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Braves, 49ers, Bulldogs, and Bulls are all my favorite teams. Im a citizen of Georgia, and lived in the same city the majority of my life.

Favorite players are Martin Prado, Patrick Willis, AJ Green, and D-Rose.

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Georgia Bulldogs
  • NCAAB Georgia Bulldogs
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  • NASCAR J.Johnson
  • MMA Brock Lesnar
  • Boxing Manny Pacquiao
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User Blog

Braves acquire Andrew Robinson, 26 year old RHP from the Astros


Anyone know anything else about the trade, other then what is posted??

Braves to acquire 26 year old RHP Andrew Robinson from the Astros


He has put up good to solid numbers from AA-AAA this year, and was a former 12th round pick. Anyone know anything else about the trade??

Braves to acquire 26 year old RHP Andrew Robinson from the Astros


He has put up good to solid numbers from AA-AAA this year, and was a former 12th round pick. Anyone know anything else about the trade??

Braves sign Venezuelan 3B Juan Yepez


Should be a solid pick up for the Braves, but he is only 16 with quite a bit of work to do. Good bat projection, main question is his glove.

UGA gets another 2015 DB star after McGraw


Just a day or two after getting highly regarded DB prospect McGraw, UGA adds another 5-star recruit in Terry Godwin. Looks like another victory for Richt, Pruitt, and Co. With three top 100 recruits already on board for the 2015 season, I can't wait to see who else UGA will add!! Looks like the Pruitt hiring is already paying HUGE dividends!!

MLB to block Tanaka from donating money to his former team. Is this legal?


MLB wants to prohibit Tanaka from donating money to his former Japanese baseball team. According to the article, Tanaka would like to donate the money in order to help his former team re-build and improve their stadium. Is this legal? Can the higher ups for the MLB really stop Tanaka from helping out his former team's stadium? All the kid wants to do is help them add a dome, and improve the overall experience for the fans and for the current players. Or is this just a ploy, by Tanaka's ex-team to get more money out of the now lowered posting fee? I guess MLB is seeing this as the reasoning behind Tanaka's supposed generous "donation." What do you guys think about this mess??

Adam Jones and Tillman for Bedard, Asdrubal Cabrera for Eduardo Perez, and Choo for Broussard, the Mariners beginning of the end.


Simply imagine what the Mariners could have looked like with Adam Jones, Ichiro, and Choo in their outfield, with Asdrubal and Co. manning the infield spots. These three trades set the tone for the Mariners next eight seasons of disappointment. I'm not sure if any GM has made a worse three trades in a matter of a calender year then the former Mariners GM did. This is a prime example of why we, as fans, should NOT be upset whenever particular trades ar e not made that causes our beloved Braves to ship out their farm system piece by piece. Given, not nearly every trade will backfire like these three did, but I would say if we had traded Sims, Wood, Bethancourt, and one of Peraza, La Stella, Graham, or M. Cabrera for David Price our beloved Braves' future would have been completely disrupted and most likely it would have left this franchises farm system in disarray!! Fans should always be weary of what you ask for, because each decision a GM makes very well could impact the team, as a whole, for many years to come. This is the reason why, I have grown fond of Frank Wren. Not so much because of his FA signings, but moreso because he holds onto his top-premier prospects. He isn't a GM that takes unnecessary risks, and in the process he has helped build a franchise that can see success for many years to come. With Wood, Sims, Hursh, Cabrera, Graham, and even Cody Martin and David Hale the Braves have it spaced out where there should be a stud rookie ready to join the rotation just as one pitcher has to exit. This is how teams can maintain success while being able to afford only bringing up a stud positional player every other year. The last positional player to make an impact was Evan Gattis last year. Then the previous year they had Simba come up and set the league on notice. Now, the Braves have given themselves some affordable time to bring up their next impact player. Which really, I think the next players in line should be Tommy La Stella this year, and then Christian Bethancourt should be ready at some point this season or next. They will be two more impact guysbrought up through the system, and I cannot wait to see how each of the two will perform when called upon!!

Kimbrel's Pure Dominance helped by not just his fastball


This is a great article that talks about the games best and worst sliders. It ranks the pitchers, who throw their slider atleast 10% of the time, and gives us the best and worst slider from the starters as well as the relief guys. I do not think it will suprise you whoch relief pitcher has the best slider in the game. Also, this same pitcher only gave up an oponents BA of .099 against his slider!! Absolutely fascinating stuff, and it makes for a great read and reminder just how lucky we are to have Kimbrel. Also, from the same blog if you look, you will find the best and worst 4 seam fastballs. Which you will find another Atlanta Brave, but I bet it isn't in the category you would expect and I bet it isn't the player you would expect either!!

Former 49er, Michael Thomas, comes up huge for his new team


Yes, that is correct. Former 49er PS man left the 49ers for an opportunity to play, and man oh man did he make the most of it. With a couple seconds left, fourth down, and inside the Dolphins red zone, Tom Brady made one last effort to give his team the win. Well, Michael Thomas ruined Brady's comeback effort!! He picked the ball off in the end zone to seal the victiry for his new team. Undoubtedly, this will be a day he never forgets, and I'm sure he will never forget his first NFL interception. Congrats goes out to Thomas, and I'm sure we all here at NinersNation wish him much more continued success. With Whitner possibly gone, and potentially multiple holes in the secondary I find it hard to believe the 49ers would let Thomas get scooped up. A player with his versatility, and his knowledge of the system very well could have been used next season. BUT, it is what it is, and I'm sure we ALL couldn't be happier for the guy. What a debut to remember!!


Alexander Guerrero

According to an article over at MLB trade rumors, our beloved Braves are one of three finalists for the talented shortstop out of Cuba, Alexander Guerrero. Now, although he is listed as a...


Looking towards next year-A possible, not highly mentioned player the Braves should target

So, as we all know our pitching staff will be quite full next season. The only exception really depends on who will receive the fifth starting spot. With Minor, Beachy, Teheran, and Medlen all due...


Which team will miss their star the most?

Ok, so far the new football year is barely upon us, and teams have been devastated with injuries to some high profile guys. As we all know, our very own beloved 49ers have been struck with the...


Which new 49er will have the biggest impact? (pole included)

So, I think we all can agree that the 49ers have added some intriguing players to the roster this year. Whether it was through the draft, via free agency, or through a trade the 49ers have been...


Your 25-man roster

We all each have our own reservations on who we think should be either on the bench, starting in the line-up or pitching, or who we think the last couple spots should go to in the pen, and that is...


International Signings FanPost

I don't know if the new regime will post about the international prospects the Braves sign this year. Typically, Talking Chop covers all of the signings on a post on the main page, but again since...

Tanner Murphy


1.68-1.82 times behind the plate with an 78-80 throw to second. Also he has ROBUST power to all fields...What are the odds we sign this kid??

Tattoo Idiocy


"Blogger," since I'm not giving him the credit to be a writer, babbles on about how Kaep winning a super bowl apparently could ruin the NFL QB "image." This is purely ridiculous, and how this article was allowed to grace any accredited website is beyond ny knowledge. An interesting read, albeit old news, for anyone who missed it the first go around. It seems to be incredibly racist as well as ignorant, ignorant meaning lacking knowledge, common sense, and cultural awareness. I'm just curious as to what others think after reading this. Please feel free to comment and share your collective thoughts


A rant on destroying depth (converted FanPost)

[This was OT in a Courtney Lee thread, and I'm feeling meddlesome -yfbb] I am just wondering who the Bulls are going to trounce out onto the court this year. Last Year’s Rotation: PG :...

More Reds news, regarding JJ


Are we really even a potential match for the Reds??

Four Teams Have Checked in on Derosa


Now although The Braves are not one of the four teams listed that have checked in on the very versatile bench option, the article does state that Derosa would like to land somewhere close to his home in Atlanta. With that being said, and his seemingly willingness to take a dheap contract, wouldn't he be a superb fit for our beloved Braves? My self personally, I would love to see Derosa back in a Braves uni. He would also add an extremely versatile glove and bat off of the bench....With his in juries possibly in his past, and his willingness to take a bench/utility role.....What are the Braves waiting for?? Am I missing something here, or are the Braves the one's who need to rethink their lack of interest in Mark Derosa?? Thoughts/Opinions/Ideas.....??

They discuss Braves surplus of pitching


really not alot new here, just thought I would add it, to give you all something pretty interesting to read

Phillies Acquire Wiggy


They split his 4mil salary for 2012, and Colorado acquires a PTBNL or cash. For the most part, I am sure, most of you TC'ers have already noticed this move. My question is, with all of the supposed talks between the Braves and the Rockies, why did the idea of acquiring Wiggy never come up?? He hits lefties pretty well for his career (.274/.353/.461), still has some pop left in his bat, and if the Braves trade Prado he could very well prove to be a cheap/effective backup for Chipper. Also, sparingly, he has even played some LF.....So....for basically 2 mil, and Cash or the oh so famous PTBNL, why did Wren not pull the trigger on the guy? Does he not answer many of the needs, if we had traded Prado? If we traded Prado for Smith and Wheeler, couldn't Wiggy just been a throw in?? I mean, it is possible that Wren was interested, but the Phils just beat him to the punch? (Which, from reading, it also turns out their impatience will cost them a draft pick for signing Papelbon! lol; when they could have just waited a little while, and it would have not cost them squat.....or atleast that is how I understood the situation) Anyways, like I said, could someone enlighten me....Why we did not even attempt or hear about even trying to get Wiggy??

D. Lowe will not be a starter for next season!!!


Wow pretty early, but I think Wren knew Fans wanted somethings done. Fire Parrish! and Remove Lowe from a starting spot to free it up for either Minor, Delgado, or Teheran! Two great moves for Franky so far. Whoever he hires to be the new BC, and whoever they throw in for the number 5 spot I'm sure will have more success than their partners before them.

"With the August Deadline Coming up, should Braves' fans expect them to sign anymore of their...


"With the August Deadline Coming up, should Braves' fans expect them to sign anymore of their drafted players?...."

ummm...Mathieson Designated for Assignment?


This does really not make any sense to me whatsoever, I always thought the kid had potential to be a pretty solid RH option outta the pen. I hope the Brvaes take a flyer on the guy. Possibly either replace Abreu's spot in AAA bullpen or Proctor's either or, I know I'm happy. Hopefully the guy finds a place, preferrably here, but nontheless somewhere and succeeds.

13 Worst Trade Deadline Trades via


Two Famous Braves' trades are on the list, but possibly not the two most fans think of.

With three of our top 25 prospects gone,


I'm awfully curious to see who ya'll think replaces these guys? My three would most likely be, Cody Martin, Beckwith, and with his emergence as of late as a starter, possibly adding David Hale to that list? Other interesting names, I expect to see in the comments are Gilmartin, Ahmed, Robbins, Maybe Felix Marte, Kubitza, Larsson. Most likely, its too early to tell with some of these players, but usually potential is the key word when making these lists. So fire away guys and let me know your new top 25's in order please, Also add why you placed who where, and what you think of the added players, if time permits. Thank Again, to all who participate!

About 2 hours ago, but 49ers sign Wragge


atleast we now have someone who has started at center

First time I've heard, Braves interested/scouting "The Clipper"


Tyler Clippard is an interesting name that has come up, as of late. I wouldn't mind seeing Clippard in a Braves uni. He's an innings eater, unorthodox, and just (for some odd reason) reminds me of the pitching version of Hunter Pence. It would possibly take quite a bit, and with Adams almost seemingly off the market (either due to cost or lack of availability) Clipp seems to be one of the best/if not the best releif pitchers available.

Upton and D.Jennings both pulled from respective games


Hmm......D. Jennings gets the call up the majors, Upton gets pulled from the game???? Odd timing, indeed Something smells a little fishy here.

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