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Tuscaloosa Brewery Invatation

I post a good bit on Rollbamaroll. I've been know to cut lose in Baton Rouge on many an instance. My first band used to play Chelsea’s in the old location. My next band recorded our second album on...


Druid City Brewing │Tuscaloosa's Home Brewery

bammer- Go forth and drink! Just please drink responsibly :) Roll Tide Hello as some of you know my name is Bo Hicks and I'm the morning bartender at Egans bar, home of RBR on the strip. I am...

Alabama Pitcher Jackie Traina bad mo-fo


So just to let you know who we have on the mound for super regional, Jackie could be the hardest player on campus in any sport. Her official U.A ends her page with this nugget "won the 2006 Junior League World Series where she pitched a one-hit shutout and hit two home runs ... was bit by a shark that required 23 stitches but pitched with the injury in Oklahoma City nationals in 2008." that's right bite by a shark but still pitched not much later.

Tuscaloosa Get Up video Lee Bains and the Glory Fires


As many know we at put on a concert called the Tuscaloosa Get Up. The event featured the "Alabama Shakes", "Dexateens" and "Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires". Through the event and donations from a lot of you here we raised over $26,000 for Tuscaloosa Habitat for Humanity. With the goal of helping a family rebuild their house. You can see the house here and some of us WTC peeps giving check here. Thanks again for all the help from the RBR faithful and for those that donated but could not attend check out the video! Roll Tide!!

Tuscaloosa Big Lebowski Fest This Saturday April 7th


So this is an event we call Tuscaloosa Abides: A Celebration of all Things Lebowski. Click the link for all details. I figured as much as Lebowski gets quoted around here some people would want to know. It's a fun night, of cheap white Russians, Wii bowling in the bar, a costume contest and a screening of the movie itself. All at the Historic Bama Theatre in downtown. If you go to the page be sure to click on the poster to truly enjoy its awesomeness.

Tuscaloosa Get Up Family


As some of you may know me and my buddies at are putting on a show here in Tuscaloosa to rebuild a house that was lost on April 27th. We have met the family now and could not be more excited to help them. We also got news that Nick's Kids would be joining us in this effort and that Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox would be speaking to open the show. We got a lot of great support from Roll Bama Roll, in the form of donations as well as spreading the word that helped us sell out the concert. We just wanted to thank you all and say Roll Tide.

As some of you know me and my partners at are putting on an event called the...


As some of you know me and my partners at are putting on an event called the "Tuscaloosa Get Up". The whole goal of the event is to try to rebuild a house for someone that lost theirs during the horrible April tornadoes. The event will feature the music of the Alabama Shakes, Dexateens and Lee Bains and the Glory Fires. The event sold out but we are still short of our goal. If you can please make a tax deductible gift. If even a fraction of RBR readers threw in $10 each it would greatly help. Nico posted about this awhile ago and there were some very generous RBR donations and I want to say thank you! If you missed it or did not get a chance to go stop by the Tuscaloosa Get Up web and click the donation button. Thanks for all the support and Roll Tide!!

Tuscaloosa Beer fest


Me and the other guys from put this on every year and its a big party. It's all a fundraiser for

Name dropping RBR on


I got interviewed yesterday for about Egans and made sure to mention RBR. They also did a special on my Bloody Marys which you can find here.


The bamapocalypse planning thread

So as many of you know this coming weekend is the bamapocalypse. What is the bamapocalypse? Well it's a host of RBR devotees descending upon Tuscaloosa/Birmingham on the weekend of Alabama's...


Egans and RBR

As many of you know I am one of the game day bartenders at Egan's, I am also a huge fan of RBR. A few years ago I thought wouldn't it be nice to try to combine the two. So with Todd and Nico's...

What the Falcoholic thinks of Julio


a select quote they are loving him. Like any of us had any doubt he would be awesome. "Julio Jones is impressive. Based on his performance thus far in camp, this guy is worth everything we traded to get him via the draft plus every penny we will pay him. Currently, he is playing with a bone bruise in his foot, and he has not missed a step. He catches every ball that comes even remotely near him..."

Brews Cruise on The Bama Belle in Tuscaloosa


Basically we at wellthatscool rent the Bama Belle river boat in Tuscaloosa and feature music and local craft beer on a three hour tour up The Black Warrior. We are having a kick off party this Friday with cash sells of tickets here in Tuscaloosa, but there is a link for online sales that start at 12am Monday morning.

Know your Yellow Hammer.


I've seen it happen too many times, you see someone using a bird from England as our state bird. I hope this clears things up and helps keep you from making the same mistake. Our Yellow Hammer woodpecker is much more bad ass then that sissy bunting from across the pond.

The Well Thats Cool interview with Kleph about Sunshine Express


We sat down with Kleph after our podcast on Friday night to interview him about his drive across country and what he saw along the way. You get to see me and Kleph sharing a couch and his first hand account of the journey. A big huge thank you to everyone that helped!

This was my house from last year. Y'all might remember that I posted about it and sold it to a rbr...


This was my house from last year. Y'all might remember that I posted about it and sold it to a rbr reader. Her and her family were not there thank god. East Tuscaloosa needs help. I'm heading back middle of week and will be doing everything I can. The city is on lock down and there is nothing besides sending money to on the ground charity. I'll post the best I can find

Saban Satue made by UA Art student


I just think it's so awesome that this was done locally by an art student. Also one of my neighbors was one of the professors in the picture with the sculptor. He had to keep it secret so he didn't even let me know. I'll have to give him a little grief about that.

Video we did at The Tuscaloosa beer fest


I did the narration and use the word fantabulus and girth. It was a great event that sold out. Roll Tide


A beerfest in Tuscaloosa

Me and my buddies who run put on this event last year though some of y'all would like to come down to Tuscaloosa, here are the details.  When people think of craft beer they often...


This scares the crap out of me

This is a article written by Kevin from the Morning Vent a Talk show based in Jackson MS. I'm the Bartender he mentions and also names our own Kelph. I was taken out of context. I was trying to say...

New commit Kenyan Drake seems like an awesome kid


After reading this piece . I can not help but love this kid.

Congrates to wallacewade04


He won the Lebowski wii bowling last night. Alabama Man Dance and T.J from towerofbammer tried but 04's dedication to the process pulled him through. The link is to the winner of the costume contest.


Lebowski in Tuscaloosa

via Now that NSD has come and gone with only a little drama left out there. I thought a good way to relax and give people an excuse to come to the mother land would be to post...

I've been told by multiple people to watch for Urban Meyer to step down (again) as Florida Gators...


I've been told by multiple people to watch for Urban Meyer to step down (again) as Florida Gators head football coach later today. Todd Wright Sporting News Radio His twitter feed has a lot to say and was just retweeted by Cecil Hurt

Chinese Dentist After Iron Bowl

As some of y'all know my screen name is a reference to a band I was in for years. We all sort of got on with life after a while but still like to get together and play about once a year and that...


Egans today

I open Egans at 11:30am today, not the normal early 8am opening but what can you do. As always any RBR'er gets a cold one on me and there is a good chance You'll see me chewing the fat with our own...

Band I'm playing with saturday night


These guys are a lot of fun and I love getting to play with them. So if your waiting for traffic to die down and what not we'll be playing downtown at Little Willies . If not come see me at Egans before during or a little after the game.

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