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Tech official: Big 12 breaking up


Well, atleast hance is good for something...


can we have a contest for a baby james T-shirt

I would like the same protocal for a t-shirt as the dtn t-shirt. I want to sell them wholesale at the spring game. therefore a red shirt is a must so ppl with put them on right away. other then...


UT is a must win now!

Since Tubs has decided to raise the bar. UT "at home" this year is a MUST win! No excuse for losing unless potts plays. and if potts plays that means sticks better be dead or dying!


Games won in 2010

The poll in DTN asked bloggers to vote on how many games do you think tech will win next year, so far there are 400 votes.   4% or 16 votes said undefeated…keep dreaming, 38% or 153 votes were...


I never thought I would think this, or ever say this, but...

I think we are better off in the long run...we would had are moments, and our up seasons with leach, but honestly without a REAL defensive coordinator we would have never gone anywhere, other then...


Tommy Tuberville!!! Thaank you very much!

I expect beers from any of you non-believers!!!! esp you tech92!Its reported that he wants to keep most of the staff, no word on ruffin yet...   GODSPEED MIKE LEACH, MAY WE NEVER FORGET YOU!!!   ...


Adam James' "Concussion"

In the reports, it stated adam showed up to practice in street clothes wearing sunglass and a baseball cap on backwords. He was wearing his baseball cap "BACKWORDS"! It's in human nature to try...


June Jones???

  what about june jones??? hes paid $2 mil a year!!! briles is 1.2 mil and tommy t at $2.8 mil his last year at auburn.   I would love for him to be our next captain! Myers: You threw our...



I will not be at the game, but this will be our opportunity to really voice or opionion to the nation! It will televised on national tv with no other games on.   They threw our captain overboard,...


Players should boycott the Alamo Bowl!!

Im serious! they cant do anything to the entire team! just think gow much money would be lost lol   Someone needs to convey this to the players   ttu ttu ttu ttu ttu ttu ttu ttu ttu ttu ttu ttu...


A couple of things:

I'm sick of Nick throwing side armed and off his back foot, were not going to have any bit of decent success next year if he is our starter and he continues to do so. I hope sticks starts next...


scouts.com/premium material

OK, i understand seth doesnt want us posting any info on here.   However, is there a red raider generous enough to give us his/her password? that way theres nio more fuss, and its still legal!...


Bowl Game

 If we and texas win out, we will be headed for our first BCS bowl game. Texas will be headed to the national Championship and we will be runner up in the big12 (Fiesta Bowl). So, a season full...


Leach says this about mangini, then cleveland signs harrell???

Does this make any sense? leach talks all this trash about mangini , then they turn around and sign our QB? hmmmm TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU,TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU,TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU,...



Thoughts? I kind of hoped that somehow he would stay in texas, but oh well. wreck em!   TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU,TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU,TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU, TTU,...


New Stadium Big Screen for North Endzone???

New Big Screen for the jones North Endzone??? I read somewhere that at&t has donated money for a new big screen for the north endzone? true/false that would be awesome since our present one is...

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