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Is Eric Fisher worth not trading out of the no. 1 overall pick?

12 has an article about the Browns' almost blockbuster deals pulled off in the draft. "Even more interesting: At one point the Browns considered dealing the No. 6 overall pick to a "marquee franchise" in exchange for a second-round pick, a first-round pick in 2014, a first-round pick in 2015 and two other future picks. It's unclear if this deal was really that close to happening, although let's just irresponsibly guess that the mystery team was the San Francisco 49ers." The draft trave value is somewhat significantly different between #1 & #6 and I can understand Dorsey wanting to get a 2013 first back as well. But is Fisher worth more than not having a 2nd in this year's draft and having 2 1sts in both 2014 & 2015 plus other picks? Would you have made that trade?

Tannenbaum: Luke Joeckel and Dwayne Bowe are a pair


Tannenbaum thinks Joeckel and Bowe are a pair. Looking at it from an economic stand point, Tannenbaum doesn't think Dorsey and Reid will re-sign BOTH Bowe and Albert. He mentioned another pair, too. One for a scenario where Albert re-signs, and the Chiefs draft Cordarrell Patterson, who Tannenbaum says is a freakish receiver. Seems like just a week or two ago I was seeing Patterson mocked in the 2nd round. Interesting thoughts there. (Camera 2, about the 3 hour 18 minute mark).

NFL Network's Steve Wyche says the best place for Revis to land is with the Kansas City Chiefs


After discussing what would happen if the Chiefs were to select a guard #1 overall, Wyche lays out the case for why Darrell Revis' best fit would be the Chiefs. Hint: Berry, Flowers, Hali, Houston, Salary Cap space and a high 2nd round pick for the Jets... Watch at around the 3:22 mark.

New GM John Dorsey on his draft philosophy. Seemsto suggest we won't be going QB with the first...


New GM John Dorsey on his draft philosophy. Seemsto suggest we won't be going QB with the first pick. "Dorsey credits his principles of drafting and building a team to what he learned from Wolf and Thompson, including the philosophy of acquiring value in the draft. Dorsey has said the Packers have always been committed to drafting the best available player. "Best player available. We live it," Dorsey told the Packers’ web site before the 2011 draft. "Our job is to find the best player we can possibly find to improve our roster. If we can make our roster as competitive as we possibly can, that’s all you can do. We’ve always been taught to stay true to the board, whatever you do, and we stay true to the board." Aside from a player’s height, weight, speed and strength, Dorsey said he looks at five intangibles in a player. "One, are they a good guy? Two, do they work at their craft? Three, do they love football? Four, are they going to be good in the locker room? And five, would you like to have them as your neighbor?" Dorsey said. Dorsey also told the Journal-Sentinel that he strongly considers things such as societal factors in figuring out a player."

Is Bowe too old for a long-term contract?

Fitz: "I tell them, 'Before you know it, you're going to look down and find gray hair in your beard. You're going to be sore in parts that were never sore before. It changes that fast, and I never...

Ricky Stanzi, a.k.a. "The Next Tom Brady" ranked higher than Andrew Luck?


From the same football math nerds that brought us the Stanzi/Brady comparison comes this surprise. Calm down and take a deep breath, Stanzi haters. Nobody is saying he's better than Luck....just that the metrics they use give him a higher score. This isn't to make an argument, just for fun! "The 2011 QB Class in Review The modified formula applied to the 2011 QB class, here is our top-10 right now with the new formula: 1) 1.050 = Ricky Stanzi...Stanzi still stands at the top, which is highly controversial, and we'll see how this turns out. Obviously, Stanzi success would be a grand-slam for our research. 2) 1.022 = Andrew Luck...Even though he wasn't in the 2011 NFL Draft, we just had to know! Pre-2011 formula changes, Luck circa-2010 was the highest scoring QB in our system. He has dropped a bit in the adjustments...still a high-probable NFL elite score that we have on him just based on 2010."


Pioli says vets are about to get cut

I just watched the Pioli draft conclusion interview on the mothership. He told the reporters that he didn't know what was in the rumor mills, but there are a lot of quality veterans about to get...


The remaining players from CBS Sports' Top 100 Ranked Players [for Round 4]:

42 *Bobby Massie OT/ 51 Brandon Boykin CB/ 60 *Chris Givens WR/ 61*Lamar Miller RB/ 65 Kirk Cousins QB/ 68 *Ronnell Lewis OLB/ 70 Jared Crick DE/ 71 Chris Polk RB/ 74 Marvin Jones WR/ 78 Billy...


CBS Sports Top remaining players for round 2

18 Courtney Upshaw DE/ 21 Cordy Glenn OT/ 26 *Jerel Worthy DT/ 28 *Jonathan Martin/ 29 *Stephen Hill WR/ 31 Coby Fleener TE/ 32 Devon Still DT/ 34 *Rueben Randle/ 36 Kendall...


Official Mock Draft thread 4/24-the Draft

We start our last mock draft of the off-season with a plethora of trades! Get ready for a crazy ride....I've been drinking something PorkChop gave me. Try to follow along with the madness. The...


Potential late rd DE prospect?

Mike Daniels, DT, Iowa Height: 6-0. Weight: 291. Projected 40 Time: 4.83. (Low: 4.73/ High: 4.95) Arm: 32 1/2. Projected Round (2012): 5-6. Daniels an undersized but active defender. He had a...


Possible late round-UDFA safety/CB depth???

Pioli and Crennel were there. He is athletic and "versatile"--one of Pioli's favorite things. Plus, there's that Iowa connection thing going on.... Thoughts?

Hmm...Wiegmann is still working out


"A LOT OF FORMER PLAYERS ARE IN TOWN WORKING OUT AT THE FACILITY. Ferentz talked a little bit about Iowa's Pro Day and mentioned that a few former players were in town to get their workout on. Aaron Kampman, Casey Weigman, Scott Chandler and Matt Kroul are just to name a few." I wonder if this means he isn't planning to retire....


Chris Myers signs 4 year deal with Texans, Wells to Rams...bye bye center options?

Via Adam Schefter-twitter. Also Brisiel to the Faiders.


Now is the time to wow St Louis for the #2 overall pick.

I've been thinking of this from the other teams' perspective--that it would be easier for KC to trade for the pick if teams like Cleveland, Washington, Miami and Seattle 'settled' their QB...

As usual, scouts are all over the place on this year's draft class

Scouts differing takes on players most consider to be THE top three picks--Andrew Luck, RG III and Matt Kalil--showing that there isn't as much consensus as we might think there is... One scout on RG III: "He cannot play quarterback....He's just running around winging it. He has no idea how to play quarterback. He's got no vision. He's got no accuracy. No touch. Anything you look for in an NFL quarterback, he doesn't have it. You want him to run around and throw the ball and just keep running, he can do that. He's [Michael] Vick, but not as good a thrower." Luck: "He is a Matt Ryan-type player," another scout said. "He can't carry the team on his shoulders, but he's a really good manager. His arm isn't even close to Aaron Rodgers' and he doesn't have Aaron's feet. He's smart, competitive, tough. His teammates love him. The media has put so much pressure on this kid. It's unbelievable. They've basically anointed him Jesus Christ." What do you think? How much do we ignore that there really are differing opinions about every player? It has always been apparent with the Oakland Raiders, but what about the other teams? Are there really teams that don't have Luck, RG III nor Kalil in their top three at all?

mocking the QBs

After listening to plenty of qb talk on the combine coverage, I decided to explore the likelihood of teams and their QB situations. Here are the teams I believe we can safely say aren't in the...


Is 2012 the time Pioli must jump into Free Agency?

Jason LaCanfora wrote a piece on talking about 'Cap Casualty Season,' and highlighting some possible cap cuts. But he brings up an interesting point about the future tone of Free...


Mock off-season (Dec. 7th-13th)

Mock off-season: Kansas City Free agents: Tyler Palko, QB (restricted) Kyle Orton, QB * Thomas Jones, RB Le'Ron McClain, FB Dwayne Bowe, WR Jereme Urban, WR Casey Wiegmann, C Barry Richardson, RT W...


Chargers to fire Norv Turner

How will this affect the Chiefs, if true? Would Pioli have any interest in Norv as a coordinator?

Sources: Iowa to hold second day of availability for NFL personnel


I haven't seen this on here or heard about it, though this article is a week or so old. Looks like the University of Iowa is having a second pro day on April 4th. If you're a player, does this help or hurt? Many hawks already competed at the combine and will now have to workouts by which to stand. For Pioli, I would think that even if they were there on the 21st, they'd be back simply to see if guys can improve in a two week period. Seems like something that would be somewhat important to Pioli.

NFL to judge: No grounds to stop lockout

The 57-page filing was filled with references and quotes from players, accusing them and the NFLPA of disbanding whenever it served their purposes at the bargaining table. "We decertified so that we could fight them from locking us out and go back to work," Jeff Saturday, the NFLPA vice president, said in a radio interview the day after the March 11 decertification, according to the court filing. "And we feel like ... we can still negotiate this anytime you want." According to the filing, NFLPA president Kevin Mawae said in a Sept. 29 interview that decertification was an "ace in our sleeve" that worked in the late 1980s in favor of the players. "It's been a part of the union strategy since I've been in the league," Mawae said. The league also cited comments from Baltimore Ravens receiver Derrick Mason nine days before the union dissolved. "So are we a union? Per se, no. But we're still going to act as if we are one," Mason, an NFLPA player representative, said on March 2, according to the court filing." I don't have a law degree, nor completely understand the nonsensical legal system at times, but I at least have the common sense to know that the owner's brief sounds logical.

"We are willing to negotiate. But we don't want to negotiate with Bob Batterman, Jeff Pash or Roger...


"We are willing to negotiate. But we don't want to negotiate with Bob Batterman, Jeff Pash or Roger Goodell," Vrabel said, referring to the NFL's outside labor counsel in Batterman and its executive vice president and lead counsel in Pash. "Our executive committee needs to negotiate with Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft, Jerry Richardson -- their executive committee. People that are willing and can agree to a deal. Jeff Pash can't agree to a deal."

Sources: Carson Palmer Wants Trade


Carson Palmer will ask the Cincinnati Bengals to trade him and will contemplate retirement if he does not get his wish, according to several sources. Palmer has become the object of fan frustration in the past two years and sources said he has grown frustrated with the team's inconsistencies. The Bengals finished 4-12 in 2010. So AP, would you even think about kicking the tires on Palmer? If so, what's he worth? It doesn't appear that the Bengals have any leverage.

regular season is not the time to start your mock drafts.


I'm not against mock drafts. I love speculating. But I thought I'd re-visit one of the guys I wanted to see the Chiefs draft this next April. A nice receiving threat, who "thrives" to convert big 3rd downs. A receiver who broke basically all of Iowa's receiving records. A receiver who just this week got arrest for "keeping a drug house." My point: you can just never tell what someone's real character is. This is the guy with quotes like: "My whole life I’ve been given so much from God and millions of people," Johnson-Koulianos said. "So if I can put a smile on anybody’s face for even one day, it’s worth it. I was given such an opportunity to play a key role on this team and I’m grateful to coach (Ken) O’Keefe and coach (Kirk) Ferentz for that. I want to reflect the university in a positive light and I will continue to give back." and this: "The Monday after his record-setting performance in Michigan, Johnson-Koulianos was volunteering at the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Medical Center, transporting patients from floor to floor." but now his headlines feature things like this: "Johnson-Koulianos is charged with keeping a drug house because "he knew drugs were being used and likely sold out of the residence" He apparently wasn't selling the drugs, his roommate was. Still, the police came to the conclusion that he knew about it. And no matter what, he tested positive for marijuana and cocaine.

Elements shouldn’t be an issue this time around: It is supposed to be a brilliant day in San Diego...


Elements shouldn’t be an issue this time around: It is supposed to be a brilliant day in San Diego for the biggest game of the AFC West season to date. The forecast calls for a sunny day with the temperature expected to be between 75-80 degrees. Yes, perfect weather for a game in which the 8-4 Chiefs can move to the doorstep of the division title and the 6-6 Chargers must win to have any chance of keeping their four-year division championship streak alive. The conditions should be much different than when these teams played in Kansas City in Week 1. The Chiefs won the Monday Night Monsoon game, 21-14. Kansas City was able to adjust to the rain and the Chargers were clearly affected. It should be an even playing field this time.

If controversy makes you a good sports writer, then just give Whitlock a lifetime achievement award....

Whitlock strikes again, with his heart-warming, sob story:  shanahan crosses line with McNabb.  Never in my life have I read such garbage.  Sensational journalism at it's worst:  rampant with...

So what is his preference, a game with several catches, a bunch of yards, or multiple...

So what is his preference, a game with several catches, a bunch of yards, or multiple touchdowns? "It doesn't matter," Johnson-Koulianos said. "What drives me is performing in critical-down situations. I love big third downs -- that's what I look forward to."

Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet has what it takes to be part of the "right 53"?

I've been watching the game solely with the purpose of seeing if I'd want him to be a Chief next year. I have heard a lot of negativity about him, w/ references to Ryan Leaf, so I figured watching...

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