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To re-sign or not to re-sign?

i'm as tired of the Melky situation as the next McCoven....but we're stuck in this situation and it wont leave us until either Melky is resigned by us or by someone else. So here it is. Do we...

JJ Hickson cut by Queens


Get him FO! Need depth at 4 for next year im sure Jackson can whip him back into CLE shape

JJ Hickson Traded for Omar Casspi


JJ would have looked really nice in a warriors uniform....dont think it would have worked but nice pickup for Sacto for essentially nothing

Ashkon & Bailey song ....kinda crappy day to bust out with your new song.


Ashkon & Bailey song ....kinda crappy day to bust out with your new song.


Who will W's trade...?

FIrst of all i am loving the fact that the Warriors are winning the games they should be winning (vs teams under .500).  The blowouts vs the elites are not concerning especially with this team....

Disgruntled Kyle Orton is #3 QB


Hear me out guys...Kyle Orton is 28yrs old but has been dropped to #3 on the depth chart behind Tim "Jesus 2.0" Tebow and Brady "Alex Smith is Better Than Me" Quinn. In 3 seasons he has 71td & 41int while averaging 200 yds/game with essentially no rb/wr on his Bears/Broncos team and a 29-19 record. Best part is that for a couple of draft picks (it wont take 1st rd maybe a '10 3rd and '11 2nd) we can have a legit qb while Nate Davis, Troy Smith, or whichever qb we draft blossoms and learns the system. Additionally Josh McDaniels is looking for a job, the same McDaniels that helped create the offensive monster of the 2002-2008 Patriots. Yes he's a pompous dick and I wouldnt want him anywhere near a position that includes player management. So McDaniels would have 2 yrs experience with Orton, Orton would have an upgrade at WR/TE/RB/OL, Niners still keep their #1 pick for Secondary or if a QB falls to their spot and Niners stop calling an inside draw on 3rd and 20. Sounds like a win/win situation to me. I feel like that would be the best/most cost effective QB/OC combination...any other suggestion?

"I’m a big believer in track record" Bochy


After the Giants won a game a few Fridays ago against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Bruce Bochy said this quote about Pablo Sandoval, which sent a shiver up my spine twenty feet away. Of course, it was also because I could feel the facepalm from the McCoven all at once (like when Alderaan was blown up, basically), yet the overwhelming feeling was that this statement perfectly encapsulated the problem the Giants’ front office and manager have had and will have on the team’s won-loss record for the season.... Mccoven representing...Posey should catch Zito and Wellmeyer...and Cain....and Sanchez....and Lincecum and when he's not catching one of those guys then he should be playing 1b and CF

Posey can hitz

while molina can gidp thats a great sample size for Sabes to make a decision

Eric Byrnes says Giants would be 'best fit'


i know i know its been shot down a million times...33 yrs old coming off 2 bad hammy's seasons with bad numbers over past years but the part i like was "I'm not in a position to say I'm an everyday player". Minor league contract ala Juan Uribe and if something happens then its a good contingency place. I dont think we need a reminder of the success rate of Giants OF prospects which is slightly better then the success rate of Giants 1b prospects.

Giants Brass Misplays the FA Market....Again


Sabean and Co. misplayed the FA market for the 3rd straight year (since the post-BLB era), this time we lose a compensation pick which is slightly better than having a mediocre player committed to big bucks for many years but not by much since we traded two of our top 10 minor leaguers last year. Sabeans try this: Step 1 - Pick up the phone and actually talk to other people besides Lou Seal (such as agents, managers, gm's, grant) to see if teams are interested in certain positions/players Step 2 - Whatever idea comes through your little head, reverse it Step 3 - Subtract 1 yr - $5 million dollars from all outgoing contracts Step 4 - Offer half of what you had originally planned on giving up in trades Step 5 - Fire yourself any other suggestions?


First 10 scripted plays for SEA

Just had an epiphany.... Imagine if the Niners run the ball 40 times and pass 20 times vs SEA the week following a 40 pass/20 run.  I just dont see how the Cardinals will be able to gameplan for...


Breaking News: Giants Offense was Horrible

Breaking news: In 2009 Giants were a Major League-best 76-25 when they score three runs or more  or as I like to say we were 12-49 when our team was so inept that we couldn't score more than 2 runs...

Renteria "i lost the game"


Yes you did...btw you went 0-4 with 5 men LOB and an error thanks buddy

Molina Quotes on Posey Arrival


wow...kinda discouraging words from Molina regardless i still think Molina deserves to be the starting catcher but hey if he isnt healthy we cant keep sending Whiteside out there


Reduced Giants Tix Prices

Reduced tickets vs Rockies Sept 12-14 Club Level Corner...its not with the die-hards in the bleachers but whatever

Lincecum Velocity Down - Overreaction Thread


Ok i know i know no need to worry about Timmy. If the guy throws in the low eighties he might still be sporting a high 2.0 era. But it comes without saying that a 25 year old who has already pitched 177 IP in 2007, 227 in 2008 and already 197 IP in 2009 is mysteriously losing 3-5 mph off his pitches. I like that fact that his command is up (2.5BB/9) but is it time to start worrying as we are chasing down a Wild Card/NL West playoff spot? God i hope everything is all good....


Jeff Kent - Boo or Cheer

Jeff Kent on KNBR with Murph and Mac it will probably be up on there site in case you missed it....but the question is do we cheer him or boo tomorrow night at the Giants game???


Dodgers Suck & Trading for Vmart & Lee??

Ok guys MLBTR has the f'in dodgers trying to trade for both Vmart & Lee.  Billingsley/Kershaw, & Loney plus minor leaguers are being mentioned.  Obviously Sabeans doesn't have the cajones to pull...

Athletes as Role Models??? Thats Crazy


Usually pro athletes are the farthest thing from role models and should all be classified as douchebags. The only exception to the rule has to be Hockey players who 1) act like human beings 2) typically respect their opponents and sport more than any other athlete 3) aren't dumb apes who walk around scratching their nuts. So it was nice to read the following story from Affeldt. Go giants

Pro ETA for MadBum Timmy2


Personally Kawakami isnt my favorite giants writer but there is some good information on Mad Bum and Timmy2 compared to some of the other talents in the MLBs. What is your prediction for these two guys coming up to the majors?


After Sanchez...whats next

Whether it happens in May or in July it seems like good ol' dirty sanchez will be traded for a bat playing 2b,1b, LF or hopefully someone that can play all three at the same time.  My question is...

Man-Rally in SF


My fellow MCC'ers, i am organizing a rally for Manny this weekend. Meet where Sabes kicks those tires around! Who's in/out?

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