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Braves Fielding Efficiency

Well, y'all haven't run me out yet, so it's time for another installment of team efficiency posts. This one, however, needs to be a little different, and that's for several reasons:1. While I...


Braves Hitting Efficiency

Having discussed the pitching prowess of the Braves' staff yesterday - and because it's a slow day in the office - I decided to see if I could construct an equivalent review for the hitters. This...


Braves Pitching Efficiency

This post was spurred from a tweet sent by Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLBTR (though it sounds like he dusted off his old fangraphs hat for this one) in which he pointed out that the pitching staff of...


Well, Frank *Tried* to Discuss Contract Extensions

On an otherwise slow off day, Mark Bowman gleaned this nugget, reprinted from MLBTR (do we start saying "uh oh" at this point?): Meanwhile, Bowman says the Braves were interested in locking up...


Emergency Gamethread: Spring Training Game 26: Pirates vs. Braves (Mar 20)

Mark Bowman ‏@mlbbowman Five of the Braves first six hitters have recorded a hit today. No, Rodrigo Lopez did not stick around to start this game too. It's a good start: Mike Minor mowed...

Chipper Suggests Brian McCann Should Consider a "Change of Scenery"


"unfortunately, I think - maybe - Brian may have priced himself - you know - out of Atlanta at the end of the year...I really think (and I don't often say this) but I change a change of scenery for him might, might not be a bad thing. I think that, uh, um you know, uh a move to the American League where he can sometimes DH when he doesn't have to catch, um is gonna take some pressure off his knees, his shoulders, and aching body."

Radio Interview, Monday Feb 25, 9:20-25 ET on XM's MLB Channel with Mike Ferrin/Jim Duquette.

How to Train Your Next Dragon-Slayer Hitter

Okay, what you're about to read has been blatantly, willfully, and unrepentantly stolen from Viva El Birdos. Why? Because of the great stories and eeriely-similar developmental paths of Stan...


Post-Up Moves: Rosterbation from a Position of Strength

photo via So....just checking in... Anything interesting happen last week? We are now in the 'Post-Up' era - the week after one of the biggest trades in Atlanta Braves...


To Have or To Hold: A Brief Review of Atlanta Braves' Prospects

What is the value of a prospect? How tightly should a team hold its best up-and-coming assets? How certain can I be that a prospect will "make it" as a major leaguer?These question are darned...

Here is a link to a reference chart for the Braves' 2013 season schedule, including all spring...


Here is a link to a reference chart for the Braves' 2013 season schedule, including all spring events and the WBC. Hope someone can find it to be useful. Click the link to embiggen., If there are typos (I'm gonna assume there might be a couple), then note in the comments - I'll correct them and replace the graphic at the same link. Cheers, all!


Red Sox To Sign David Ross

MLBTR Report. By Mike Axisa [November 10 at 7:49am CST] The Red Sox have agreed to sign catcher David Ross to a two-year contract, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (on Twitter). The deal...

Jayson Stark votes Craig Kimbrel for NL Cy Award


Stark actually gets a real vote, so this is noteworthy. Congratulations on an awesome season for Craig. Quick fun fact: 266 batters faced this year: 133 struck out. An unprecedented 50%.

MLB signs new TV deals (FOX, TBS, ESPN)


via MLB Public Relations (@MLB_PR) on twitter (the link above is actually not valid): "NEWS: MLB signs new deals with FOX & TBS. Combined w/ ESPN deal, total national TV revenue up more than 100%" "In new deal w/FOX starting in 2014, no more Saturday blackouts of out of market games for MLB EI & MLB.TV customers"


Best Pitcher in the Majors: Kristopher Beachy

Allow me to introduce you to Kristopher Beachy. he doesn't get a lot of publicity (probably because he doesn't play for the Yankees), but he's actually the best pitcher in the majors this year -...


Pitchers: build them up or rest them more?

The motivation for this FanPost is this article from Jayson Stark, which he has just posted. I highly recommend the entire piece. The fascinating parts of it involve the studies now building about...

The Anti-Hair Club For Men. Somebody - may have been fauxfrankwren - suggested yesterday that the...

The Anti-Hair Club For Men. Somebody - may have been fauxfrankwren - suggested yesterday that the arrival of Reed Johnson proved that the Braves did not discriminate against the bald. Turns out there's a whole lotta non-hair on the club. From L-to-R: Fredi G, Hinske (though the mohawk is gone), Jack Wilson (trust me, there's a cue ball under that hat), Brian M, Mikey Bourn, Huddy, Ross, Simmons, and new arrival Reed Johnson. Paul Maholm, by the way, has roughly a 'Chipper' level of hair... for now.

After Tuesday: A Reference Guide to Waiver Trades

I ran this last year, but since the questions always come up, so please consider this your go-to guide for everything you could ask about regarding baseball trades made after July 31st. It has...


Is Greinke Elite?

Dave O'Brien, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution beat writer for the Atlanta Braves, seems to have started a storm when he tweeted this within the past hour: @ajcbraves Compare Greinke results to...


The Unwritten Rules of Baseball

Deadspin has found them! And as such, I thought them worthy of review and discussion in this space. Plus, although there are 30 such rules, I gotta think that they missed a few.... so certainly a...

On the Way to Florida Tweet: "Braves equipment is loaded into three trucks for today's drive to...


On the Way to Florida Tweet: "Braves equipment is loaded into three trucks for today's drive to Florida for spring training."

Braves 2012 Caravan Schedule ... with Participants


Click'em link to Braves Press Release. JAN 25TH UPDATE: Martin Prado is now on the list.... Feb 7th at Greenville.


Recap: 1/17 Frank Wren Interview on XM/MLB Channel

3pm EST 1/17/12, Jim Bowden, Casey Stern hosting Inside Pitch on Sirius/XM. This is a stream-of-listening paraphrase of what I hear, in semi-real-time. Wasn't a lot of...


Dr. StrangeGlove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Rosterbate

Yes - the previous Rosterbation post is still active... so way did I feel the need to start another one?  Lots of reasons based on recent newsy items: "Wait - yeah, they're still watching us." ...

Scary News Monday (via MLBTR)

  1. Tony LaRussa Retires (so what now about Albert?)
  2. Davey Johnson: option picked up by Nats to manage in 2012 (quickly done in case St. Louis called)
  3. Nate McLouth filed for Free Agency yesterday (Braves haven't "formally" declined his option yet, but...)
  4. Aramis Ramirez walks away from $16 million (voids option picked up by Cubs; becomes FA)
  5. Hinske option remains for Braves to decide ($1.5m for 2012; $100K buyout)

Jon Morosi tweet: David Freese compared Derek Holland to seeing Jonny Venters for 8 innings


Jon Morosi tweet: David Freese compared Derek Holland to seeing Jonny Venters for 8 innings

Jon Morosi on twitter

Astros Sale to be Approved; Moving to AL West

Astros Sale to be Approved; Moving to AL West Courtesy of MLBTR: "Astros owner Drayton McLane is expected to complete the sale of the team to Jim Crane in mid-November, according to Peter Gammons of MLB Network (on Twitter). The arrangement would move Houston to the American League West and even MLB into two leagues of 15 teams." This is new - no info of when this move would take effect: 2012 (which would be REAL quick) or 2013. More to come, I am certain.

Atlanta Braves' 2011 Prospects End of Year Update

As distinguished from the previous post, this chart represents the final minor league stats for all (remaining) prospects on the Talking Chop Top 25 list.  Hopefully, I got the math right for those...


Atlanta Braves' 2011 Draftees End of Year Update

First and foremost:  all research and inspiration credit goes to ArmyITSpec for this FanPost idea and its maintenance.  Thank you for your service sir - in many more ways than this.  In response to...


(Revised) Scheduling Favors Atlanta Down the Stretch

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, the next scheduled off-day for the 83-46 Phillies is now Thursday, September 29.  That is, unless we somehow end up needing a division tie-breaker game, for that date...

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