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Burke Statement about Football Program

Not exactly a vote of confidence nor a "win or else" statement. Statement from #Purdue AD Morgan Burke on football program: "Everyone around our football program has high expectations for the...

Plue on list of early entry NFL prospects. Will not return to Purdue.


I wonder if we'll ever get the story on why he never played last year. Weird.

It's official!! Another trophy in football team's trophy case for 2011


I'm hoping Travis gets credentials for the trophy presentation. With CFB games complete, #Purdue's Raheem Mostert finishes No. 1 nationally in kickoff returns (33.48). #Purdue also finishes No. 1 (28.68)

Gravesande ineligible for Pizza Bowl


Academics. Johnson and Barberrette to return punts. At this point, I'd have Ricardo return punts.

Gooden, Lucas won't miss bowl game...


"I don't anticipate bowl practices or bowl playing time being effected by the incident," Hope said. according to Mike Carmin's tweet... How about a reason WHY you made that decision, Danny?

Beckford Arrested


Not doing himself any favors lately.

OT: "Xavier players' statements taken out of context; media has exploited them"


I know that site doesn't get much (any) traffic, but seriously not putting any blame on your team? Or not seeing the wrong in what those two players said? Oh boy. "Old white people over-react to stuff like this. It wasn't the end of the world or even really that out of the ordinary for a game. The difference is that this fight happened with the cameras on". "The reporters who have taken the comments made by Holloway and Lyons out of context to move copy or bump hits to their site should be ashamed of themselves". Just wow.

Football Attendance down for 4th year in a row...


Down 2900 from last year. Lowest since 1992. "Not having winning seasons the last couple years probably hasn't helped the cause, but we have great fans."--D. Hope

Report : Hale to redshirt


21 year old "freshman" next year....

New Home Basketball Uniforms..Hard to read without some type of border around the gold, don't...


New Home Basketball Uniforms..Hard to read without some type of border around the gold, don't ya think? (Robbie's also standing on the new center court Motion P)


Hope's postgame explanations of his in-game decisions vs. Rice

Questionable Calls  Trailing by two points and facing a fourth-and-1 from their own 25-yard line with 3:46 to play, the Boilermakers lined up to go for the first down. Hope said he was trying to...


Burke talks Painter, JPC Letter, Mackey Project, and BTN money w/ JandC

Interesting discussion with Journal and Courier sportswriter Jeff Washburn. Asked some questions that will be of intererest to some Purdue fans. This must have predated the Purdue Pete catastrophe,...

RIP Bernie Flowers


Had the pleasure to meet Bernie on several occasions. Truly a person that bled Black and Gold. A sad day for Purdue.

Boilers offer Kendall Stephens


"With Purdue now having come forward, Stephens has a total of five scholarship offers to date. Four of them have come from Big Ten schools--Northwestern, Wisconsin, Illinois and Purdue with the other offer being courtesy of DePaul. Many people have assumed that Stephens could be a lock for Purdue on account of the fact that he is the son of former Purdue great Everette Stephens. However, both Kendall and his father have given no indication whatsoever that this is the case, nor have they said that an early commitment is imminent. In fact, it is the exact opposite--at this point, Stephens is continuing to entertain all options and is working his way through the process. "

Big Ten reconsidering Divisional Names?


"We've had enough experience with names and expansion and development of divisions that we know that you rarely get a 90 percent approval rating," Delany told WGN AM-720. "But to get a 90 percent non-approval rating was really surprising. It showed that we didn’t connect with our fans in a way that we wanted to. It’s humbling, to say the least, because we’re trying to build fan bases, not push them away." -Jim Delaney, on WGN Radio


Poll: Who's your 2011 starting QB?

We lined up 4 QB's this year, all with their plus's and minus's ...and they all come back. If you were given the decision, who would be YOUR starting QB next fall during game 1? Yes, you ARE Danny...

We are Purdue, 'Makers all. (?)


"'Makers, All' embraces the university's strengths - energy, optimism, enthusiasm, curiosity and reliability - while staying grounded in the historic Boilermaker reputation. It is uncomplicated, powerful and real. It brings to life the university's persona as a visionary institution that serves as a catalyst for transformation." I hope it grows on me because my first impression is it sounds like crap. Never in all my years, have I ever called any Purdue team, student, former alumni, etc.,a "maker".

Throwback Uni's up for Auction


Looks like this means we're wearing white on Saturday? I understand we wore white in the Rose Bowl that year, but I was hoping they'd throw back the black jerseys instead.

Siller out vs. Northwestern


...and could be out "several weeks".

Complete your set of crappy Cubs 4th of July caps! This is officially this year's model. Should go...


Complete your set of crappy Cubs 4th of July caps! This is officially this year's model. Should go well with the softball uni's.

McBurse injury: Out for Spring Game


Hairline fracture in his arm, but should be ready by the Fall. Purdue coach Danny Hope said receiver Antavian Edison got some reps at halfback during Wednesday's scrimmage. Hope also used T.J. Barbarette, Sean Matti and George Birgandi in the backfield. Looks like we're scraping the bottom of the proverbial running back barrel.

Marve brings "big uglies" to 1st interview


Gotta like the comments and the gesture by this kid...

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