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About me... I found the SBNation pages around about the time that Tubby Smith left Kentucky. I landed at A Sea of Blue and have been delighted to find a home for reasoned discussion of all things Blue. I was born in 1978 and my dad did all he could to try and name me after "Goose" Givens... luckily mom won out on that one. Dad won one later on, my brother is named after Kyle Macy. I still have small scars on my knuckles from scraping them on the ceiling while celebrating Sean Woods' shot in the '92 Duke/Kentucky game... you know the "other" winning shot in that game.

I've tagged SBNation blogs for the Boston Celtics because of their penchant for signing lots of Kentucky players and the San Franciso 49ers page. I know, I know... living in Kentucky how did I end up a Niners fan? When I was in 5th grade, my class was all a-twitter about the (relatively local) Bengals getting ready to play the 49ers in the 1988 Super Bowl; mainly just to be contrary I decided to root for the other team and it just stuck. My all-time favorite NFL player is Steve Young. When the Niners were down, it was hard to follow them from all the way across the country, so I formed an attachment of sorts to the more local teams like Indy and Tennessee. With their recent resurgence and my discovery of NFL Sunday Ticket, I am once again able to follow the team from the middle of the Bluegrass State.

Personally; I am dealing with answering "mid 30's" when filling out profiles that ask for age, I'm originally from the Elizabethtown area and have returned to my old stomping grounds where I opened up my own chiropractic practice in 2006. I attended undergrad during the glory days of sports at Murray State University... the gridiron was coached by Houston Nutt (later of Arkansas and now Ole Miss fame) and the basketball by the much maligned Mark Gottfried. Nothing quite like watching a top 25 nationally ranked team (in the days before it was fashionable to make Drake a top 10 team) in a pit of an arena that only sat about 4,000 fans and I swear you could see clouds forming around the rafters by the end of a sweaty game. After undergrad, I attended chiropractic school in Davenport, IA.

I married the love of my life in 2009, in 2010 my son was born, in 2011 we built a house... on New Year's of 2012 I asked her what she had planned for that year and the answer was "Rest."

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Kentucky Wildcats
  • NCAAB Kentucky Wildcats
User Blog

Jersey Retirment: Who, What, And When?

Who should have their jersey retired at Kentucky. What criteria should be used?


On this rock I will build my house: Offense or defense as a foundation for the future?

I'll readily admit that I plagiarized that title from Jesus. But just as Jesus had to select a rock solid foundation for the building of his church, so too must Mitch Barnhart select a coach upon...


The Upcoming Hiring Search: Who's on deck?

Whether you felt this would be Joker's last season before the year started (like me), after the WKU debacle, or after God took pity on us in Fayetteville and instituted his own version of the Mercy...


Its okay son... the Niners sucked when I was born too. Two year update.

I was looking over my SB Nation profile the other day and came across this Fan Post of mine from October 12, 2010: Its okay son... the Niners sucked when I was born too. I had just finished...


Breaking: Fab Melo to miss tourney

Syracuse has announced 7-foot center Fab Melo, the anchor of the Orangeman's 2-3 zone defense, is ineligible for the NCAA Tournament. Holy cow! Talk about a blow to your chances! Maybe that...


How I (almost) had dinner with John Calipari (sorta)

Last night, I headed to Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington for the George RR Martin signing of A Dance With Dragons. (If you haven't read the series, its the basis for the HBO series A Game of...


The Niners are coming to my part of the country

Now that it looks like there will be football this season, I can dare to dream... The Forty Niners are playing at the Bengals on September 25 for Week 3. I have never been to an NFL game, but...


Vacating Wins... do you also vacate losses?

There's been a lot of hullabaloo about this whole "vactated wins" thing lately. My question is this: If the theory is that the game is vacated due to the use of an ineligible player, then...


Crazy Free Throw hangs on the rim

This is fun to watch.   And now I will need to fill in this section with the requisite word count for this to be a FanPost instead of a FanShot.  So I will utilize my time by wishing the very...


Cobb is a finalist for the inaugural Hornung Award

ESPN reports that Cobb is a finalist for this new award.  The article says it is being given to the "most versatile" player in college football. I think its a great award that recognizes the...


Coach Sing's Status... Observations and Comparisons from a Kentucky Basketball Fan

Last night I was reading over Ninjames' well written piece about his changing feelings about Mike Singletary's status as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers when I came to some startling...

Chuck Hayes displays the lost art of post defense on Amar'e Stoudamire. Could somebody remind me...

Chuck Hayes displays the lost art of post defense on Amar'e Stoudamire. Could somebody remind me why Amar'e is a max contract player and Chuck is lucky to be on a roster?


Its okay son... the Niners sucked when I was born too

via i154.photobucket.com My son expresses his displeasure with our favorite football team.


Well crap... there went our season.

I was just listening to Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN radio and Greenberg actually picked the Niners to go to the Super Bowl.  (He had them losing to the Ravens.)  Considering his track...


Terrence Jones has stress fracture in his rib - I blame Billy Gillispie's overly tough practices

Just saw this come across Coach Cal's Facebook feed: Our medical staff took Terrence to an imaging center in Detroit for an MRI this morning. He has been diagnosed with a stress fracture of the...

Wear twins leaving UNC

"Freshman basketball forwards David and Travis Wear - McDonald's All-Americas and Best in the West selections as seniors at Mater Dei High - will not be returning to the University of North Carolina, their father told the Press-Telegram tonight. Dave Wear said he discussed the decision with Tar Heels' coach Roy Williams earlier in the evening by telephone and that he hoped that his sons would be released from their scholarship agreements with the school ``as early as Thursday"." They were definitely overrated coming out of high school, but they were needed to provide any semblance of front court depth for UNC next year. Especially in Zeller pulls another Mr. Glass routine next year, or the twig of a power forward (Henson) can't take the beatings night in and night out... It could be another tough year in Chapel Hill.


Trading Tom Gugliotta for John Wall... don't laugh... it may have already happened

So in my boredom between appointments, I was perusing nbadraft.net's latest mock draft.  I got curious about Utah having a high lottery selection and I hit their link for Outstanding 2010 trades...


What would a 96 team bracket look like? (A possibility... that I don't like)

ESPN.com says that the NCAA is proposing a bracket that would include 32 more teams and would incorporate a bye for the top 32 teams.  Furthermore, they have stated that it would be played in the...


Autistic teen in Illinois has perfect bracket through 2 rounds

Teen picks perfect bracket through 2 rounds. I tried to post this as a FanShot, but it had problems recognizing my link for some reason.  So I'll post here instead.  Apparently, this teen beat...


WVU starting point guard done for the season

Bad news for Mountaineers fans, good news for us I suppose. Its a shame really, Truck Bryant has been solid if not spectacular for them all season long.  He's their second leading three point...


Does Kentucky have FOUR 2010 lottery picks in on the roster?

Chad Ford's mock draft lottery on ESPN.com seems to think so. I've run the lotto similuator more than a handful of times, but it generally seems to come up very similar every time.  Wall at...

Kid who skipped senior year of high school to go pro calls it quits

We all knew it was a mistake, but this is truly sad. Like it says in the article: It's really too bad that Tyler chose to go to Israel. He would have been a highly recruited prospect, then would have attended college for a year, then been a top draft pick just from staying in the system. Instead, he's exiled in San Diego, unsure of his future.


Derrick Miller's name was mis-spelled for "decades"

One of the most intriguing things to come out of the sad story of Derrick Miller's season ticket fraud arrest here in Hardin County is that his name isn't Miller... its Millar.  And its been...


Coaches saying stupid things: 3/5/10 edition

In last week's edition... Coach Calipari said that winning an SEC title wasn't important (and then promptly lost to Tennessee.) This week, we travel across the country for sage words from Ben...


Even last year, Rupp was never THIS empty

via farm5.static.flickr.com  This picture comes from North Carolina's loss to FSU last week.  Check out  the time left in the game and all the empty seats in the stands.  It basically...


If you were UNC... when would you rather hit 2000?

So at this point, its pretty much a foregone conclusion that Kansas will pass UNC for #2 on the all-time wins list at some point in the near future.  UNC is sitting at 1998 right now... and...

Obama calls coach Cal and team to thank them for Hoops for Haiti

No matter your political affiliation, you have to like it when the leader of the free world recognizes the hard work of our beloved Wildcats. Here's to hoping the boys get a chance to meet him in person later this year!


UK players regularly tip the ball to the ref after made baskets. Delay of game?

I never noticed this until recently, but a rational KU fan that I interact with on another board pointed it out to me.  Watch after a made baskets, UK players are tipping the ball over to the ref...


The Hierarchy of College Football Coaching Jobs

In college basketball, it seems to be widely accepted that Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA, and IU are the "royalty" of the sport. With the recent defection of Lane Kiffen from Tennessee to...

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