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Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh
My Irish / Finnish offspring
You have matured well from an early age and stage

protected your privacy

you have wit

you have soul

I celebrate LIFE

you have been a companion since 1971

I wouldn't trade any of it (our story) for the world.

You are the heart-felt best man.

....cheers, Eileen

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • MLB Seattle Mariners
  • Boxing Floyd Maywerather. Lennopx lewis, <arvin Hagler, Roy Jones Jr.
  • Fantasy West Seattle Flycatchers and Colorado Gladiators
  • Tennis Maria Sharapova
  • General Oscar Taveras, Yasiel Puig
User Blog

For fun ...

This was included in Thursday, June 26th, Gameday thread. and posed by McCutchenIsTheTruth. I think it is a fascinating question/debate on 7 excellent prospects. I put my answers below, and...


The Manny Machado situation

I realize people will run with this thing the way they will and, Manny didn't handle himself with much maturity over the weekend but, here is my question, separate from that... Why is it okay...


Seattle Mariner's MOD #3 and WAR ROOM for draft. Poll attached!

Hey fellas, sorry for being late on this final installment of our draft prep. I'm going to try and do a few things with this last MOD and, here they are... 1) I have some pretty strong...


Seattle Mariners MOD #2, Poll for 6th overall pick, sleepers for picks 74, 80, and 111?

Please Rec this post, I humbly ask of you. Here is a good article on the ms recent drafts and, need for this year by Jason Churchhill...nice piece I want to see some more community inpu on...


Casey's Mock Orginization Diary, Seattle Mariners #1 Come on in and help!

Rec these, if you would, so it doesn't get buried quite so easy. Thank you. Ok gentleman, Jack Z is out and Casey and y'all are IN. I had a nice lunch with the owner team and, somehow I BS'd my...


Casejud's top 100 prospects for 2014

via baseballhotcorner.com Like a poker player, "on the button", I gathered all the information I could; read a lot of reports, listened to a lot of different view from our community all winter...


Casejud's end the of season Top 100 : Fun with comps .

Ok, here is my newest concoction. Think of this list as a draft board, but in make-believe a draft in which all of the picks were made by me, and depth or salary, or signability are of no concern. ...


*Casejud's top 100 for 2013*

Hi everybody!! I had some health issues strike me down for a few months. I could barely get on the inter-netwebs for even a few minutes for a while but, after a couple eye surgeries I am quite a...


*Casejud's top 100 prospects for 2012*

All winter I often wondered why sports fans of all kinds use that darned word "elite" so much? Then the answer occurred to me . . . because we are ALL elitists! - aspiring ones anyways - especially...


Opening (s) in the Thunder Bay Baseball League

  Ok ya'll - We have two openings in the TBBL. It is a great league, run with Diamond Mind Baseball, and is especially great for people who know prospects, like the folks on here :) The rosters...


*Casejud's Top 50 Future Big League Prospects 2011*

In honor of Thursday's opening day in the minor leagues, I thought I'd put out what has to be the final prospect list of the 2010/2011 off-season. I kept putting it off because I wanted to keep...


Rising Stars Game thread

Is anybody watching this game tonight? There is an awful lot of impressive talent playing in this game, even without Mr. Bryce Harper. A few observations... -Brandon Belt looks like a good...


Minors and Callups 9/10

Is it too irrational for an outstanding playoff preformance to change ther way one percieves a prospect? I know it's SSS and all but, I like the waysome of these kids respond to the playoff...


Minor Leagues August 27Th, 2010

For Nats fans and Strasburg fans, I mourn with you today. It's a bummer. These things sting less as you get older - for US fans I meen - and it's easier to look on the bright side. Opening day 2012...


Milb for August 26th, 2010

Looks like a nice day for pitchers. Well, maybe it just seems like that when Micheal Pineda is pitching but, there are a few other good ones going. I can't believe how close the minor league...


Minor League Baseball 8/24/2010

I'm making an effort - it doesn't take but, 10-15 minutes to look through the starters for the day and write a little bit. Is 75 words really that much, especially when it is something you are...


August 7th Minor League thread

Happy August 7th! I'm gonna get this thing started early - like my day. Happy birthday to Edgar Renteria, easily the greatest postion player ever born on August 7th. Here's some guys who will be...


Madison Bumgarner Crystal Ball

.  .  . and, after this thread, I retire any and all bickering about Mr. Bumgarner. In defending the kid's prospect status I have gotten a bit out of control and annoyed a few people - my bad for...


JUly 27th Minor League Thread

Another great summer day for baseball. Take a day off from whatever you do to catch a game today, if you can. Here's some of the kids taking the hill around the minor leagues today. AAA - The one,...


July 26Th Minor League Thread

A fine summer day for minor league baseball, with some early games already played. Here's some of the kids taking the hill today.   .   . AAA- Brandon Beachy makes AAA debut for Gwinnett vs Sam...


July 23rd Minor Legue Thread

They are playin' ball today, July 23rd 2010. Here's some pitchers taking the mound by storm today. AAA- Andy Oliver's first AAA start after getting mailed down from Detroit, Carlos Hernandez goes...


July 22 Minor League Thread

Pitchin' today . . . AAA - Zach Britton, my dog Charlie Furbush makes AAA debut for Toledo, Sean West, Jay Jackson AA Ball- Kyle Drabek vs Deolis Guerra, Nick Hagadone, Blake Beavan, Jake McGeee,...


MILB for June 7th, 2010

On the bump today in the minors ... AAA- Ball: Troy Patton already tossed 7 shutout innings for Norfolk, Aroldis Chapman will deal some smoke vs Felix Doubront, Madison Bumgarner goes tonight for...


Micheal Stanton vs Joe Borchard - take a look

  I was in a discussion of Micheal Stanton's amazing talents in the Project Prospect Top 25 thread when a poster brought up something interesting. He said that a good, reasonable floor for Mr....


MILB 4/26 Holy Sh*t!

Micheal Stanton has homed 3 staright times up for Jacksonville today, going for 4! This is after homering twice and going 4-4 yesterday- Holy Shit! Discuss below, oh and other, less relevent minor...


8/27 Minor League Thread

Okay, I guess there is more going on than Chris Carter's exploits but, he sure seems like the one too watch right now huh? in other news Brandon McCarthy goes in game 2 of a twin-bill for OKC- J...


8/26 Minor League Thread

These things are always good- Bowden, Bumgarner, Kiker v Inman, Tanner, Jake McGee!, and Jason Knapp are scheduled to take the mound today- but I guess the real reason for this is to announce that...


August 20 and 21 minor league thread

Thought Id do this kinda in reverse, just for fun- look at the most intriging pitching matchups, THEN see what happened tonight- and might as well list tomorrows matchups as well since these things...


July 27th Minor League thread

These wonderful things have been tailing off a bit lately (none yesterday) and I missed it so I thought I'd do my part. Here's some of the prospects and former prospects taking the mound today... ...


Monday 4/20 Minor League Thread

PCL-Nashville is at New Orleans and Brett Sinbeil (1-1 11.57) takes his crack at slowing down Mat "The Bat" Gamel. Good luck Brett but, I'm not hopefull. Mat has been amazing thus far - 10 Games,...

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