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I'm glad we won, but - -

this team continues to drive me crazy.Before I get to what irked me last night there were positives.  Kirk, Deng, Noc and Noah saved our butts.  But there is something systemic that really troubles...


What do we do?

I do not believe we are as bad as we are playig.  Deng, Gordon and Hinrich were solid, reliable players for years.  Hinrich and Deng are playing terribly and Gordon is unreliable.  Most likly they...


Open Game Thread # 14: Bulls vs Charlotte Bobcats

[Thanks to chgobr for today's game thread. -Matt]The Bobcats 6-8 come to town with a four game losing streak.  They have some good talent in an emerging star, point guard Raymond Felton (Charlotte...


New York Reporters talk

Here are new reasons everyone should hate the Knicks.  See New York Observer Article ... The Knicks? They inspire something else. They inspire anger. They inspire hatred. ... There is an...


Hope for Bulls sprouts from Knick destruction

It is likely that Isaih Thomas will be fired and the Knicks will enter a new era looking to go in a different direction.  HoopsHype has a nice summary of the mess HoopsHype summary.  I know this is...


Open Game Thread # 8: Bulls at Los Angeles Clippers

[Thanks to chgobr for today's game thread -Matt]This game ignites hope or adds to our misery generating more speculation about changes.    The Clips have beaten the Bulls 13 of the last 15 times...


Prognosis - - - the rest of NBA 2007-2008

For those of you who have seen the Celtics it appears they are on a much higher level than the rest of the East and may be the best in the NBA.  They may break the Bulls 72 game wins in a season...


Open Game Thread #2: Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers

[Thanks to Chgobr for tonight's game preview. -Matt]Opening night at the UC - does life get better than this?  It would if we won the opener but that diary is history.  If only Wallace...I'm going...


Isiah Thomas found liable in sexual harrassment case

This ruling reinforces the perception of a team and management out-of-control. and Thomas' arrogance is...


The Summertime blues

I enjoy the summer - except I miss basketball.  My next basketball moment is when the schedule comes out which I believe is in August.  After the schedule comes out I look forward to entering it as...


What is your prediction for the 2007-8 East?

Beside a few more moves most of the teams are now set.  Since I'm primarily interested in the East I am curious to hear how you think the East is going to end up. We should keep a record and see...


Your 5 Best and Worst Moments of 2006-7 Season

The season, draft and free agency(almost) is over.  Now to reflect on the past season. What are your top 5 best and worst moments of the 2006 - 2007 season?  Here are mine:


I'm glad JR Smith is not a Bull

Here is another reason we are fortunate to have Paxson as our GM. also were questions why we let go of Tim Thomas.  In the Clipper critical loss to...


Charlotte Bobcats verses Knicks

A Knick loss makes our draft pick dreams come true.  These last few games can be a crap-shoot pending who is going to play.1- Is Eddie going to sit this out 2nd to the hamstring? 2- Will the Bobcat...


Nets vs. Knicks tonight

I admit, I'm totally crazied wanting the Knicks to lose and get us as good a pick as possible.  Here are some factors impacting this game:1- This is a back-to-back for New Jersey   2- The Knicks...


Game thread # 79 Bulls vs. New York Knicks

[Thanks to reader chgobr for tonight's game preview. -Matt]My disdain towards this team is well documented.  It would be my pleasure to help push the Knicks toward the brink of elimination....


Draft wishes - - Tiago Splitter and all

I am in an optimistic stupor after the Knick loss last night looking forward to a lottery pick.  A fun thing for me to do is to study DraftExpress in anticipation of our pick.  Tiago Splitter seems...


What about Hansbrough?

We need a smart, low-post scorer who is not a liability on defense.  I know Hansbrough is only 6'9" 230 which makes you question his ability to go to the next level, but Draft Express has me...


Game Thread #63: Bulls at Miami Heat

Matt: Not that we should take anything Bill Walton says seriously. I don't even think Bill Walton takes what Bill Walton says seriously. But it's echoed enough in other places where I felt...


Did we catch a break? (Crawford injured)

Just in from the AP:"Jamal Crawford could miss the rest of the regular season with a stress fracture of his right ankle, leaving the New York Knicks without a key player as they try to make the...


Draft Pau - - I mean Yi Jianlian

Another approach to getting Pau withtout having to give up anyone plus avoiding salary cap hell is to draft Yi Jianlian.  He is 7' 0", smart basketball IQ, good inside game and can shoot FTs.  He...


Gasol - this may have some legs.

[From the Diaries. Man I hope Gasol is truly on the block, as it's becoming less and less likely Garnett will be. Plus as we've theorized before in this space, Gasol may be a more desirable target...


Your thoughts on the Doomsday scenario

Knicks finish ahead of the Bulls by winning the Atlantic Division.  The Knicks are not in the lottery.  The Bulls cannot draft an impact inside presence because of the poor pick they receive from...

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