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I love the wins, but our bench production is very poor.

I was watching the OKC game and noticed that the first bench player to score was Luke Babbit around the 6 minute mark of the 3rd quarter, 2 1/2 quarters into the game. This makes me feel the bench...


Man! I can't wait for tomorrow, it's gonna be like christmas for us basketball fans..... Oh wait?

Man, I have been so bored with no basketball. Not seeing whos traded where? Who does good in new systems? Who I wish was blazers and who I wish wasn't. These things keep my mind entertained and I...


Three reasons why the Shortened season might help the Blazers.

I know... I am disturbed as much as all of you that my favorite game and team is not playing soon. I actually finally have cable again and feel extremely short changed by the Lockout. I Just wanna...


Due to the impending lockout....

I would like to see pictures of random people around town share pictures of people in NBA jerseys dumping there trash or working on there car. Or maybe waiting for a bus or something around town. I...


Seriously, Would it kill us to sign Antoine Walker?

He is on our D-league, has bulk, size and experience and has shown he can still ball a bit. Better then Chris Johnson the bean pole as you guys say and not Sean Marks. He would be a lot of decent...


Call me crazy. But middle is not a bad spot for a wounded team.

 I am the one fan it seems that is happy with most of the team. Our bench is a little thin right now but for a team that seems to be always banged up we should be thankful to not be lower on the...



Listen, I understand all the bad story lines are going on. But can we finally have the Vanilla Gorilla to shore up the middle atleast backing up Camby for like 5 min or so. I for one would think...


a leaner meaner blazer anti-veterans team

I have sat by and watch for months what you all are writing. And after watching and cheering for every game last season, the two guys I cringed everytime they took the floor was Channing Frye and S...

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