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Utah's Veteran QB, Jordan Wynn is Retiring from Football


I feel bad for this kid. Best of luck to him. Needless to say, this will have implications in our match up with Utah later this year.

Interactive Depth Chart from The Daily Bruin


Head on over to the Daily Bruin and take a look at the interactive depth chart they posted. It might come in handy at game time on Thursday. Be sure to scan that QR with your smart phone!


UCLA Football: Qtp's 2012 Spring Scrimmage Notes

A member of BruinsNation provide first hand notes from UCLA's 2012 spring football scrimmage.

Justin Edison Dominates at the NFLPA Bowl Game


I'm happy for Edison, but how does this happen? We've had an ineffective line two years straight and last year Carter gets drafted after the season. This year, Edison is a star at the NFLPA Bowl game. Whoever is prepping these guys for the NFL should be our Dline coach next year.

Cleverbot's Enlightening and Entertaining Thoughts on Jim Mora Jr. and Dan Guerrero


I had a really fascinating conversation with Cleverbot regarding the Jim Mora Jr hire. Click the link to read more.

Last minute, 2 free tickets for the game today


I have an engagement that came up and now have two tickets for the Colorado game. I live in the North Tustin/Orange area in OC, so if you'd like seats in section 21 ( on the border of 21 and 22) send an email to youngmaester at . I'll give them to the first person that emails me and I'll make arrangements for pickup.


A Positive Reset: Let's Beat Texas!

Thoughts on how Bruins have a golden opportunity to leave last 2 weeks behind by beating a great program like Texas.

Houston Depth Chart Released (p. 14 of PDF) - Still No QB Answer


Taylor Embree is not listed as a starter. Shaq Evans is the new starting receiver opposite Rosario. Lucien will play behind Rosario and Embree. Damien Thigpen is not on the depth chart. The new depth chart still has an OR between Prince and Brehaut. [UPDATE] - Neuheisel to announce QB decision at 6 pm PST. HT- Chris09

Hilarious PAC-12 Facebook Page Spoof


Jon Gold posted this link up at Inside Socal. It definitely got some chuckles out of me. Check it out. The attention to detail there is fantastic!

Rick Neuheisel Says USC Has the Most Attractive Cheerleaders


I'm pretty sure his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek!


UCLA's 2011 Fall Scrimage Thoughts & Couple of Pics

A Bruin alum shares his thoughts and couple of pictures from UCLA's 2011 fall scrimmage.

Randall Carroll Making Some Great Impressions This Offseason


"...he's making moves like a wideout now, he's making cuts like a wideout, and he's approaching the game like a wideout." -Jon Gold Good stuff. Keep up the great work Randall! Also, check this out, for some further thoughts on Carroll and other players participating in the summer 7 on 7 workouts.

UCLA Football Set to Improve Dramatically in 2011


Phil Steele's (in)famous simulators have UCLA as the 8th most improved offense and the 8th most improved defense in the country (points scored and allowed respectively). Overall, that puts UCLA as the third most improved team in the nation.

Heisman Pundit: Randall Carroll is 5th Fastest Player in College Football


We need to bring the speed in 2011! Sheldon Price gets an honorable mention as well.

2011 UCLA Football Season Preview for Stats Junkies


I ran across this article in a UCLA football news search. It goes into a lot of depth on what we might expect from the Bruins this season, based on past performances. It also has the obligatory rundown on our QB woes over the past few seasons. In any case this is great article and I know many of you will enjoy it!

Bruins Nation Predicts a W Against the Longhorns


I'm a UCLA fan and we marked Texas down as a win in a very close game in 2011. Personally, I think we're a fair amount better than last year. What are you guys expecting from Texas and your game against UCLA this coming season? As an aside, I was at the game in Texas last season, and you guys were great hosts. You have an amazing fan base, and were very gracious to this rabid UCLA fan. If you have any questions about watching a game at the Rose Bowl, let me know and I'll do my best to assist.

UCLA Football Gets First 2012 Commitment


Steven Lakalaka from Punahou school in Hawaii has committed to the Bruins. Welcome Steven! Unfortunately it looks like this article is still behind the pay wall, but there is enough here to determine that Lakalaka will likely be coming in as an athlete.

David Carter Gets Drafted!


I haven't seen this news yet on BN, so I thought I'd post it. David Carter was picked up in the 6th round by Cardinals. Based on his performance last season and the fact that he didn't start till his senior year, I assumed that Carter was most likely going to be picked up as a free agent. Gold reports that Carter trained with a personal coach in the off season and that the coach helped him fix several technique issues. The obvious question is, why couldn't Todd Howard fix those issues in the 5 years he had watching him? Well, Howard is gone and now, so it is water under the bridge. Congratulations David Carter!

Mack Brown Vows to Rebuild the Texas Program Brick by Brick


From the article - "We've got to start over and we're rebuilding a foundation at every level: offense, defense, special teams, credibility, strength and conditioning, swagger, body language, chemistry, everything," Brown said. "I don't want our players and our coaches trying to please other people to start practice. We've got a lot to do," Brown said. "I don't want media, I don't want people in the stands, I don't want autographs. Nothing right now. This is only about getting better." I think I'd like to hear something along these lines from CRN. What say you?

So You're Saying There's a Chance?!


UCLA could win the national championship in 2011. Vegas is giving us 150:1 odds (football). Not bad!

More Insight into the Rocky Seto Debacle


The LA Times has quotes I haven't set seen regarding the Rocky Seto disaster. Apparently CRN was the one that both hired and fired Seto within 24 hours. He says in the article that he wasn't pressured to do so. Follow the link for more information.

Betrayal - You Promised Randy Shannon and I get Rocky Seto?


I feel like the poor kid in this video. Click the title to view.

Practice Makes Perfect


So far, Jon Gold has been spot on with his practice analyses. Poor practices have translated to poor games and vice versa. He writes that the Bruins had a good week at practice. Let's hope the trend continues this weekend!

Prince Will Start Vs Houston


I personally guarantee the offense will score an equal or greater number of points than it did against Stanford.

Ted Miller Picks Stanford 33-24


All in all, probably a fair take given what we saw last weekend at K-State and this week at practice. I do think that if we put our passing game back together we can put up more than 24 points. However, I'm not confident we can do much to slow down Stanford's offense if they show up in sync.

Depth Chart for Stanford


So, UCLA released their pre-Stanford depth chart. It seems little early for that, but it is out. There are no significant changes as far as I can tell, other than the fact that Mike Harris is eligible now. I'd like to see Ricky Marvray get the start this week vs Stanford considering his fantastic offseason performance, his TD last weekend, and because Embree dropped a number of catchable balls. I think Marvray has earned a chance. Let Embree win it back next week. I know there are other things to consider like Embree's leadership role, but how far do you take that? Usual disclaimer: I'm not the coach, haven't seen everything, etc, etc. This is just my "fan" opinion.

USC - Hardest Camp Ever


"We didn’t do as much hitting, not as much running as last year but the mental load they put on us..." -Matt Barkley Dude. Totally. Those mental reps can be wicked.

Updated Depth Charts Released


Looks like we have some comment candy! The big surprise is that it looks like Freshman Anthony Barr is part of the starting rotation at F Back. F back is listed as Morrell Presley OR Anthony Barr. Also, looks like Tony Dye held off Dietrich Riley at the strong safety spot and Westgate held off Glenn Love. However, Sloan is listed as tied with Larimore. Good stuff! No word of Thigpen as a returner. Looks like Smith and Embree are getting the nods.

A Texas Weakness at DT?


I've got UCLA v Texas on my mind. DT is a good place for Texas to be weaker considering the losses we've been taking at Oline this past offseason.

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