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I was born and raised in St. Louis. I'm 25 years old. I've been to almost every single Rams game since they've been the St. Louis Rams. My father bought season tickets the very first year they moved to St. Louis and we've had them ever since. I'm also a die hard Mizzou fan. I bleed black and gold. I even attended college there (although it was only for 1 year). And obviously I'm a cards fan!! Greatest baseball town in America. And even though I'm not a huge hockey fan I support the Blues. I guess that's just cause I'm a home team homer.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
  • NFL St. Louis Rams
  • NCAAF Missouri Tigers
  • NCAAB Missouri Tigers
  • NHL St. Louis Blues
User Blog

Mizzou made


Mizzou made The Chive in the "Impressive. Most Impressive" gallery. Number 30 Also... Future recruit? I don't know how old she is but damn...


U-Verse Pay Per View SE Louisiana vs Mizzou

I called U-Verse to see about getting the game on Pay Per View here in St Louis but they said due to some contract issue the game is blacked out in Missouri. Can anyone verify this and suggest an...


Should have...

The team could have traded Bradford for Manning and the Colts #1. We then draft Luck with Manning there to take a year possibly or at least mentor. We also sign Reggie Wayne (I believe that's the...


Fantasy Football - Turf Show Times league on

This is for the people that are doing the fantasy football on I have some incentives turned on for scoring. Such as a bonus for a QB throwing for over 400+ yards gets a 20 point bonus....


Non-football question. SB Nation question

Does anyone know how to remove a blog from your list?  I have a couple that I have maybe commented on once and read never that are just annoying in the list of My Blogs.  Any help would be greatly...

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated on the Rams.


Picks the Rams to win the division.

Passer Rating Differential is important stat


Good article on the importance of not only an effective offense but an equally effective defense. Article shows how important the corellation between the two is in winning the championship. Rams place #8 all time. And a little tidbit on how the Spags run Giants defense provided one of the very few upsets of this.



A good read on the Norris-LaGuardia Act, one of the core issue at the base of the labor dispute.


#2 RB? John Clay - Wisconsin

Anyone heard if the Rams have shown any interest in this guy or talked to him at all?  He seems like the type of back the Rams could use especially in the 2nd half like they say in the article to...


Rams fans too optimistic?

[Note by VanRam, 04/08/11 8:49 PM EDT ] Good Friday night discussion, promoted by Van I put this at the bottom of the Spags hot seat thread but I figured I'd make it it's own topic just to see what...


Who's side are you on?

I just thought I'd put this poll up because I don't think I've seen one (I also didn't look extremely hard).  I wonder if there's one of these up at the major sports sites like ESPN and SI?  Also...


Mark Ingram

I have to say that I think Mark Ingram would be a nice pickup at #14.  With the recievers we have and a pickup in FA or in the 2nd round I think we will be fine.  They might excel better in a...


Mike Pouncey

First time posting: I would think that the best move that the Rams could make if Julio Jones is off the board at #14 is to trade down and go for Mike Pouncey.  Gaurd is obviously a huge need and...

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