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I wonder what Avant was doing when he got the call

A somewhat depressing article by Matt Bowen regarding getting released.

Eagles featured on NFL Netowrks "A Football Life"

Tonight at 5pm EDT, Reggie White and Jerome Brown Tuesday Nov 5th at 9pm EST, Randall Cunningham


Thoughts On "Designated Divers"

Defensive players faking injuries is becoming a growing concern in today’s game where the offense du jour is up-tempo. We saw it at least twice in Monday night’s game (Rick Reilly says he s...

Hollis Thomas - "...we used to share like the shower and rest room area at the Vet, and they had an awesome collection of porn."

Funny story from Thomas about a chest full of porn shared by the Phillies and Eagles back in the days of the Vet.


A Look At The Eagles Success Drafting WR's

During Reid's tenure, the Eagles have not been proficient in drafting wide receivers. Until recently hitting on Jackson and Maclin, the Eagles have been quite inept. Save for Avant, the drafts...

25 Worst Free Agent Moves

I don't read much into this list, as hindsight is always 20/20. fwiw, Nnamdi comes in at #2, and you have to laugh at the fact that almost half of the list is Redskins

Amazing pic of Avant's catch


Amazing pic of Avant's catch

I wonder if they make these in women's jerseys.


I wonder if they make these in women's jerseys.

"The Eagles are the first team in NFL history to allow three consecutive quarterbacks to complete 70 percent of their passes with more than one touchdown and no interceptions."

"Bowles has been defensive coordinator for three games, and they’ve been three of the worst pass performances in franchise history by the Eagles’ secondary." Not sure how much onus is on the D-Line, but these performances do not bode well for Bowles, whose area of expertise is supposed to be the backfield.

NFL Films Special on Tecmo Bowl

10/22 at 12:30am — ESPN2 10/24 at 2:30 pm — ESPN2 10/26 at 4:30 pm — NFL Network 10/27 at 1:30pm — NFL Network

Anyone Remember Ian Beckles?

He started G during the amazing Hoying era.

Patriots work out Kafka

I would like to see him land on a team, it sucks to lose your job due to injury.

Carroll and T.O. stage prank regarding not being able to have Golden Tate's #81

Carroll and T.O. stage prank regarding not being able to have Golden Tate's #81

Eagles sign AFL D lineman Xavier Brown

Brown ranked second in the AFL among rookies in sacks with 10.0 Draft Profile for Brown

Feds crack down on counterfeit jersey sales

Personally, I had no ethical issue purchasing a fake jersey.

Terrell Suggs to get full salary

I am posting this here because of how it relates to Peters's injury situation. Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti: "I would be more upset if he hurt himself sleeping on the couch all offseason," he said. "If our players are engaged in activities that get them in shape, then I'm proud of them for doing it. I don't know if I would be working out in April the way these guys do what they do. I'm proud of Terrell. It gets pretty boring in the weight room. He wasn't kite boarding. If he's playing basketball, that's great." Bisciotti said cutting Suggs' salary would not be good for team morale. "I'd be scared to come to work," Bisciotti said. "I think it would be a terrible message." Good for him.


Days 2 and 3, Eagles Going For Character And Leadership

Notice a trend here? Curry - Team captain. One of the hardest workers in the entire 2012 draft class. Passionate about the game. Comes from a tough background. Linda ""Cissy"" Jackson,...

Giants will host 2012 season opener on Wednesday Sept 5th

I sure hope it is not vs. the Eagles, I likes my Sunday football

Thursday Night games will start in week 2 next season

I am not a big fan of Thursday games. I look forward to the Sunday routine. F Goodell.

Live Stream Of Tonights Game

For Eagles fans who can not watch the game via TV/Cable/Sat, it looks like NBC will stream the game live.

Coleman to start over Page

Apparently, Page has a stinger. And here I thought it was all the missed tackles. Either way, I really hope to see Jarrett actually get his feet wet.

Based On History, What Are The Eagles Playoff Chances?

The article is 2 years old, but it details teams that have overcome awful starts to squeak into the playoffs. From the time this article was written in 2009, 20 teams have been 3 games below .500 at some point during the season and made the playoffs, and just 9 have started 1-4 and advanced. I personally have little hope regarding the Eagles chances, but 1-4 teams have made the postseason more than I thought.


On Juan, the Wide-9, Life, the Universe and Everything

Forget the fact that we don't have the LB's for this system, at least for a minute.  My problem is how we hired Juan.  When he was offered the job, he had no say in the wide-9, had little to no...

Practice Squad Rules Explained

I have come across several questions in threads regarding practice squad rules, eligibility and such, here is a good quick write up by Brian McIntyre on the subject.

Mikell a big hit with Rams

With our stable of young safeties, I know we were not going to give him 27 mil over 4 years, but I miss the guy and wish we could have somehow kept him for 1 more year.

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