan with respect to what positions the team was looking to fill. And it shows. Of course, I'm just a "fan", so I could be completely wrong.

SABR offering free download of The Emerald Guide 2010


To the Stat Cave, nerds! (I've asked for my copy. Me = nerd.)


Fantasy League, or Baseball Pokemon

  So, uh, I've never played fantasy baseball before. But I thought I might like to try this year. Anybody here planning on starting a league with room for a beginner that y'all can easily beat?   A...

Velez in RF?

From Baggs: –Bochy said "absolutely no question" that right field would be the biggest battle of the spring. John Bowker, Nate Schierholtz and Eugenio Velez are the leading candidates. Bochy confirmed he’s still thinking that Aaron Rowand will lead off and Madison Bumgarner will be the fifth starter. My thoughts on Velez in RF: ROFLMAO. Imagine those RF routes, only to be followed by a dive and a clank.

Byung-Hyun Kim? Really?


Bargain bin pick-up or useless roster occupier? You be the decider.


Joe Posnanski : Royals :: Can of Corn : Giants

It's no secret that Joe Posnanski is one of my favorite baseball writers. Aside from his endearing man-crush on our own Kuiper, he's just very good at what he does. This morning I was reading his b...

McGwire used 'roids? No Way!


Well, duh. While I appreciate his (much belated) honesty, it still sounds like he's not quite taking full responsibility when he says "Looking back, I wish I had never played during the steroid era." Like somehow he just HAD to take them. Whatever. For the record: I really don't care that guys took 'em. Everybody was dirty then. But don't pick out only certain individuals to vilify.

Boof DFA'd!


Quick, Grant - call up Ginats Brazss and make it happen!

Status of all 2010 Free Agents


Didn't see this posted anywhere - but this may come in handy over the next week. LOL at Boras clients in bold.

Sabean looking at "second tier" FAs


Well, there goes next season. If anybody thought we'd get a different Sabean after the contract extension, they were wrong. Sigh.

Michael Goldsmith, ALS Advocate, dies at 58


This might not be of interest to everyone, but this man was one of my best and most favorite professors, and he used his last years to raise awareness for ALS, enlisting the help of MLB this past season - Game 5 of the World Series was dedicated in part to him. You'll be missed, Professor Goldsmith.

"Giants name Hensley Meulens as their new hitting coach today. Meulens spent last season as the...


"Giants name Hensley Meulens as their new hitting coach today. Meulens spent last season as the triple-A hitting coach for Fresno Grizzlies." Is this a good thing?


Ostler's Thoughts on Next Season


Maybe it's my continued self-denial that we're still looking at Sabean and Bochy in charge of this team for a couple years, but for some reason I enjoyed this article. In particular: Firing Carney Lansford last week was a great move. With this team and its guiding offensive philosophy, there is no point in having a hitting coach. All a hitting coach can do is clutter up the hitters' minds with unnecessary thoughts, like, well, thoughts. Lansford should have been fired two years ago when it became clear he was going to be a big buttinsky. The fellow who collected all those free-swinging, non-thinking hitters in one clubhouse, and the fellow who gave those free-swingers license to swing freely - both those fellows were given two-year contract extensions.

Pablo team lead in BB still fewer than the lowliest Dodger


This was a bit depressing. Who knew it would be Pablo with the most walks. And although it's not unexpected that most other players would have more, it's sad that every single regular player on the Dodgers have more BBs than our lead walking guy. And I'm just going to ignore the bit comparing the Rockies' and Giants' records since the sweep. It makes me cry.

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