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Eagle fan since 1980.

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On Offensive Play Differential and the Unfortunate Consequences of Groupthink

First and foremost I want to say this: The title of this fanpost could easily be considered a slam, but it is not my intention to slam anyone. JeromesFriend wrote an excellent piece on Offensive...


Buddy's Playbook ('93 Oilers)

Buddy Ryan's '93 Oiler Defensive Playbook

I couldn't rip off my shirt...


Because I pulled a muscle in my back when Maclin scored.

Football Outsiders Preseason Prediction


So... They've got the Eagles in the top 10 of DVOA and winning one of the Wild Cards. Redskins fans will be particularly stoked: They win the NFC East. Time to head to Vegas!

Link to Dawkins interview yesterday


Same guy. Maybe the Broncos will cut him after this year and the Eagles can get him back...

Dawk to be interviewed on FM104.3 in Denver (3M, 5E)


Short notice, I know, but BDawk will be talking to Mike and Scott today around 3 Mountain, 5 Eastern - if anybody wanted to hear how Weapon X is doing out here...

Worse than no Knowledge at all.


Nice, Advanced NFL Stats talkin' smack about FO. HT Bounty's Reading.

NFL Game Rewind


I'm not sure how many people know about this service from NFL.com, but I was looking for something other than DirecTV to satisfy my Eagles addiction and decided I'd shell the 40 clams for Game Rewind. Watched the first quarter of this years Wildcard game against the Cowboys, before I decided that there were better ways to spend my time, for instance by watching the season closer from '08... Tonight I think I'll watch Kolb against the Ravens... For your $40, you get access to all of the games from '08 and '09. It's my recollection that the games will be available as soon as they conclude, but heck even if I can't watch them for 24 hours, at 20% the cost of Sunday Ticket, I'll give it a try this year...

Nice Doo Kev!


Caption contest? I've got: You might be a redneck if...

Hate to say it, but I agree with Florio here.


Don't mess with the brain; thanks. (actually it's Michael David Smith)...

Play By Play Data


Brian Burke - NFL statistician extraordinaire - has compiled PxP from publicly available data. The dataset includes years 2002 through 2008 and nearly every game played during the regular season. I don't know his methodology, but I am impressed. Any nerds out there who like numbers and football maybe give him a shout and say thanks - I did.

Um... Yeah.


Official NFL Draft Guides for Teams and Scouts..


This came through my twitter feed. The links contain a ridiculous amount of info on many potential draftees...


On the Sheldon Brown Trade

And the Associative Property of Personnel Moves. Sheldon Brown.  One of my favorite players on the team.  Gone.  His frank interviews and his gritty onfield play will be nearly impossible to...

On the Eagles and Close Games


Many folks here already read Igglesblog, but if you don't check it regularly this post deserves a read. Excellent work.


The Defensive Fullback

Breakdown of Will Witherspoon's strip sack for the Eagles against the Redskins.

Really Cool Stuff from Doug Farrar


"How to beat the Zone Blitz" and additional notes from Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders and Smarter Stats.


Time to bring in Bill Cowher

Andy Reid just coughed up another hairball. Time for some fresh blood - let's check out what Peter King thinks.

Randall to be added to the Eagles honor roll


I still throw better "rolling away from the blitz" than just standing around. Much deserved.

PFW Article on the dominating D


This is a really good article that runs down some of McDermott's aggressive play calling on D

Tackling Vick is for the Dogs


From the write up, this seems to be a good campaign.


Worst 4th Down Decision in 2008

Advanced NFL Stats is a tremendous website for nerds who find the numbers behind the game interesting.  The author doesn't typically post on a daily basis, but when he does the post is usually...


A couple more notes about Jim Johnson's impact on the NFL.

I've never been one to spend much time on the passing of a friend or family member.  I prefer to celebrate their life and hope they discover what they wished for when they get where they are going....

Surprised we missed this


Donovan's real name: Atticus McNabb Manning

Cornelius Ingram - Gatorsports.com


Softball piece on one of the team's new additions.

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