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Builder's Lawsuit Accuses Todd Haley Of Defacing Luxury House


Yikes. Our old friend is having a rough go of things in Pittsburgh. Anyone else think he may not survive the season?

Alex Smith 2012 Appreciation Video Highlights


An Alex Smith 2012 highlight video. Perhaps these highlights can help us swallow what otherwise feels like a bitter pill?

Joe Flacco, The Big-Armed Oaf Who Saved Baltimore


Great article on Deadspin breaking down Flacco and Baltimore's success on a deep passing game. More interesting stuff to consider when we think about the kinds of QBs we want for KC.

"The Brady 6" - A great documentary on Tom Brady and why so many teams passed him over for other...


"The Brady 6" - A great documentary on Tom Brady and why so many teams passed him over for other QBs who had much worse NFL careers. Just came across it on Youtube yesterday, and thought it may be interesting for folks to watch as many of us are analyzing potential NFL QBs.

Todd Haley Is Giving One Reporter A Giant Headache


We like's Ian Rapoport—good guy, good sources, good track record. But nobody deserves the head-spinning confusion he's dealing with today, thanks to Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who might be interviewing for the Arizona Cardinals head coaching gig. Or he might not be. Or maybe yes. Rapoport's on the case.

Marty Schottenheimer hails Andy Reid hiring as 'spectacular'


Marty Schottenheimer thinks his former team has hit a home run in landing Andy Reid to take over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Geno Smith vs. Tyler Wilson: Breaking Down 2013 NFL Draft's Top Quarterbacks


A decent write-up comparing Wilson and Smith from B/R. I think it is pretty fair, though it could certainly have been bolstered by specific examples.

Ravens fire Cam Cameron


The Baltimore Ravens on Monday dismissed offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and replaced him with quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell. Cameron's dismissal comes after the Ravens' 31-28 overtime loss to the Redskins on Sunday, their second straight defeat.

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Is Syracuse's Ryan Nassib a 1st-rounder?


For those of us who watched that crushing Mizzou loss last night, we saw this kid in action. He was very impressive at the end of the game. Another prospect to throw in the mix and keep and eye on.

Mike Ditka has minor stroke


ESPN NFL analyst Mike Ditka is in the hospital after suffering a minor stroke on Friday.

The Vertical Back: Could high jumpers revolutionize short-yardage situations in the NFL?


It's clearly possible to jump over a pile of players who are set up to defend a plunge into the line; that's why backs like Turner use the leap as a change of pace. The question is whether a high jumper could get up far enough that a defender who knew what was coming couldn't stop him. It seems plausible. NFL defensive linemen top out in the six-and-a-half foot range and need to crouch slightly to stand their ground against blockers. The crowns of their helmets are likely no more than six feet off the ground. World-class high jumpers regularly clear seven-and-a-half foot bars; the record is a little over eight feet.

The NFL Was Completely Fine With "Smash-For-Cash" Bounty Programs 16 Years Ago

The four players implicated in the Saints bounty scandal are in a kind of limbo, as their suspension appeals make their way through through federal court, as well as the league's CBA-mandated appeals process. The latest movement comes in a Louisiana District Court, where yesterday the NFLPA filed papers suggesting that the NFL not only knew about previous cash-for-hits programs, but publicly said they were A-OK. The only difference between then and now? The league wasn't in the middle of the PR nightmare of concussions and head trauma.

Scott Pioli Interview with Associated Press: "I've made mistakes."


"Clearly there are things we need to fix, things we need to change, things we need to improve upon," Pioli said during an interview with The Associated Press, "and it starts with me."

From the Podium: Matt Cassel


Cassel's post-game press conference. I know people were wanting him to answer for his mistakes, curious what people think about his answers.

The Oakland Raiders’ 2011 Draft Class Is A Big Pile Of Suck


"It's being reported that the Oakland Raiders have waived offensive tackle Joe Barksdale. Barksdale was a third-round pick in Oakland's 2011 draft class. Yes, 2011. It gets worse..." From Deadspin

Should the NFL eliminate kickoffs?


Jeffri Chahida from ESPN exploring this question. Lots of talk with Javier Arenas and Terrence Copper.

After Jamaal Charles' 91-yard touchdown run -- the longest running play in Chiefs history, and the...


After Jamaal Charles' 91-yard touchdown run -- the longest running play in Chiefs history, and the longest given up by the Saints -- started Kansas City's comeback, the Chiefs defense thwarted a Saints scoring chance when Stanford Routt intercepted Brees' underthrown pass for Devery Henderson near the Kansas City goal line late in the third quarter. Brees, who was 20-of-36 for 240 yards and three TDs -- never had another completion after that, and only attempted six passes because the Saints also never got another first down. recap Wow. That's a truly impressive showing by this defense down the stretch.

So, how's Dontari Poe doing?


Lost in all the blowouts and our general dismay has been the play of our new first round rookie Nose Tackle. I know that some folks were impressed with his play in the first game. However, I haven't really heard anything about his game against Buffalo. I see on the stats that he had 2 solo tackles, one assist, and one pass deflection against Buffalo. Not too shabby, especially given the guarded expectations many of us have had about him going into his rookie year. Has anyone taken a closer look at his snaps? What are people seeing from him? Is he occupying double teams? Is he getting penetration? How is his tackling? How does his technique look? I don't really have the skills or the resources to go back and watch this sort of thing, but would LOVE to read the thoughts of some of you folks.

For Your Consideration: A Man Wearing An Airbrushed T-Shirt With John Elway As Adolf Hitler I'm...

For Your Consideration: A Man Wearing An Airbrushed T-Shirt With John Elway As Adolf Hitler I'm not saying the guy is as bad as Hitler. That's definitely not what I'm saying. Hitler, we all know, was a real motherfucker. I'm just sayin', Elway? The guy's a dick, you know? And the fans? Do not get me started. Thinking they're so special with their mile high salute. Well how 'bout this salute? Youknow what I'm saying.

The Bills Won By Playing The Chiefs This Week


LOL, Deadspin's take on today's game. At least we can chuckle at our misery, right?

The NFL Lawsuit That Could Be Bigger Than The Bounty Scandal


"Bountygate may end up being a sideshow, though—a Wavre to Reggie White et al. v. NFL's Waterloo. Preliminary arguments began Thursday in Minneapolis in a lawsuit against the league that harks back to the worst sports scandals of the last generation: unrestrained collusion among the owners to keep payrolls down. (And let's remember: Every major issue baseball faced in the '90s—the strike, the steroids, the unrestrained expansion—has its roots in the collusion of the previous decade.)"

NFL, Brain Disease Study Indicates Football Players Face Higher Risk Of Death From Alzheimer's, ALS


According to a study published in the Sept. 5 issue of Neurology, NFL players may face a higher risk of dying from Alzheimer's disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

NFLPA rejects rule changes


"The NFL Players Association did not approve rule changes involving the injured reserve list and the trade deadline, ESPN's John Clayton confirmed Wednesday."

Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Oakland Raiders

Some people are fans of the Oakland Raiders. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Oakland Raiders. This 2012 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group.

I don't know if its good or bad but I feel like I'm still the fastest on my team after my ACL...


I don't know if its good or bad but I feel like I'm still the fastest on my team after my ACL surgery... "TRUE"- 2 Chainz

Jamaal Charles - @jcharles25

Ryan Tannehill Overrated?


Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay yell at each other about Ryan Tannehill.

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