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Finally moved within the boundaries of the City after toiling away for far too long way out west. Love everything about Chicago even the annoying hustle and bustle. A not very good beer league right winger that will write from time to time. I have a weird obsession and like for the Ottawa Senators which stems from the lack of radio time the Hawks got during the 2009-2010 regular season. Also the official stat guy, intermission host and TKO's bitch for a Junior Hockey team.

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NCAAF Michigan Wolverines
  • NCAAB Arizona Wildcats
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Morning Links 5/31


Bowman Positive on Hossa: (CSN) Off-Season Game Plan: (TSN) Problems: (CBS) Kopitar:(SN) Right Place, Right Time: (LAT) Nicklas Lindstrom will hang it up later this morning:(PD) One of the...

Morning Links 5/29


Resigning Jammer raises questions:(CSN) BlackHawk Up's candid assessment of John Scott:(BU) Another Swede added to the fold: (RoD) CSN Breakdown on Johnny Oduya: (CSN) Why New Jersey will hoist...

Morning Links 5/24


For all you young hockey players out there; represent your country: (CSN) Breakdown of Jamal Mayers:(CSN) Video of the Toews season breakdown:(CSN) A game 5 recap from the Rangers side: (BB) F...

Morning Links 5/22


CSN's Breakdown of the captain: (CSN) Viktor Stalberg:(BU) A comical interpretation of the Crawford/Smith stare down from Round 1: (ROD) Parise is clutch as the Devils tie the series:(TSN) Oh M...

Morning Links 5/17


Bruno's Season in review: (CSN) Bartl's take on Carcillo's season: (CTA) Some problems: (PWW) Kruger in Review: (BU) Eastern Final is tied:(TSN) Kings are two wins away: (LAT) LA's winning streak...

Morning Links 5/15


Block is back with a new episode of Puck Chatter: (TMI) Cheer the Anthem's review of Johnny Oduya: (CTA) When will all be right in BlackHawkLand: (Fox) Some suggestions for Patrick Kane: (RND) K...

Morning Links 5/10


Does the Dysfunction start at the top? (ESPN) Thats Great! More TOI for Duncan Keith: (NHL) CTA's review of Michael Frolik (CTA) Caps force Game 7: (WP) Welcome to the era of RoboHockey: (GnM) ...

Morning Links 5/8


StanBo thinks its all good: (Trib) But is there interest from Montreal? (ST) Internal Squabbles: (Fox) Guess I spoke too soon about #88 (Deadspin) New assistant GM: (ST) CTA's Review of P...

Morning Links 5/3


The Habs introduce their new GM: (Trib) A new era begins in Montreal: (GnM) Can he walk the walk:(SN) The journey to Habs Gm: (MG) Carter Hutton's Journey: (BH) An Epic: (TSN) 20th longest game in...

Morning Links 5/1


Vik wants more PowerPlay Time: (CSN) Season Review: Mayers (CTA) Rocky needs to lead: (Fox) Grades: (ESPN) A new episode of the Hockee Night Podcast:(HN) Puck Chatter: (TMI) Burmistrov...

Morning Links 4/26

What's next? (CSN) Searching for answers: (Fox) Kaner is Stan's 2nd line center and he let everyone know it: (Trib) He is comfortable with the position: (CSN) Score on the core:(ST) Size was...

Morning Links 4/24


Time for Cottage: (Hawks) (ST) (Trib) (TSN) (SN) (DH) (CSN) (GnM) (RnD) (AzR) Torres helped to swing the momentum: (ST) Behind the scenes at the Torres hearing:(DGB) Smith:(Trib) (ST) Detour (C...

Morning Links 4/19


Game 4: [TRIB] [CSN] [INDHN] [CBS] [TSN] [FOX] The future could be now for Brandon Saad: [CSN] [TRIB] [DH] [Blackhawk Up] [HAWKS] A great piece on hockey by Haugh(I know, right?) Winning is the...

Morning Links 4/17


Game #3: [Trib] [ST] [NHL] [INDHN] Looking to take control: [Fox] Here are the Black Aces including Brandon Saad: [Hawks] Toews returning to form: [CSN] Momentum: [Hawks] Shaw ruling Delayed [T...

Morning Links 4/12


Long may (this) run: [Trib] [DH] [TSN] [NHL] [CTA] Tazer looks ready [ST] Why so serious? (Kaner) [Trib] Shaw once hid a broken hand so he could play, explains so much: [ST] We're not here to talk...

Morning Links 4/10


Tazer is very confident: [Trib] [ST] #19 returning could spark the Special Teams [DH] Bolland also feeling good [ST] Kaner to Left Wing [CSN] Loading up the #1 PowerPlay [Trib] [ESPN] 'Yotes also...

Morning Links 4/5


81: [TRIB] [NHL] [TSN] [CSN] [SportsNet] DK Returns:[CTA] 19 and 36 out tonight: [ST] Symptons still linger [TRIB] A Fine Line: [ST] Crawford's Strength: [CSN] Line Changes: [TRIB] Small Schools...

Morning Links 4/3


His touch is back: [Trib] Biscuit leading the way [CSN] Wish upon a Stars [ST] But that's dumb...Pretty sure I read something like this 2 weeks ago...hmmm: [Trib] Kyle Beach Update: [Hawks] A...

Morning Links 3/29


A Norris Division Showdown: [Hawks] [Trib] [CSN] [SI] [CTA] Kane still adjusting to the dot: [Trib] Konroyd loves Andrew Shaw [CSN] Kruger has answered the call: [ST] Update on Prospects...

Morning Links 3/27


Darling you know just what I'm here for (Previews) [Trib] [CSN] [DH] [NHL] [CBS] Krueger will play, Monty may play and Tazer skated: [Hawks] [ESPN] [CSN] Thanks guys for letting us know more...

Morning Links 3/22


Reaction:[Hawks] [Trib] [SunTimes] [DH] [TSN] [ESPN] [SI] [THMI] [HockeeNight] [CTA] [FOX] So is turnabout, fair play? [PD] A different view of things from out west: [Province] A Costly Blow: [CSN]...

Morning Links 3/20


Previews:[NHL] [Trib] [CSN] [DH] [CBJ XTRA] Ready to do work: [SunTimes] A novel concept that once brought us great things: [CSN] Home Ice? [Trib] Hawks saving energy [CSN] Hawks sign a local kid...

Morning Links 3/15


Round and Round its goes...[Trib] Cant Pin one down [SunTimes] 34 flying under the radar [DH] Good at Hockey [SunTimes] Passing the test sans Captain [CSN] Scotty Bowman writes about Glenn...

Morning Links 3/13


Previews [Hawks] [Trib] [CSN] [CTA] Carbomb locked up for two more years [SunTimes] With Video [Trib] Rogers questions the timing [ESPN] Jaden Schwartz will make his NHL debut tonight [TSN] U...

Morning Links 3/8


Hull gives his two cents [DH] #88 Mentoring the kids [SunTimes] March Round Table [CTA] Missing Tazer changes the Hawks goals [ESPN] Kane working at center [Trib] Puck Chatter [Third Man In] O...

Morning Links 3/6


The Battle of I-55 [NHL] [Tribune] [CSN] [Cheer the Anthem] [ESPN] [STLPD] Toews had a good day [SunTimes] Kane is stepping up [DailyHerald] Emery to the rescue? [Tribune] Leddy having fun...

Morning Links 3/1


So does Ron Wilson still have a job? (Recaps) [Trib] [SunTimes] [CSN] [DH] [ESPN] [GnM] [Sportsnet] [TSN] [cheertheanthem] [Hockeenight] No Timetable for Captian's return: [SunTimes] Oduya has...

Morning links 2/28


Oduya trade reaction: [DH] [WFP] [SunTimes] [Trib] [CSN] [ESPN] [CBS] [Hawks] Bowman Presser: [HawksVision] Cimiglia on Little done [MyFoxChicago] More on the core [CSN] Can't Close Deals [S...

Mornings links 2/23


Previews [NHL] [Trib] [DMN] [CSN] [Cheer the Anthem] Day to Day [Daily Herald] Stan has the pieces to play with [SunTimes] Al Cimaglia talks concussions and Tazer [MyFoxChicago] Rogers thinks...

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