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NBA launches new Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award, will announce winner Sunday | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

A new award for the best teammate, that pretty cool. The finalists for this years award are: • Jerry Stackhouse of the Brooklyn Nets • Luke Walton of the Cleveland Cavaliers • Andre Iguodala of the Denver Nuggets • Jarrett Jack of the Golden State Warriors • Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers • Chauncey Billups of the Los Angeles Clippers • Shane Battier of the Miami Heat • Roger Mason Jr. of the New Orleans Hornets • Jason Kidd of the New York Knicks • Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder • Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs • Emeka Okafor of the Washington Wizards

Dario Saric Will Return To Europe Next Season

Saric may pull out of the draft and says even if he is drafted he will go back to Europe to play next season."

Draft experts on the NBA Draft: What will the Blazers do?

"In the consensus mock draft, the Portland Trail Blazers were set to draft UCLA wing Shabazz Muhammad with their 10th overall pick. Interestingly, however, there seemed to be no true consensus for who the Blazers would draft. Most teams had a player that were commonly mocked to them more than any other player, but the Blazers didn’t have that."


6-1-13 Trade Drawer Junction

Well I was just scanning the web and came across a couple names that havent been bounced around too hard on Bedge lately, Andrea Bargnani, Thomas Robinson and the Mavs 13th pick. Im curious what...


Amnesty Eligible Players-

Amnesty- lets talk about it... Something nobody has talked about much on here- which players are possibly getting amnestied this season? Well, first we must look at the players that are eligible....


Rudy Gobert Anyone?

Okay, I thought I might as well jump in the middle of all this craziness leading up to the draft. Ive been mock drafting it, reading a ton on draftexpress and just checking up on this years crop of...

Blazers Insider: Rookie of the Year behind him, Damian Lillard turns next to defense, Gary Payton |

Talks mostly about him wanting to work on his defense. And for those who were asking it talks about Payton seeking out Damian to work out with him on defense. One quote from Payton"Gary said ‘This kid has more than I ever had, than Jason (Kidd) ever had, than Brian (Shaw) ever had,’’ Goodwin said. "Now, this is big, because Gary always considered himself the best. And he said ‘I want to help this kid get his defense down. Because if he gets better defensively, he will be the best to ever come out of the California area.


Damian Lillard And Records

I like this picture. It shows that past and the present, and in the best way, it shows the future. So far our PG has done some amazing things, hes set some records and tied some records. And...

OT: A 7-year-old cancer survivor runs for a touchdown during Nebraska’s spring game | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Wow that was a classy thing to do. I know this is college football with nothing to do with the Blazers. But this shows what being awesome is all about. And Nebraskas gesture to this 7 year old little boy , who survived brain cancer is just really touching!


Gimme Dat Draft Knowledge Son! 4-6-13

So we are almost guaranteed the 12th pick in this years draft. Philly lost again tonight, bumping us back up to 2 and a half game lead on them. The 11th pick seems less and less likely. Its not...


Lakers Free Throw Conspiracy

I remember someone mentioning this in GDT a while ago and decided to look it up for myself and see if the Lakers actually were shooting more free throws than the other teams. After doing some...

READ THIS! Portland Roundball Society: Feltöndämmerüng! An outsider's guide to the least essential fanbase beef in the NBA

This literally breaks down why the Portland fans dislike Ray so much that they booed him the entire game. What a great chronological break down. Alot of stuff in here I forgot about. But this completely breaks down step by step with dates quotes and links. A++

Portland Roundball Society: A Trail Blazers Blog - Home - Mixed Results in the Crunch

A lot of folks in the GDT were particularly upset over the Batum corner 3 shot. It was obviously scouted by Memphis and they defended it perfectly. Anyways, this is Truehoops great breakdown of that one play.

Andray Blatche on the trading block? Two league sources say there is 'no truth' to the rumor

"Brooklyn has placed forward Andray Blatche on the market, according to multiple sources," Amico wrote in a column summing up latest trade rumors. "The Nets are looking for a draft pick in return. Portland, looking for ways to shore up its bench, might have an interest." A league source dismissed speculation noting that the Nets aren't looking for an additional pick in this year's draft, which is seen by most scouts as mediocre. The Nets have their own pick in the first round, but no second rounder. SO I guess this has been disputed as not being true, but who knows? It had Portlands name mentioned so I thought id paste it here.


1-26-13 Free Agent Talk & Trade Drawer: Center Edition

So I was scanning the list of the free agents who will be available, specifically centers who will be unrestricted free agents after this season. And some interesting names popped up. Heres the...


Halfway Point 41/82 - Blazers Stat Ranking Amongst Top 40 In NBA

Same deal as last time. This is a look at where any of our players stats rank amongst the 40 players in each category. Its interesting to see where our guys are at. Have they dropped in stats?...

Bruski: Sacramento lines up offers in effort to keep Kings

Good story. Breaks down the entire situation with the Sea/Sac move, and why its a bad idea. If you havent read much about this, this is a good story to read,it has alot of information here. It has the history on the Sea to OKC move, the Maloof brothers and their bad business dealings, and more.


12-15-12--Trade Drawer--ESPNs Top Trade Targets

Marc Stein over at ESPN just released his Weekend Dime. He speculates which players that are most likely to be traded at the deadline. Im not saying we should make a trade but I just know alot of...

Demarcus Cousins Groin Punches OJ Mayo

Not quite as hard as Batums punch, but still dirty and uncalled for


Blazer Players Ranks Amongst NBAs Top 40

A Quick Look At Player Stats --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 40 players looked at. This wont be adjusted for any teams that...

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