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Big Ten: No more FCS OOC games


The Big Ten, a conference the Pac-12 likes to schedule OOC games with, is no longer playing FCS teams. This link attempts to validate some FCS programs. Sure, they're not all bad. However, most are and the Big Six conference don't have any business playing them. On a no-FCS playing field, a school like Cal could be more inclined to schedule tough OOC games. It's great for attendance.


"Why Billy's sh*7 doesn't work in the playoffs": An excerpt from BP's "Baseball Between the Numbers: Why Everything You Know About the Game is Wrong

I've taken more heat than Daric Barton takes first pitch fastballs over my claim that, essentially, BA = OBP in the postseason to a first approximation. I've gotten it from just about everyone,...

Nick Sundberg long snaps with broken arm


Pretty incredible...GO BEARS! "But Sundberg continued to play. He snapped the ball four times for punts, twice for field goals and twice for extra points in the second half."

Jones' draft status rapidly increasing


Masked by poor quarterbacking and, some would say, being the non-familial receiver, Jones has drastically improved his draft prospects since the season ended. After the season ended I wondered if he'd even be making an NFL roster next season. Then we hear he's the best senior WR in college football. Am I alone in wondering how so many Cal players have stepped up their game in post-college football careers?



Much has been made about the athletes Cal has lost, wrt last year, and how that will impact the defense. I don't really see it that way, and I've been known to be fairly critical. I mean, Cam was...


DBD 8.31.10 I got a feelin

We kick this DBD off with a doozy from BWNQ:   This brings up another point, which is the challenge of keeping a fresh edge over your conference opponents. In today's short attention span...


DBD 6.11.10 - Welcome Colorado Buffaloes

Can't say I'm surprised...when I think of CU I think: 1) The Dan Hawkins Epic Combover More on UC Davis Aggie alums in college fooball. 2) Dave Matthews Band at Folsom Field:   Dave...


DBD 4.2.10: News & World Report

All links SFGate, SFW and should appear in a new window unless otherwise noted.   News CA's snowpack higher than normal.  Unsurprisingly, despite whatever the level was, some state water expert...


DBD 2.23.10 - Bring back the Wild Grizzly

I have a few major goals this off-season: 1) somehow convince SI on Campus to do a photo shoot of Carleeand Sarah, if they're so inclined to participate. 2) somehow convince the administration...


carp's crazy thoughts for a Wednesday: Kevin Riley might be your Jesus in Cleats

This crazy thoughts series includes thoughts on a new OOC rivalry game, Pac10 expansion, a new West Coast BCS bowl game, the salaries of assistant coaches, and the analysis of backup QB playing...


DBD 2.5.10

Enter links and pointless innanity below VVV. Couple of Fanposts worth reading: h...


DBD 2.3.10 - N After Tosh

I stayed up late finishing up work since I knew it might be hard to concentrate tomorrow morning.  Let's not forget about Joe Ayoob and Stan Hasiak as examples of The System sucking.I say feel free...


Cal Rugby: Whose Scrum Axe?

What: Cal-Stanfurd (Scrum Axe)Time: Saturday, 1:00 PM PSTPlace: Witter Rugby Field TV/Radio: NoneInternetz Stuff: calbears.comFor a Short History on Everything Cal Rugby, visit this post.  It...


carp’s crazy thoughts for MLK Day: Assessing playing time opportunities for the backup QB’s. Part II

Continuing on from Part I, let's look at the backup QB playing time opportunities for the rest of the season + conclusions after the yump.


carp’s crazy thoughts for MLK Day: Assessing playing time opportunities for the backup QB’s. Part I

crazy thoughts for MLK Day: Assessing playing time opportunities for the backup QB’s


DBD 1.6.09 - Your New Special Teams Coach Should Be

via Al Everest.  Coach Everest was recently fired by Mike Singletary due to problems in the Punt Return game, which was directly linked to not having an...


DBD 12.23.09 - It's up to you Cal football.

Miller's Pac10 Xmas list California Here's a wish list lesson: Be specific. No, I can't give a team "consistency." No, I can't wrap up and put a bow around "take the next step." And the last...


DBD 12.11.09 Keep our A's in Oakland

A lot of big stories this morning...while I'm waiting to ensure the baby's asleep before returning to my slumber I thought I'd throw up a DBD (it's 2:08 AM).  All links links SF Gate, SFW, and...


DBD 12.4.09 - Don't look past the Fuskies

Let's make this a 3rd straight day with 1000+ comments. Onto the News and World Report after the Yump.


DBD 11.24.09 - Huck the Fuskies?

Their TE is talking about running it up on our beloved Cougs in the Apple Cup.  A win @ UDub and a quality bowl game performance and things are on the up and up...which should put Cal in line for...

Cal-Nevada agree to 3 game series


Sweet! Next year @ Nevada, then Cal hosts Nevada twice. Tahoe's great in the fall.


carp's crazy thoughts for a Thursday: Comparing recruiting data, BCS rankings, and the salaries of coaches.

I believe this is the first crazy thought of the season.  Other posts in this series can be found here, here, and here.  The key piece to this post is the following chart:  via f...


DBD 11.11.09 Hang on

As the sumatra percolates to afford legal crack, I'd thought I'd remind everyone to keep the faith.  The next 2-4 games could be L's in the W/L department and I'd hate to see everyone flip their...


DBD 10.29.09 If you click on this link, you better post

Warm title, no?  For the Lurkers out there, feel free to bring a link about anything interesting (Cal-related or not).  Alternatively, make a joke or mock someone.  In other words, participate! ...


DBD 10.27.09: Oh Snap!

carp's News and World ReportAll links SF Gate, SFW, and should open in a new window unless otherwise noted. Cal related stories are in blockquotes for your rapid retrieval pleasure.


2010 Cal rugby recruits

This is a month old but I don't think it made it to the front of  Cal rugby welcomes 2010 newcomers. Here's a few of them after the jump:


DBD 10.9.09 - The Day carp jr got Dad up at 5:13 AM

For you n00bs/lurkers, post interesting links below - related or unrelated to Cal sports - or just bring something funny, inappropriate, etc.  Good talk.  All links SFGate and SFW unless otherwise...


DBD 9.29.09 - The day ycarp told his Internet friends to focus on USC

In a way, USC could sneak up on is if we dwell on Cal giving up after 2 TDs last Saturday. USC, where parents can be seen patrolling around with "My daughter and my money got to USC" bumper...


Travel Tips: Aiding Terp Fans on their Trek to Berkeley

Greetings Terp Fans!  I’m a Cal fan but I come in peace, wishing only to be courteous to football fans making the trip out west for this Saturday’s Cal-Maryland.  A couple of things to note:

Pac10 #2 to get auto-bid to Alamo Bowl in 2010 season

"The Pacific-10 Conference is very excited about reaching an agreement with the Valero Alamo Bowl," Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said. "We view it as a significant enhancement to the conference bowl lineup. San Antonio is a marvelous postseason destination and the Valero Alamo Bowl has positioned itself as one of the elite bowl games." The Alamo Bowl is negotiating with the Big 12 to provide the other side of the matchup and is expected to have a deal in place with the conference in the next few weeks. The Pac-10 was an original partner of the Alamo Bowl, providing teams in the bowl’s first two years of operation in 1993 and 1994. The Big Ten began its current association with the Alamo Bowl the following year. The Alamo Bowl currently pays out $2.25 million, is played in San Antonio and, starting next year, will be on 2-Jan. Nice job new commish Scott!
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