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Wanted: your opinion on resource allocation

TMill's article on Purdue Athletics generating a lot of responses in this slow summer season. To me though, it didn't address the core issue and the athletics department is only part of the system...


Update to possible new players

With 3 open schollys next year, about a month ago TMill and PUBoilingPoints wrote about some options to use those scholly. At this point, the only likely candidate seems to be Errick Peck, whom...


Dave Telep on Dakota Mathias

Need Insider subscription: I've been...


More on Dakota Mathias

Very excited about Dakota committing to us, and so I look up the web for some more of his info. This is a good read from a month ago: h...


JUCO players

With 3 scholly opened for 2013 and 5 for 2014, many think that we might benefit from a JUCO or two. The lineup next year thus far, PF/C: Hammons, Simpson, Hale, TC SG/SF: TJ, RayD, Basil, Kendall ...

Purdue basketball year in photos


This year may not be the one to remember, but still good to see the pictures.


Boiler Basketball Forecast Result

As a Quant, I organized a Boiler Basketball Forecast Contest last year (see, by asking fans to predict...

Today is the 28th Anniversary of Bob Knight's infamous chair-tossing game


I am watching BTN classic and stumble upon this game. It's always good to see Purdue beating IU, esp. with the young Troy Lewis and Everett Stephens. Any old timer cares to share their recollection of that game? Bonus trivia question: On the ensuing 6 FTs after the toss, how many did Steve Reid (a 90% FT shooter in conf game) hit?


To those who haven't quit on our team yet, let's think about solutions

Obviously if you have already quit on the team, there is no need for discussion. I am interested in hearing ideas on ideas to fix this team. I've been taught not to criticize unless you can offer...

2013 QB Etling, RB Yancey, DE Strauser on campus


I'm excited about the trio getting a head start! Looking forward to the competition as we lose our top four QB/RBs.


Merry Christmas!

I just want to use this opportunity to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a *HAPPY* New Year! Coz frankly, it hasn't been too happy around with bitterly screaming at one another. When the team...

Another Crean gaffe


Just too funny. Between the creaning, dubious texting to recruits, now Crean added this. Sure provides lots of entertainment value for us. Sometimes I wonder if he or Hope is more of an embarrasing joke, but then I'll take these antics if Hope's team is #1-ranked in the country.

Cheap is not necessarily bad


To be clear, I am DEFINITELY *NOT* advocating making Nord our next HC (I just wish Nord get healthy but stop calling games for us). But in defense of the A.D., it wasn't as dumb a decision as ppl make it out to be. Sure, it doesn't work out with Danny, but it is only a bad idea in hindsight.


Purdue basketball expectation (quantitatively)

With the regular season starting tomorrow, here's a quantitative measure of the expectation among fans from the end of last season to the beginning of this season, based on the statistical summary...


Men's Basketball exhibition games, by the number

Just looking at the Newberry game, the numbers that stand out are: 7 total rebounds by *little* AJ, leading the team 8 assists and no TO by little AJ, suffice to say he has a good all-around...


Peaking too early?

As I look back on the Purdue recruits / players, there seems to be a curious pattern. I am not sure if it is just some coincidence or if others see the same thing too, so I'd like to hear other...


Annual Boiler Basketball Forecast (2012-13)

Back in March, I've conducted a poll about this new season. If you've missed it, or if you want to submit a new entry based on the latest info, pls feel free to do so. With 5 new comers and no...

Slam Dunk Contest Highlight


In case you miss it, here are the highlights

New Rivals ranking (= nothing new)


Stephens #56, Scott #77; Other noteworthy: Demetrius Jackson #27, Zak Irvin #31, V.J. Beachem #82, Derek Willis #126, Luke Fischer #113 and Devin Davis #118

The 2-QB system works so well that we may now have a 3-K system too


"Head coach Danny Hope has expressed interest in using all of them (kickers) in game-time situations..."


Question: what to do with speed?

Just read an article on Ross (, which sounds great that he has cleared up his personal issue and can now...


Italian Trip stats

As a Quant, it is an occupational hazard that I can't help but to dig into the numbers for the team's 4 Italian games, even when Washburn already kinda did it (h...

Oh no, we're down to ONLY 8 QBs


Gregory now a RB...and Henry fielding punts. If Gray moves to WR and Robinson LB, then we need just need Appleby to kick some FGs (hey, Griese did it, no?) and Marshall playing safety, and our QBs will have all posns covered (except linemen) ... and we still have 3 QBs left actually playing QB.

ESPN B1G bball ranking


It has O$U, IU, MSU, Mich, Wisky, Minn as top 6. Purdue, Ill, Iowa, NW, PSU, and Neb as bottom 6. I say too high for O$U and Wisky, and too low for Purdue and Iowa. However, I'm OK with us being underrated, which is when we tend to play our best.

How Cardinal got his $


Whether the story is true or not, I am glad Cardinal got the contract and appreciative of his contribution to the University.

Smooge, JJ, CK3 (now 4) solid performance


Smooge: 15-4-3 on 6/11 shooting. He started red hot, and the Celtics chose to give more PT to other folks when they get a comfy lead, otherwise Smooge could have gone for 20 pts or more. JJ: 11-5 on 5/8 shooting. Added 2 blks. Lost his starting job but got a couple of nice dunks. Still, I think he is taking too many jumpers. Kramer (now wearing #4): 9 pts on 3/4 shooting. It's weird to see Kramer guarding Smooge (or vice versa). As usual, Kramer plays solid D, got some nice steals and took some charges.

Injury - DJ Byrd


DJ Byrd suffered a stress fracture in his fibula. *Painter insists that it is minor*, but you never know. John Hart's foot injury was supposed to be minor too, and look how it derailed his career. Terone Johnson's injury last off-season was supposed to be minor too, but it wasn't until February that he finally showed up and made great impact.

Women's bball team landed Top 15 recruit (*)


(*) Well, it is a transfer, so she has to sit a year. Moreover, she suffered (you guess it) a torn ACL in her high school senior year (2010), so her stat last year was unimpressive. But still, coming out of high school, she was ranked #13 according to ESPN.

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