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I feel very comfortable knowing whether I would like a person based on where they stand on Yasiel Puig, the baseball player. He is completely fantastic. His very existence, and uniqueness, cuts through all boredom. There are people posting here, who very openly said that he was lucky, and wasn’t going to be much of a player. I derive a form of enjoyment from that combination of arrogance, wrongness, and lack of appreciation of Yasiel’s pure, joyful style of play, and the magnificent blend of baseball skills+tools that he brings to the game. This isn’t to say that I don’t cringe, occasionally, at some of the plays he makes but, I will take it.

Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh
My Irish / Finnish offspring
You have matured well from an early age and stage

protected your privacy

you have wit

you have soul

I celebrate LIFE

you have been a companion since 1971

I wouldn't trade any of it (our story) for the world.

You are the heart-felt best man.

....cheers, Eileen

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  • General Oscar Taveras, Yasiel Puig
User Blog

Pablo Sandoval Crystal Ball

I've always wanted to do one of these so, I figured why not do one of the most interesting and unique players in the game right now. This is what I think the back of Sandoval's baseball card might...


What do you think of my trade?

This one really happened, btw, albeit in my DMB league. I don't think I've ever asked about anything related to my fantasy league on here in my 4-5 years on here so i thought it would be fun.    ...


Adam Dunn has no power

...is about as logical a statement as saying Adam Dunn is a terrible LF I know this won’t stop any of you foolish ones who criticize Adam Dunn’s outfield play from doing so – (this will just be...


NEW Community List: Royals Top 20

I'm sticking to my guns here. Here's how I'm going to start this and i am open to any suggestions other than "don't do this". I'm going to have the community evaluate ALL of John's  top 20 lists...


NEW Community Prospect List, from #100 to #1

I've been curious about this for quite a while so I'm just going to go ahead and try this myself guys. I am going to start at 100 and work our way up. The way to counteract any prospect being left...


Seattle Mariner's Mock Orginization Diary #1

Okay, first MY draft philosophy: I'm of the opinion that if I was running things for the M's draft that I would be looking for HITTERS, first of all, this season because A) Ther draft is strong...


Mayday Minors: Matt Laporta is a one man wrecking crew!

He's great but, today he was one man... Huntsville wins 4-2 over Montgomery and Mister LaPorta drives in all four and had 10 TB's 3-4 With 2 Homers and a Double... all off Wade Davis at that. N...


The Minor's 4/29

A few guys mentioned already but here goes... AAA- Radhames Liz was on tonight... 6-2-0-0-3-5... Good to see as he's had a rough season early on. Reid Brignac went 3-4 with a double and knocked...


Minor League Notes 4/27


The Minor's 4/21

Colby Rasmus hit a 2-run homer off of Chad Paronto in the 8th inning vs Round Rock


Minor League Diary 4/17- Aka: The Max Scherzer show

Max Scherzer bucked down the defenseless Sacramento Rivercats tonight... 5-2-0-0-1-11 ... outdeuling Gio Gonzalez, who was good in 5 innings as well. Season totals in 3 starts for...


Tim Alderson, kid sensation!

Alderson had a fine debut in The Cal League tonight. 5 Innings, 3 hits, 1 unearned run, walking 2, king1 ( dont worrry, that will improve). Is it just me or is this an exceedingly BOLD placement...

Thought I'd try this thing. Notice anything from this clip of Matt LaPorta? I did. The balance... the power...the swing... the speed? Ok, not so much but I love the bat. Sorry, learning :-)


Thought I'd try this thing. Notice anything from this clip of Matt LaPorta? I did. The balance... the power...the swing... the speed? Ok, not so much but I love the bat. Sorry, learning :-)


College Baseball thread: I can't quit you Yonder Alonso!

Okay, that was weird, I admit. What can I say? I love the kid :-) Playing a couple of mid week games this week, the canes trounced Penn State 10-0 and my main man, Yonder Also was a triple shy of...


The sweet swingin' Yonder Alonso

I am becoming a HUGE fan of this kid and, not just because he is one of my 5 AAA players on my DMB fantasy team. After a fairly slow start his bat has come alive the last couple nights for the...


Reds starter Edinson Volquez! Community Projection?

Try not to give me too much crap fellas, I don't post very many diaries anyways but, I have a few quetions for the voting masses about Edinson Volquez and it's only loosely fantasy based...maybe...


Casejud's Top 50

I've never really mada an official list before but, I'm a GM in a Diamond Mind league and I've been preparing for our draft for months really, since last years draft. I just added all the propects...


The great Travis Snider vs Hank Conger

A couple of interesting prospects for me for multiple reasons. I live in Bothell, Wa and Snider played at Jackson High in Everett which is just up 405 about 10 miles. I watched him win the State...


Milledge deal

I saw the overwhelming handwringing by crazy Mets fans and I though I'd point out something...Ryan Church is a young lefty bat, can play the outfield well and is a BETTER PLAYER THAN LASTINGS...


Question for jpahk?

Relating to the prospect ratings I'm having trouble with the concept of a 5 rating as being an average MINOR LEAGUER or an average BIG LEAGUER. I'm tending to want to project guys as big leaguers...


Check out our league!

Check out our DMB league! It's called the BUNT league. It has been running consecutively since 1986 with many of the same owners. There is 24 teams and I joined last year as a GM (my only league)....


Clay Buchholz steals no-no!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriuously though, the kid has the face of a baby and the guts of a BURGLER! Oops. He was totally brilliant though. I almost got chills watching the last 2 outs. I almost...



How about 35 year old phenom Pedro Martinez vs 21 year old 2006 1st rounder Adam Ottavino in the FSL? Pedro's last start before his return to the Mets? Ottavino has gone under the radar a bit for a...



The BIG Southern League matchup looks like the marquee matchup of the day eh?Clayton Kershaw goes for Jacsonville vs Jake McGee for Montgomery.Two kids who are maybe not quite ready for AA or am I...


Prospect diary for August 14, 2007

I've always wanted to do this so, what the heck!A "young" prospect named Pedro Martinez took the mound for 4 innings for the met's GCL Team, St. Lucie. he gave up a homer (again), 3 runs on 3 hits...

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