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Revisiting the Frank Alexander trade

One year later, was it worth it?


A look at the NFC South in 2013

via tjthesportsgeek.files.wordpress.com The road to making the playoffs starts inside your division. Balance reigned supreme in the NFC South last year, the only division where all four teams...

Matt Ryan Loving His Luke Keuchly Jersey


Just in case you didn't see it, I don't think it was posted here yet. I can cut him some slack since they went to the same school. But try to avoid getting photographed when doing things that question your manliness. Especially since it could end up on the internet.

Beason Not a Team Player?


Author rips Beason, since everyone else restructured except for him (Gross, Stew, D-Will). From Beast's point of view, I'd be getting my $$$ while I can too. From a fan point of view, I'd want him to create cap room for the good of the team.


Offseason Dream Scenarios and Rosterbation

1. It's rosterbation. The details don't have to be fully worked out. 2. Though it's rosterbation, don't get grossly out of hand. Be somewhat reasonable. via www.biggshots.com ...


Will the Panthers Secondary Be Enough? Looking at some 2013 Match-ups

I'm out, it's been real The Panthers begin the 2013 season without the greatest defensive back in their short history...Chris Gamble. Still, without him for a good portion of last season,...

Mix tape video of 2013 Panther Draftees


I don't know if this gentleman is a member here at CSR, but this was cool to watch. Highlights from some of our newest Panthers.


Feeding the Dragon: 2nd Round Mock from Rumors

I just can't resist the temptation. Let's guess how things go as our dream draft continues... I'm trying to base this off of other teams websites and the rumours out there.


Putting Some Final Draft Predictions on Paper

Just putting some final thoughts down on how I think things will go. Agree or disagree or post your own in the comments.


A quick look at some 2014 NFL Draft Prospects

It's never too early to start talking about next year's draft prospects!


Mock to 14: Who the heck do you take with what remains?

Here is how I see the first 13 picks playing out:

Panthers well represented at Florida A&M Linebacker Brandon Hepburn's Pro-Day


Pretty cool for me, since this is my alma mater. Hepburn is a speedy tackling machine. (6-3, 241, 4.54) Last year he had 86 tackles, 5.5 sacks, seven pass breakups, and one forced fumble; and he also has a lot of ST experience. Some interesting non-football stuff: he walked onto the team while carrying a full academic load in biochemistry. During a summer internship, he successfully found a way to kill certain cancer cells in rats using copper-loaded nano particles.


What if You Were GM?

After all of the fuss, we're just a little over two weeks out from the draft. via rantsports.media.s3.amazonaws.com As boards are shaping up, I want to see who you would pick in the first...


Williams's Projected Panthers Draft (plus 2 Rounds of NFL Draft)

My goal is to take another swing at who I think the Panthers will pick. The draft of who I want the Panthers to pick is below as well. If you feel so inclined, give me your personal Panthers...


Some "Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together" mocks: 2013 edition, v1.0

Last year, a month before the draft, I took a stab at guessing what positions we would target in the 2012 draft. You can check it out here. Based upon team needs, prospect visits, and Hurney's...


Post Super Bowl NFL Mock Draft (two rounds, with trades)

Nothing left to do but mock, mock, mock. Just my thoughts, right or wrong- just my thoughts...


Should the Panthers Really Draft Like the 49ers?

When a team achieves some success, there is typically some desire from less successful teams to emulate them. With the success of the 49ers over the past two seasons, it is common to hear "we...


Early Two Round NFL Mock, all teams: If the draft went this way, who do you take in the second round?

It's officially now that time of the year. Twelve teams are in, while we are part of the 20 that are "out". No playoffs for us this year, but this is still one of the most interesting parts of the...


Do Good Teams Really Overlook the WR position in the draft?

Knowledgeable football fans have the urge to say that the best way to build a team is in the trenches, via the offensive and defensive lines. This is true in a sense, but it also goes unnoticed...

Terrell McClain waived and Legedu Naanee cut


I guess one team's trash isn't always another teams treasure. Rough week for the ex-Panthers. Here is the link for Naanee.


Why I'm Not Crowning Atlanta Division Champs...Just Yet

This year's Dirty Birds are 4-0 and on a roll. With a three game lead on the inconsistent Panthers and Bucs, and a 4 game lead on the winless Saints, many are predicting the division race as being...

All 32 NFL QBs and their Muppet doppelgangers


This is rather strange, but strangely close in some cases. They even have Cam...


NFL Bizzarro 2012

The first two weeks of the NFL season thus far have been about as unpredictable and strange as it gets. Here's a quick recap in case you haven't been keeping score:

Clayton says talk of "Newton Sophomore Slump" is a bad knee-jerk reaction


John Clayton, a well respected analyst, is now respected even more since his ESPN commercial showing his "bad boy" side. He has an article on "7 knee jerk reactions from NFL week 1". Looks like he's one of the few guys smart enough not to jump on the whole "sophomore slump" bandwagon.


OT: College Football Open Thread (Day Games)

I'm still pretty much laid up with ice on my knee from having surgery a week ago, but fortunately college football is here to drown the woes of my immobility. I did a pretty good job vegging out...

Otah trade officially voided


We couldn't even get a 7th round pick for him...shame, shame, shame. I don't really know what else to say, but the Otah name will forever be registered in Panther lore under the /faceplam section. So much promise...


Put it on Paper: Any more shocking final pre-training camp roster predictions?

The doldrums of the NFL off-season, coupled with our high number of UDFA signings and leftover bottom-roster dwellers, have caused rampant debate as far as who will actually make the team this...

What minicamps don't tell you


Not specifically Panthers related, but this is a good read by a former D-lineman on some of the potential drawbacks of minicamps.

The Freak List: The 10 Craziest Athletes in College Football


Sometimes we can forget the amazing individual athleticism of some of these guys. Plus there are a few names worth remembering for next year's draft season. For you Cock homers fans, Devin Taylor is on the list, over Clowney at that.


The Paradigm of the Panthers: Comparing Our Draft Strategy Against Other Teams

Coming into the actual start of the 2012 draft, my two personal dream drafts actually mirrored the drafts of what the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles ended up fulfilling this year. With...

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