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Jonny Vertical left out of Ajax Pre-Season Squad


It's just a pre-season fixture, but at least it sounds like we're getting close.


See You At Toyota Park?

Let's jump right into it. I'm a longtime soccer fan without an MLS team, who happens to be relocating to within reasonable driving distance of Chicago, and unreasonable driving distance of every...


Sunday, October 2nd

This isn't long enough for a fanpost, but it needs to be done. Who else is already getting amped for the Arsenal match? A win would be just beautiful, and kicking their asses would make me giddy...

Klinsmann it is


Not too shocking, but it did happen very quickly. Let's hope he can get USMNT firing on all cylinders for the 2014 WC.

Vucinic to United? Potentially Sad News


I don't know why United would do this except to make me very sad, but it looks like Vucinic might be "very close" to signing there. Or at least that's what his agent is saying. Seriously, ship the deadweight out right now and make a move before everyone worth buying is off the market.

Ceballos Signs


The 18 year old Barca academy product is on his way to the Lane. Well, maybe that solves the striker problem that we're bound to still have three years from now.


A Post-Modric Transfer Window

Let's assume the worst for a second.  Let's say Luka is gone to Chelsea, for an exorbitant sum.  It can't be less than exorbitant because I refuse to accept the possibility of Luka in a Chelsea...


I Love The Point Guard Revolution

Welcome to the next installment of "Cap'n Hack's Not Necessarily Wolves Specific Basketball Thoughts." Though, this one is pretty important to Wolves related news, what with Rubio coming over and...

Buyout for Biyombo


He was unlikely to be the Wolves' pick anyway, but any potential buyout issues have to hurt his stock. Probably a late lottery pick at best now (maybe at pick 11, that seems like the right spot for him).


Rant Alert: Why Watching This Spectacular NBA Finals Upsets Me Greatly

Or, maybe more accurately, why I can't read or watch any coverage of this year's finals without being terribly disappointed and why the result (regardless of what it is) will leave me feeling empty...

Splitter Signs with Spurs


After making the Spurs wait 3 years to bring him over, the reigning Spanish League MVP will make his way to San Antonio this season. Hopefully this will end the merciless taunting RC Buford has received for wasting a pick on a talented Euroleague player who clearly didn't want to go to a small market like San Antonio.

Boozer to Bulls


Good move for the Bulls. Now if they could go get another wing, we can add another name to the list of Eastern Conference powers.

Bulls Unload Hinrich


Room for two max players in Chicago now. The balance of power could drift east in a hurry come July. Which two FAs end up there? Bosh and Johnson wouldn't shock me in the least.


Some Postgame Rubio Thoughts

Just watched Barcelona demolish French side Asvel Basket (the game was Thursday, but NBAtv aired it today).  Rubio looked very impressive.  The fact that he slipped to 5 makes at least two of the...

Rondo's spectacular buzzer beater to send it to OT. (Thanks to IQofaWarrior for the embed advice)


Rondo's spectacular buzzer beater to send it to OT. (Thanks to IQofaWarrior for the embed advice)

A Cool Thing For Nerds


Someone posted this site over at Canis Hoopus and I figured I'd spread the joy. It's an advanced stats boxscore site. So much information in these things, I'd probably be better off if I'd never seen this...

Flynn wants Rubio in a Wolves Jersey


Maybe it's just the easy thing to say now that Ricky isn't coming, but if it's true, you've got to like that Flynn would prefer to have the competition to make him better and a guy who can help the team win over a few extra minutes of PT. Good to hear from him.


Stats as CliffsNotes

(An OT discussion of statistical analysis to follow, tune out now if you are uninterested) It is an oft repeated catchphrase here on GSoM, and likely on many other blogs, "Stats don't tell the...

GMs rank the point guard crop (Via ESPN)


Interesting stuff. Jennings dropping so low on that list is a surprise while Flynn and Curry are looking really good to the GMs and execs interviewed. We'll see what happens in the 5 on 5 drills.


GSoM Group Project: Brandon Jennings Ramblings

Let’s get this out of the way.  Brandon Jennings appears to have very good playmaking skills, is very quick, and an excellent athlete.  He also appears to be an inefficient scorer, who can’t hit a...


On Fandom

What does it really mean to be a fan?  Is it throwing yourself in wholeheartedly to a team you care about?  Is it about dedicating yourself to that particular team's wins and losses and letting...


Another Possible Take on Making a Winner out of This Team

We hear a lot about the "logjam" at the 1-3 on the Warriors, but the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that this is the area of the team that needs the most work.  The Biedrins/Turiaf...


Outsider with a question...

Okay, so I'm a Warriors fan, and normally I do my posting on GSoM, but I think that Phoenix has potentially the most interesting team as far as range of possibilities go, for next season, so here I...

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