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Creator of We Are All Canuckleheads Podcast and Blog. Also a metal blogger (B.O.M.Blog). Old enough to remember the 72 series. Young enough to know the Canucks will win a cup before I die.

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Wednesday Morning Coffee- How to spot a double agent


Team Canada prepares to battle Russia, but there is dissension in the ranks. Not with the team, but some fans and journalists just can't put NHL loyalties behind them.

Tuesday Morning Coffee- Luongo Prepares For His Moment


It can be heard across the nation, not Go Canada Go but the shrill cry of "Won't someone please think about Martin Brodeur's legacy". Tuesday morning coffee comes with 2 eggs, hash browns and a...

Sunday Morning Coffee- Which Card Will Burke Play?


Underdogs? Please... The Legend of Brian Burke grows as two teams of NHL stars prepare to do battle. Canada/USA on Super Sunday

Saturday Afternoon Tea- His name feared 'cross the land... His name is Vikingstad!


Crosby? Selanne? Ovechkin? Jagr? Hell, no! We want more Vikingstad!

Friday Morning Coffee- Now You're A Man


Sidney Crosby isn't asking you to stop calling him 'The Kid', he's telling you. Post game plus Client Halak and Demitra 'nyet' another win over the Russians.

Thursday Morning Coffee- Mullet with a capital M


Shaun White may have the sick moves, but Jagr's mullet always wins. Business up front, party in the back, and the coffee is on!

Wednesday Morning Coffee- Norway? Way!


Team Canada rolls... the Russians show they can, when they want to, and the US, well... they have shirts they want to sell you. The Olympic Hockey tournament is in full swing with your morning...

Tuesday Morning Coffee- Made with tears brought on by the savage UK press


Oh noes, the British tabloids don't like us. I would care, but the game is on soon... Go Canada Go!

Monday (almost afternoon) Coffee- Gold, Bronze and a giant chrome plated turd


A brutal game, a glorious day for Canada, and Derek Boogaard upping the ante in the Douchebag of the Year awards. 208 games and counting, knuckledragger...

Sunday Morning Coffee- Waiting for Boogaard


The Canucks wrap up the opening portion of the Road Trip From Hell (tm) on a lunch date with the Wild. Someone tell Boogaard the finger sandwiches aren't... oh, never mind.

Friday Morning Coffee- Here at last...


The Canucks get a big win, and the world comes to Vancouver. An incredible day... here's your coffee!

Thursday Morning Coffee- Big Game Hunting


Big game hunting on this edition of Mutual of Omaha's Wild King... I mean the Thursday Morning Coffee. Canucks visit the swamp to take on the Panthers.

Wednesday Afternoon Coffee- Wait for it...


I might not have my finger on the button but I am looking for the launch codes. A little attempt at being level headed in the face of the Canucks' current crisis.

Tuesday Morning Coffee- Lightning Strikes


The Canucks continue The Road Trip From Hell (tm) in Tampa. Will they even notice Demitra is gone?

Monday Morning Coffee- Release The Hounds


Release the hounds!! Daniel, Henrik and Alex are getting thrown under the blame bus... TBay coming up tomorrow.

Sunday Morning Coffee- Win the game, lose on style points...


Sure they won, but it was so ugly... Why we shouldn't give a rat's ass about how we win as the road trip continues...

Saturday Morning Coffee- Taking stock of things


Rivalries are part of the appeal of sports. We lay down our swords and stand as a united extended family with Brian Burke in this troubling time.

Thursday Morning Coffee- Righting the ship and all that...


Forget the Canucks and Sens tonight (none of that massive conspiracy against the Capitals for us), we all need to take heed of the Maple Leafs march to the playoffs. No, seriously.

Wednesday Morning Coffee- The Ballad of Bruno Halakaloogie or How I went to Montreal and didn't get a win


The frustration of last night's loss boils over, as the attention on the Canucks bottom 6 fowards intensifies. Is it time for Mike Gillis to make a move?

Tuesday Morning Coffee- Old School Metal Edition


Canucks and Habs with a little hadbangin' wake up call. It's your Tuesday morning coffee, so crank it up!

Monday Morning Coffee- So... what's new?


Did you guys hear something about a trade? Impacts of these deals really won't be known for a while, in the meantime we await a date with Les Habitants.

Sunday Morning Coffee- The Comeback


Spotting your opponents a 3 goal lead is never a good thing. Fortunately you cannot count this Canucks team out, especially when the Sedins and Alex Burrows put on a show like they did last night...

Saturday Morning Coffee- Celebrating The Game


It's Hockey Day in Canada and Hockey Weekend Across America. Time to celebrate the game, and enjoy the annual 'pounding of the Leafs' ceremony.

Friday Morning Coffee- Take a deep breath and this will all be over (in 43 days)


The road trip begins tomorrow, but is it as daunting as they say? It all gets started against the Leafs (paper bags for Leafs fans will be handed out at the door).

Thursday Morning Coffee- Rrrroooaaaddd Trrrriiiipppppp!!!!


The Canucks wrap up a solid homestand with a win over the Blues. Heading out on The Road Trip From Hell(tm), are the Canucks in better shape than some think?

Wednesday Morning Coffee- Dunnnnn Dunnnnn Dunnnnn... DunnDunnnnnn!


Like the monolith in 2001: A Space Oddity, The Road Trip From Hell(tm) looms for the Canucks. I hope they remember they have a game at home tonight...


If there were an all star game this year...

A post from's Scott Burnside and Pierre Le Brun look at who they think would be all stars if there was a game played this season... h...

Tuesday Morning Coffee- The Statement


Last night wasn't just another 2 points for one of the best home teams in the NHL. Henrik Sedin issued the statement on why he is a Hart trophy candidate.

Monday Morning Coffee- Still no respect, huh?


The Canucks continue to roll, yet the respect isn't there. Why the Canucks and their fans don't care what you think...

Saturday Morning Coffee- Game On!


Down 3 men but not out, can the Canucks handle the high flying Hawks? A look ahead and more with your morning coffee.

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