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Raps appear to finalize trade to get Rudy Gay

From Marc Stein of ESPN Sources tell ESPN's Marc Stein that the Grizzlies and Raptors have a trade in place that would send Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi to Toronto in exchange for Ed Davis and Jose...


Deja -vu all over again - Scott Skiles needing to be fired

I was reading Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and saw comments that looked all too familiar.  John Salmons not the same player he was last year and it is time to fire Scott Skiles.  Here are some...


The video - "The Quitter"

Cleveland most of the country, except Miami is with you.  This is the real "The Decision" video.  LeBron has exposed himself as one of the most self-serving, selfish sports figures of all-time. ...

Paxson had this one, JR Smith, right


The above link where Police had to be called because of JR Smith's behavior adds to Paxson's legacy of assessing players. The decision by Paxson not to keep JR saved us years wasting our time and energy trying to make JR into a player fitting our team. Denver is attempting to trade him.


David Aldridge rates teams offseason

David Aldridge rates how teams did in the off-season.  The Top 10 (Heat, Bulls, Lakers, Jazz, Celtics, Spurs, Bucks, Mavs, Knicks, Hawks) The Middle 10 (Suns, Wizards, Warriors, Nets, T...


Your choice for the 2010-11 Bulls coach

I am curious to see if there is a consensus among BaB contributors on who is the best choice for the next Bulls coach.  Another Afflicted Chicago Fan completed a great summary that you can agree or...


Doug Thonus weighs in on Vinny

As we approach the decision on Vinny Doug Thonus weighs in.  Thonus warns us regarding the next coach, buyer be aware ...... but I tell you now Bulls fans, be careful what you wish for.   It can...


Wade not a shoo-in to return to Miami (UPDATED)

[Update by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/29/10 12:14 PM CDT: From Wade himself: "My heart is here and anybody who knows me, I'm mostly heart more so than anything. My heart is in Miami. If...

Teriffic article on Joe Dumars by Mike Payne via Detroit Bad Boys Blog


This is a critique of a GM once revered throughout the league


Short-term pain for the long-term gain - Tyrus/Salmons

It was painful watching Tyrus last night.  He was pumped and was jumping like a pogo stick blocking shots and impacting the game.  He became an instant Charlotte fan favorite.  I wish we could have...


Knicks close to getting McGrady

Trade number two seems to be taking place.  Wojo via Yahoo is reporting the Knicks are close to acquiring Tracy McGrady.  Here are the specifics.  I cannot believe the Knicks giving up first round...


Caron Butler, Hayward and Stevenson from Washington to Dallas for Josh Howard, Drew Gooden and filler. It is not going to be easy to move Hinrich

ESPN is reporting the Wizards and Mavericks are finalizing a deal sending Caron Butler, Hayward and Stevenson from Washington to Dallas for Josh Howard, Drew Gooden and filler.  Sources told...

Isiah Thomas taking over the Clips (rumor). You have to be kidding me.


He is a disaster. He was a disaster not just for the Knicks. He ruined the CBA and his personal qualities have been questioned. He is known as a liar, a con-man and paid a hefty amount of money for sexual harassment settlement. Even considering him makes the Clips look terrible. PS - Hello from Chicago


Time for a Ben Gordon follow-up

I cannot think of a more contentious issue on this blog than Ben Gordon.  For those with short memories we spent approximately two years, maybe even longer debating what to do with Ben.  Bulls...


Official Tracy McGrady Thread

T-Mac is a goner. The AP is reporting Monday night that McGrady is requesting a trade.  Houston is not going to play him the rest of the season. They need a Center. Brad Miller plus Salmons or J...

Joe Johnson leaving according to Yahoo ..... Bulls being considered


"..... Johnson, appears destined to leave for free agency this summer. Sources close to him insist it’s unlikely he’ll stay with the Hawks, especially considering the possibility he could be the league’s biggest star on the move. As long as Wade stays in Miami, Johnson could take a max contract to slide into the Bulls’ backcourt with Derrick Rose(notes)." HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


Game Preview #9: Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

[Thanks to chgobr for today's game preview -ed.] As the Bulls face Philadelphia, we have completed over 10% of the season. Teams' true selves are emerging. The 76ers' The Brand experiment has...

LeBron considering Chicago - OK it is only Vecsey but .......


I love where there is smoke you may find a fire routine. Here it is - Peter Vecsey from the November 8th, 2009 NY Post What's more, according to someone in the know, LeBron is viewing the Bulls as a wild card challenger; no other suitor need apply. That explains why rising restricted free agent Tyrus Thomas, who suffered a forearm fracture in the weight room Friday that required surgery (out six weeks minimum), wasn't given an extension. Chicago definitely believes it has a shot at luring LeBron. As talented as Thomas is, the Bulls secured two excellent rookie forwards -- Brooklyn's Taj Jami Gibson and James Johnson -- in the draft and figure to have roughly $20 million in cap room in case LeBron feels the urge to replicate Air Jordan's Windy City flight plan.

Detroit's opinion of Gordon via SBNation - they are not salivating


There is ambivalence, not a consensus or an overwhelming desire for Ben in Detroit. They wouldn't mind having him but the price of 11 mil per year seems high for a sixth man.


Are we being fooled again?

We are young, we took the World Champs to 7 games in a wonderful series, and hopes are high.  We even have a diary that is a Tribute to the 2008-9 Bulls.  We heard this before.  After the 2006-7 49...


Game Preview #79: Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/09/09 12:50 PM CDT : Thanks to chgobr for today's game preview. -ed.] How sweet it is - April 9th and we are playing a meaningful game. TONIGHT'S GAME...

Charlotte loses


This is huge. Charlotte was up by 16 points and loses 97-92

Bulls on the way to the Playoffs - Charlotte loses 95 - 93 to the Wizards


Unless we totally collapse we are going back to the playoffs.


Game Preview #70: Los Angeles Lakers verses The Chicago Bulls

The week that was - out of the muck into the 8th seed:  I'm still basking in our tough, important three game win streak as we prepare to face the Lakers tonight.  Paxson appears to have hit a home...


Game Preview #67: The New Orleans Hornets verses the Chicago Bulls

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 03/14/09 12:05 PM CDT: Thanks to chgobr for today's game preview -ed. ] Stuck in the muck:  Last night's repeat of the "Bulls Break your Heart" show triggers...


Game Preview #56: Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers

[thanks to chgobr for the game preview -ed.] Today's 11 AM game:   I'm pumped.  We looked great against Denver.  TT (see update below) was a force and brought a big smile to my face.  I...

You think we made a mistake with VDN - take a look a Berman's NYPost blog


"The Knicks are a joke. Mr. D'Antoni you are the worst coach when it comes to defense. "We couldn't get a stop in the second half," said D’Antoni. Doesn’t he know his team allowed 65 points in the first half."

Reinsdorf considering firing Paxson. It is Peter Vescey; it is a one liner; but sometimes where there is smoke there is fire.


"Chicago's correspondents get the distinct feeling Vinny Del Negro may be the NBA's eighth head coach to get vaporized. I'm hearing Bulls managing partner Jerry Reinsdorf may soon varnish GM John Paxson. Toronto ended a seven-game slide Friday with a convincing, 20-point win at Chicago."


Game Preview / Open Thread #42: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

Today's Knick game is the half-way mark providing more questions/strong opinions than answers.  Our lucky 1.7% turns out to be REAL lucky adding intensity on how to build around Rose.  We watch the...


Game Preview #37: Bulls vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

[Thanks to chgobr for today's game preview. Last night proved that the Bulls can look alright against no defense whatsoever -ed.] Last night Bulls recap:  You had to smile a bit watching the game...

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