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Creator of We Are All Canuckleheads Podcast and Blog. Also a metal blogger (B.O.M.Blog). Old enough to remember the 72 series. Young enough to know the Canucks will win a cup before I die.

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Friday Morning Coffee- A Costly Win

Another not so pretty one, but the boys get it done against Dallas. Another injury to the D has the Canucks looking vulnerable against Chicago Saturday.

Thursday Morning Coffee- Well that was UGLY...

Yeah that was ugly, but since when did it matter how you win? Post-mortem on the OT win over the Oilers and more

Wednesday Morning Coffee: Back to hockey (we hope)

The Canucks are back in action, Burrows closes the door on Auger-gate at last (but not before we blow the whistle on a MacLean wanna-be from All that and more with your morning NM coffee

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Still wondering why the Flames 'Big' 3 were left off Team Canada?

A look back at last night's highlights, more trouble on the Red Mile, the Oilers still suck and new developments in the Burrows/Auger saga. Oh, and Ron MacLean has a bridge he wants to sell you.

Monday Morning Coffee: HNIC Backlash, The Number 37 And How To Kill Your Career In Hockey Before It Starts

This morning the Coffee looks at more HNIC backlash, James Mirtle's playoff push and the sickening hit by Patrice Cormier. Make sure to take the poll on what his punishment should be.

Sunday Morning Coffee: It's not going away, and neither are the Canucks

A big win for the Canucks led by Henrik Sedin and Alex Burrows is overshadowed by a smear piece courtesy of Ron McLean. Did the CBC go too far in attacking Burrows and not presenting both sides of the story?

Saturday Morning Coffee (and pancakes): Sid's here, look interested...

The Canucks attempt to put all the drama of the last 7 days behind them and get back on track. Crosby, Malkin and the Penguins could be just the thing they need to snap this slump.

Friday Morning Coffee - Drop the damn puck already...

Scandals!!! Can the Canucks breathe right now without someone crying foul, or are we just 'whiners'?

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Awww... you guys got me good on that one!

Forget Leno and Conan, the high comedy coming from the NHL kills right now. Throwing someone under the bus was never so funny!

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Burrows/Auger- Grab a helmet, it's gonna get messy

More on the fallout from the Canucks/Predators game. Are Burrows' claims against Auger sour grapes, or is this a courageous act to save the integrity of the game?

Burrows NHL 1st Star of the week

Alex Burrows has been named the #1 Star for the NHL this week.

Monday Morning Coffee: 78% Laser free or your money back

A little look at the Canucks & Preds and other tidbits with your morning coffee. We're out of muffins though.

Sunday Morning Coffee: I have some questions...

I have a few questions after last night's S/O loss to the Flames. We can start with how they got outworked all night long by a team playing their 3rd in 4 nights and go from there...

(The really late) Saturday Morning Coffee

Some thoughts on tonight's Canucks/Flames clash from Nucks Misconduct's latest call up. Canucklehead666 has the daily Morning Coffee, recaps on all things Canucks and more.


Friday morning coffee: Pretty Eyes Won't Get You Far In Life, Son...

It's been a while since I woke up and was still all fired up about the Canucks game the night before. For the first time since Petri Skriko in 1986, the Canucks had a player go back to back hat...


Thursday morning coffee: Canucks/Coyotes and Schremp's goal

**A note: I have to go for blood work this morning, so this issue of the morning coffee is actually caffeine free.  I tell you this so you can understand why it seems to not make much sense.  And...


Wednesday morning coffee: Nucks win big, Canada? Not so much...

    Hands up if you called the score in this one? Yeah, no one could have predicted this one, even as bad as the Blue Jackets have been lately I don't think anyone would have foreseen this....


Monday continued... Canada/US for Gold, Winter Classic and more

Though it's not quite as sexy as a Canada/Russia finale, the Gold medal match between Canada and the US at the World Junior Championships in Saskatoon Tuesday is a pretty decent compromise.


Monday Morning Coffee- Canucks week in review

Well, wasn't that a surprising road trip? 3-0-1, with some gutsy performances from a team that looked like the hockey version of the Washington Generals a few weeks ago. The timing couldn't be...


GAME DAY- Canucks @ Stars

  The Canucks (aka the coach killers) take their much improved road show to Big D this morning (grumble grumble)for an 11am PST match against the Stars. The Canucks pulled off a gutsy comeback on...

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