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Darren Sharper Arrested on Rape Suspicion

Espn Darren Sharper Arrested Looks like another dark cloud over the 2009 Cheating Asterisks Super Bowl team. Just goes to show what kind of franchise they really are there in the...


What are the chances Vikings trade back into Friday (today) for a MLB?

How much young talent/depth do we need from the bottom of the draft rounds this year? We still have that glaring hole at MLB....I was thinking that if Spielman isn't afraid to throw 4 picks at...


Why is NBC saying that "the signs point to Percy Harvin leaving" ??

Is there someone they just released? Why wouldn't a team short on WR talent not re-sign its best WR and possible MVP talent?? i really hope this is just major news media talking out its @ss. ...


Rams trading up to 3 rumor...valid? How valid do you think this rumor is? I can't say I see any reason why this...


Carrying 3 catchers?? The Trib is talking about the possibility of the Twins carrying 3 catchers this year. I think that would be stupid to be honest. Send Drew...


When do we start to panic?

I know the twins' history of always being competitive despite their record the first two/three weeks of the season, but at what point DO we start to worry?  I watch almost every game on TV and they...


Ultimate Zone Rating - Defense Costing the Twins?

There's an article on ESPN recently decribing a new state UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating) that calculates Runs Saved by a defender, with 10 runs equating to a Win. It goes on to say Hardy was worth 8.1...


Fantasy Baseball Draft Software

Anyone have recommendations? I used a software called Draft Dominator for Fantasy Football and I love it.  I'm looking for something that is customizeable to my league settings and can show me...


Robert Quinn?

Looks as if most mock drafts have the Vikes taking Robert Quinn, DE out of UNC.  Quinn sat out all of 2010 due to an NCAA violation among many other teammates.  The word on the street is that this...


What Twins Prospects are most likely to have an impact in the next 3 years

  I'm entering in a keeper league for fantasy baseball, where in our last 5 rounds we draft pretty much minor league prospects to sit on roster in which we can keep 3 each year.  So I'm looking...


What will the Vikings do about their name if they move to LA?

Obviously this is a very possible reality in the next couple years so I figured I'd get the discussion going on what will happen in terms of their team name.  Will they keep the Vikings name like...

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