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We are no longer pursuing Glynn Watson??? has learned that Brunson may be the only other guard Purdue pursues for its 2015 class after it received a commitment Saturday...


ICYMI, some basketball links

Some of these are new, some old, but should give a general sense of what's been going on in the bball program: Davis and Stephens update on progress (and mentioning of zone!) 100k shots between...


New basketball commit for 2015 - PG Grant Weatherford

Just got offered today and quickly accepted. Grant Weatherford is the AAU teammate of Ryne Cline. Apparently T-Mill has done a report on him back in 2012, and here is another article from Indystar....

Basketball big men drill


This is from a month ago and the video at the bottom showed the drills that the big men (Hammons, Haas, Taylor) went through. Looks like Haas and Taylor needs to get better at shooting the short jumper.


In honor of Gene Keady and the upcoming Alumni Game

...I dug up an old Sports Illustrated article featuring Tyra Banks in bikini (oooops, that's just the cover) Gene Keady. Here are some highlights: If you are too young to know Gene Keady, "His...


Kendall vs. Dakota 3-pt contest

A month ago after Ryan Cline committed I posed the question who would win if Kendall, Dakota, and Ryan have a 3-pt contest after practice. Well, Cline is not on campus yet, but Kendall and Dakota...


Vince Edwards

Since it's only middle of the summer and nothing really going on, here's a Vince Edward's article to hopefully cheer things up and brings some enthusiasm. We know he can rebound, but I really like...



So let the domino fall! Bosh to Rockets, Lin to 76ers, and Morey matches Parson. Let the fun begins begins begins begins begins begins begins begins begins begins begins begins begins begins...


Some basketball links

Painter's interview on the frosh after first individual practice (video) Article on Dakota Mathias Zone and twin tower together? My summary from them: 1) I love the work ethic from a lot...

Basketball Group Pix


Damn, Hammons looks so small next to Haas!


New Football Commit ??

I don't follow football recruiting very much (always think they mean little until they actually sign, and especially after Drue Tranquil and Denzel Ward). I am surprised why there is no mention of...

Off-topic: Basketball and academics


No wonder there are so many "African American studies" major, and no wonder so many Kentucky players got to be in the Deans' List!


Players First

I've just finished reading "Players First" by Calipari, and I think there are quite a bit that Painter can learn from him. No, of course not the cheating part, but really, just show that he cares...

PJ won 3-pt contest title (dunno the level of competition, but we need every available shooter)


"Good game vs the city team!! Us county boys came up with the win and I took home the 3 point contest as well!"

PJ Thompson's Tweet

The "tweak" doesn't work for Ronnie


If only it is this simple ... "On Monday, you will not shoot one basketball. You will pass. We’re going to run less plays. You will create shots." Sigh.

This is the kind of people we want in our Athletic Department


Too bad he is at Michigan. But from Tom Brady to Desmond Howard to many current Wolverines, a lot of Michigan athletes have given credit to Greg Harden (Associate Athletic Director) for their success. Harden acts like a concellor and he is able to connect with the 18/19 year olds and gave them the tough love message that they need to hear. It's important life lesson that if you are not getting the PT or other issues, running away from the problem (like transferring) or playing the victim role won't help. Now compared that to, ahem, say Nancy Cross whose job is to blame the donors ...

IU (or aO$U) Education is negative value - seriously


To be exact, the Education major at IU (or OSU) brings negative value. So does an Art major at Wisky. Don't let your friends go to IU, unless they have too much money (and time) to waste.


Plus / Minus stats

Several of the fans have indicated they wanted to look at the Plus/Minus stat. I just stumbled upon and dug up the last 9 games (the 10th game was the Minny 3OT game in which...

Boilers respond to Hazell's tough talk


Gives me some hope that the football team is heading in the right direction. We don't need guys who don't buy in. I'm glad to see Appleby taking up a leadership role.


Austin Appleby

Just read this article on Austin Appleby, and you gotta love the kid: Did you ever consider transferring? Before the second syllable of "transferring" was even muttered, the Purdue sophomore...

Why I am cautiously optimistic for Bryson at the point


Based on the article, it seems like both he and Painter know what his problems are. He needs to make better decisions b/c his bulldog approach doesn't work against B1G defenders. The fact that he takes it as a personal challenge, and that he *WANTS* to be a PG give me optimism that he CAN do it. After all, as Painter said, he doesn't know whether Scott can be a PG, but he does have the ability and a lot of that just depends on him wanting to do it.


Set play suggestions

Most people here know that I am the kind of person who hate whining and always want to seek solution. A lot of us have already penciled us to be in the bottom of the B1G next year, and frankly I...


The last bit on Ronnie

We can put the "Book it" and Ronnie's departure now. But just out of curiosity and just wanting to put a closure to it, when was the decision really made? Was it, like ZoKnowsDefense or BoilerDawd...


Annual Boiler Basketball Forecast 2013-14 (Results)

Thank you for the participation in the Annual Boiler Basketball Forecast. We have 66 entries this year, and the winner is oldegoldbleeder. QuadBoiler14 is #2 and ETM is #3. All of them score a 5...


To the players:

I will be shocked if no one on the team reads a Purdue blog like this. So maybe we should have this fanpost dedicated to them, and we just say what we would say to them as if they are in front of...


The blame game and life as a Purdue fan

This season hasn't gone so well as we've hoped. In the comment section we have fans blaming the players for "no heart", while others blame the coach who is making millions for not doing his job. So...


A hard look at Purdue defense/offense shooting numbers

Thanks to JPZ, whose comments in the MSU post game inspire me to dig into looking at Purdue's defensive numbers, I decide to share my findings as two fanposts. Also, with apology to JPZ, I mistook...

Jacquil Taylor article


- He has turned into an amazing defensive player - He erases a lot of mistakes, that is how good he is in the paint. - He is definitely going to be a great rim protector - You will also have to defend his outside shot and that is something he developed. Is he describing JT or JJ?


Interview with Matt Painter

On Ronnie Johnson, "Just being that quintessential point guard and getting everybody involved first, and getting people into a rhythm in the game. That gets contagious when your point guard does...


Angry rants or pessimistic views wanted/welcomed here (seriously!)

With the men's bball team losing 4 straight, there have been lots of angry comments and it's very understandable. I have an idea here: let's create this special thread just to rant. In this...

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